TERMINATES Sample Clauses

TERMINATES. In no event shall this Lease continue in force and effect as to any Preferential Space beyond the expiration or termination of the Lease as to the initial Leased Premises, unless included in the Renewal Option. The ninety (90) day period described above shall be taken into account in determining Market Rate.
TERMINATES. The Executive’s “separation from service” within the meaning of Section 409A of the Code by the Executive from RFC and all persons with whom RFC would be considered a single employer under Sections 414(b) and (c) of the Code.


  • Termination for Cause or Voluntary Termination In the event of ---------------------------------------------- any termination of the Employee's employment pursuant to Section 6.1(a) or Section 6.1(f), the Company shall immediately pay to the Employee the compensation and benefits accrued and otherwise payable to the Employee under Section 5 through the date of termination. The Employee's rights under the Company's benefit plans of general application shall be determined under the provisions of those plans.

  • Termination of Employment Without Cause At any time during the Term of Employment under this Agreement, either Arrow or the Bank may effect, pursuant to this Paragraph 7(b), and in accordance with the requirements set forth in Paragraph 11(gg) below, a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause, provided, however, that any attempt to do so under circumstances that would also qualify such Termination of Employment as a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under Paragraph 6(a) of this Agreement, that is, as a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause following a Change in Control that meets the conditions set forth in Paragraph 6(a), will be deemed a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under Paragraph 6(a), and not a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under this Paragraph 7(b). In the event of a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under this Paragraph 7(b), on the effective date of such Termination of Employment, and subject to the satisfaction of the conditions specified below in Section 8, Arrow or the Bank shall pay to the Executive, and the Executive shall be entitled to receive, one (1) lump sum payment in a dollar amount equal to the greater of (i) the total amount of Base Salary payments which would have been payable to the Executive during the period extending from such effective date until the normal expiration date of Employment under this Agreement as in effect at such time, had there been no early Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause (and assuming the Executive otherwise would have remained employed throughout such period and that his Base Salary would have remained unchanged throughout such period), or (ii) an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the current Base Salary of the Executive on the effective date of such Termination of Employment.

  • Termination Without Cause or With Good Reason (i) The Board may immediately terminate Executive’s employment at any time for a reason other than Cause (a termination “Without Cause”), and Executive may, by written notice to the Board, terminate this Agreement at any time within 90 days following an event constituting “Good Reason,” as defined below (a termination “With Good Reason”); provided, however, that the Bank shall have 30 days to cure the “Good Reason” condition, but the Bank may waive its right to cure. Any termination of Executive’s employment, other than termination for Cause, shall have no effect on or prejudice the vested rights of Executive under the Bank’s qualified or non-qualified retirement, pension, savings, thrift, profit-sharing or bonus plans, group life, health (including hospitalization, medical and major medical), dental, accident and long term disability insurance plans or other employee benefit plans or programs, or compensation plans or programs in which Executive was a participant.

  • Involuntary Termination Without Cause In the event of the Participant’s involuntary Termination by the Company without Cause, the vested portion of the Option shall remain exercisable until the earlier of (i) ninety (90) days from the date of such Termination, and (ii) the expiration of the stated term of the Option pursuant to Section 3(d) hereof.

  • Voluntary Termination Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, following a Change of Control the Executive may, upon not less than 30 days' written notice to the Company, voluntarily terminate employment for any reason (including early retirement under the terms of any of the Company's retirement plans as in effect from time to time), provided that any termination by the Executive pursuant to Section 6(d) on account of Good Reason (as defined therein) shall not be treated as a voluntary termination under this Section 6(b).

