Start Sample Clauses

Start. The term of Agreement will commence on Effective Date and terminates one (1) year from Effective Date or an [end date], whichever is later ("Term").
Start. 2.1 The Operating Agreements will commence on the date the Client receives notification of the Company in accordance with Clause 3.1 and will continue unless or until terminated by either party in accordance with clause 19.
Start. The Lease Term starts on the date (the “Start Date”) that is the 1st day of the month subsequent to the later of (i) the date Landlord has received a certificate of occupancy for the shell of the Leased Property and (ii) the date Landlord has received a certificate of occupancy for all of the residential units in the Hotel, provided that the minimum number of residential units must be 50. Landlord agrees to present the Tenant with finish specifications for the Residential Units for the Tenant’s review and approval prior to commencing the finishing of the Residential Units.
Start. This Agreement shall be effective immediately upon execution.
Start. Continued insurance cover shall start on the day following the termination of the employment, i.e. on .
Start. This Agreement shall be effective on December 31, 2020.
Start. This agreement begins upon acceptance by both parties, or the work begins, whichever comes first.
Start. This agreement comes into force when the user logs in to the site electronically. When registering on the site, the user declares that he has read all the provisions of this Agreement separately and fully agrees to them.
Start. Your OLA can be made in two ways: