Stations Sample Clauses

Stations. All of the television stations owned or programmed by the Companies, where each such station consists of all of the properties and operating rights constituting a complete, fully integrated system for transmitting broadcast television signals from a transmitter licensed by the FCC, together with any subsystem ancillary thereto, without payment of any fee by the Persons receiving such signals.
Stations. 11.1 Allegiant is responsible for station charges (as described in Exhibit B, Section 2) and shall not levy any surcharges against Charterer for stations to or from any U.S. city. Charterer agrees to work in good faith with Allegiant to minimize stations costs, including the review of feasible alternative airports identified by Allegiant.
Stations. Pre-haul maintenance includes, but is not limited to: Brushing right-of-way, right-of-way debris disposal, cleaning ditches, constructing ditches, installing additional culverts, widening road segments, constructing headwalls, cleaning culvert inlets and outlets, cross drain culvert replacements, installing erosion control materials and sediment removal structures, spot rocking, grading and shaping existing road surface and turnouts, constructing additional turnouts, compaction of road surface, application of rock, acquisition and application of grass seed and hay.
Stations. Each of the stations listed in the first column of the table in Appendix 1 to Schedule 1, as more particularly defined in the Station Access Conditions for that Station.
Stations. Other than in connection with Enhanced Playlists, an End User will only be able to initiate playback by creating a station from any element in the Spotify service (such as a playlist, artist, End User’s listening history, album or track) or by selecting a pre-defined genre or time period. • Stations may also be seeded by one or multiple visible listed tracks (such as from a playlist, End User’s listening history, artist or album), and such stations can include any or all of those listed tracks, provided the station obeys the Programming/Interactivity Rules. If necessary, extra tracks will be generated algorithmically.
Stations. 21.01 The Employer agrees that the server’s stations shall be rotated between service staff on a fair and equitable basis each working day, with some occasional exceptions to be agreed upon between the Employer and the Union, when necessary.
Stations. Reconstruction includes, but is not limited to: Removal of all vegetative material with minimum loss of rock and dispose of in accordance with Clause 2-9 and Clause 3-23. Cleaning ditches and constructing ditches, constructing headwalls, cleaning culvert inlets and outlets in accordance with Clause 2-6 and Clause 2-7. Installing additional culverts and replacing culverts in accordance with the culvert list. Grading, shaping and compacting existing road surface, turnouts and turnaround in accordance with Clause 2- 5, realigning road segments, spreading grass seed and hay, and the application of rock in accordance with the Rock List.
Stations. Contractor will provide Stations within the PSA for all Dedicated Ambulances providing BLS services. Such Stations shall be staffed and in locations that will permit Contractor to comply with Response Time Requirements as set forth in this Contract. All Stations shall be subject to inspection by the City. Contractor’s Stations must accommodate, where City allows for, Ambulances indoors or undercover and, at such Stations or in immediate proximity thereto, provide accommodations for crew and other necessary Ambulance personnel as required and as necessary to provide the services. The Contract will contain a provision requiring Contractor to obtain advance written approval of changes with regard to the location of its Stations within the Primary Service Area throughout the term(s) of the Contract from the Fire Chief. The Fire Chief will only approve changes if the Contractor establishes that the changes will not impair the Contractor’s ability to meet Response Time requirements as set forth in this Contract.
Stations. The Sellers own or lease all tangible assets necessary for the conduct of the operation and business of the Stations as presently conducted and as presently proposed to be conducted. Each such tangible asset is free from material defects, has been maintained in accordance with normal industry practice, is in good operating condition and repair (subject to normal wear and tear), and is suitable for the purposes for which it presently is used.