  • Termination by Employer Without Cause Employer may also terminate Employee’s employment without Cause upon ten days notice to Employee. Upon termination of Employee’s employment by Employer without Cause, all compensation and benefits to Employee hereunder shall cease and Employee shall be entitled to (a) payment of (1) any accrued but unpaid salary and unused vacation as of the date of such termination as required by California law, which shall be due and payable upon the effective date of such termination, and (2) an amount, which shall be due and payable within ten days following the effective date of such termination, equal to six months’ salary as provided in Section 5.1, and (b) continued participation, at Employer’s cost and expense, for a period of six months following such termination, in any Employer-sponsored group benefit plans in which Employee was participating as of the date of termination, provided that, as a condition to Employer’s obligations under Section 6.2(a)(2) and 6.2(b), Employee shall have executed and delivered to Employer a Separation Agreement and General Release in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A.

  • Termination Without Cause or Termination for Good Reason In the event that your employment with the Company and each of its Subsidiaries by which you are employed is terminated during the Performance Period (x) by the Company and such Subsidiaries and such termination is not a Termination for Cause or (y) by you and such termination is a Termination for Good Reason (as each such term is defined in the Severance Agreement between you and the Company or one of its subsidiaries), you shall be deemed to have earned, as of the end of the Performance Period, that number of Performance Units equal to the product of (i) the number of Earned Performance Units that you would have earned in accordance with Section 2 had you remained employed through the end of the Performance Period multiplied by (ii) the Pro-Ration Fraction. Any portion of the Performance Units that cannot become earned and payable in accordance with the preceding sentence shall terminate and automatically be cancelled as of the date of your termination of employment. Any portion of your Performance Units that is eligible to be earned pursuant to the second preceding sentence, but is not earned as of the end of the Performance Period, shall terminate and be canceled upon the expiration of such Performance Period.

  • Termination Without Cause This Agreement shall terminate upon: (i) the later of (a) the distribution of the final payment or liquidation proceeds on the last Mortgage Loan to the Master Servicer (or advances by the Servicer for the same), and (b) the disposition of all REO Property acquired upon foreclosure of the last Mortgage Loan and the remittance of all funds due hereunder, (ii) mutual consent of the Servicer, the Seller (as owner of the servicing rights relating to the Mortgage Loans), the Trustee and the Master Servicer in writing or (iii) at the sole discretion of the Seller (acting in its capacity as owner of the servicing rights relating to the Mortgage Loans). Any such termination pursuant to clause (iii) above shall be with 30 days’ prior notice, in writing and delivered to the Trustee, the Master Servicer and the Servicer by registered mail to the addresses set forth in Section 9.03 of this Agreement (in the case of the Servicer) or in the Trust Agreement (in the case of the Trustee or the Master Servicer). The Servicer shall comply with the termination procedures set forth in Sections 7.03, 8.01 and 9.01 hereof. The Master Servicer or the Trustee shall have no right to terminate the Servicer pursuant to this Section 8.02. In connection with a termination by the Seller pursuant to clause (iii) of this Section 8.02, the Servicer shall be reimbursed for all unreimbursed out-of-pocket Servicing Advances, Monthly Advances and Servicing Fees and other reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket costs associated with any transfer of servicing at the time of such transfer of servicing. Any invoices received by the Servicer after termination will be forwarded to the Seller or the successor servicer for payment within thirty (30) days of receipt from the Servicer.

  • For Cause Termination If Executive’s employment with the Company is terminated by the Company for Cause, Executive shall not be entitled to any further compensation or benefits other than: (i) any accrued but unpaid Base Salary; (ii) any accrued but unused paid time off, (iii) reimbursement for any business expenses properly incurred by Executive prior to the date of termination in accordance with Section 4(b) hereof; and (iv) vested benefits, if any, to which Executive may be entitled under the Company’s employee benefit plans as of the date of termination (collectively, the “Accrued Benefits”). The Accrued Benefits shall in all events be payable on the Company’s first regularly scheduled payroll date which occurs at least ten (10) days after the date of termination (other than Base Salary, which shall be payable as provided in Section 3(a) hereof).

  • Termination for Cause or Without Good Reason If there is a Covered Termination for Cause or due to the Executive’s voluntarily terminating his or her employment other than for Good Reason (any such terminations to be subject to the procedures set forth in Section 13), then the Executive shall be entitled to receive only Accrued Benefits.