Surplus Sample Clauses

Surplus. 8.1 If a facility is excluded from a target unit, the Operator must determine how any surplus should be distributed between the facilities that have been excluded from the target unit and the facilities remaining in the target unit and must notify the Administrator of the redistribution within 20 working days of the facility being excluded from the target unit.
Surplus. Any surplus, to the Person or Persons entitled thereto.
Surplus. A teacher who does not have a position at his/her assigned home school(s), or 4 site(s) due to a reduction in the number of teachers assigned to that school or program.
Surplus. The term refers to a condition in which the Company determines that the assigned number of individuals exceeds the needs of the activity, project, program or organization to which the individuals are assigned. A surplus may or may not result in layoffs. To the extent deemed practicable by the Company, surpluses will be resolved by placing individuals in other assignments.
Surplus. Any surplus remaining in the Installment Payment Fund, after redemption or payment of all Certificates by the Board, including accrued interest (if any) and payment of any applicable fees to the Trustee, or provision for such redemption or payment having been made to the satisfaction of the Trustee, shall be withdrawn by the Trustee and remitted to the Board.
Surplus. At each financial year-end, the Actuary will assess the surplus position of the Risk Fund, to preserve long term sustainability of the fund. The Company will charge a Surplus Administration Charge (SAC) of 50% of the gross distributable surplus arising at the end of the financial year. However, the Company may at its discretion and where appropriate charge the SAC for less than 50% of the gross distributable surplus. Any net distributable surplus arising (after deducting the SAC) from the Risk Fund will be allocated in full (100%) to the Takaful Participant. If the amount due to Takaful Participant is less than the threshold, the amount shall either be retained in the Risk Fund or donated to charity on behalf of the Takaful Participants. Both the threshold and the treatment of such amount shall be as defined in the Surplus Management Policy. Any deficit in the Risk Fund would be met through an interest free loan (Qard) from the Shareholders’ Fund. Such loan would be a first charge against the future surplus arising from the Risk Fund. If there is a deficit in the Risk Fund due to the Company's negligence, then it is the responsibility of the Company to ensure that the fund is stable through outright transfer method and not deemed as an advance through the Qard.
Surplus a) Teachers shall be declared surplus to their school in reverse order of seniority provided that the remaining Teachers are qualified to perform the remaining assignments. Teachers surplus to their school as of January 31st shall be notified no later than December 1st and teachers surplus to their school as of June 30th shall be notified no later than May 15th.