Subparagraphs Sample Clauses

Subparagraphs. 1(g) and 1(h) shall not apply when the requirement is imposed or the commitment or undertaking is enforced by a court of justice, administrative tribunal or competition authority to remedy an alleged violation of competition laws.
Subparagraphs. (a) and (b) of paragraph 4 of Article 4 of the Agreement shall be deleted and replaced by the following subparagraphs (a), (b) and (c):
Subparagraphs. 5(a)(ii), 5(b)(i) and 5(d)(v) are hereby deleted in their entirety.
Subparagraphs. (1)(a), (1)(b) and (1)(c) above do not apply to any "employee" or "volunteer worker" providing first aid services; and
Subparagraphs. 5.1 (b) and (c) be and are hereby deleted in their entirety and replaced with the following: Cash Payments
Subparagraphs. 2(a) and (b) do not apply to requirements imposed or enforced by an importing Party relating to the content of goods necessary to qualify for preferential tariffs or preferential quotas.
Subparagraphs. (i) of Paragraph 2.1, (e) of Paragraph 5.1, (d) of Paragraph 5.2 and (b) of Paragraph 7.1 are amended by replacing the words "January 16, 1995" with the words "January 24, 1996".
Subparagraphs. (a) (1) - (a) (3) of paragraph 3 of the Agreement shall be replaced with the following language:
Subparagraphs. 3(ii) and 3 (iii) of the Change in Control Agreement are amended to read as follows: