Sprays Sample Clauses

Sprays. When using any sprays or fertilisers, the Tenant must:
Sprays. When using any sprays or fertilisers, the Tenant must take all reasonable care to ensure that adjoining hedges, trees and crops are not adversely affected, and must make good or replant as necessary should any damage occur, and so far as possible select and use chemicals, whether for spraying, seed dressing or for any other purpose whatsoever, that will cause the least harm to members of the public, game birds and other wildlife, other than vermin or pests, and comply at all times with current regulations.

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Rubric A scoring tool that describes characteristics of practice or artifacts at different levels of performance. The rubrics for Standards and Indicators of Effective Teaching Practice are used to rate Educators on Performance Standards, these rubrics consists of:
Samples Physical examples of materials, equipment, or workmanship that are representative of some portion of the Work and which establish the standards by which such portion of the Work will be judged.
Cleaning The Vehicle must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness or You may be charged a cleaning fee up to $500. If applicable the toilet and waste water tank must both be returned empty or a $150 cleaning fee will be charged to You in respect to each tank. The Vehicle must be completely free of mud. Smoking is not permitted in the Vehicles or a cleaning & deodorising process will be necessary at a charge of $300.
GLASS The Tenant shall maintain the glass part of the demised premises, promptly replacing any breakage and fully saving the Landlord harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from such breakage or the replacement thereof.
Animals The Hirer shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs are brought into the premises, other than for a special event agreed to by the Village Hall. No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.
Consumables This Agreement does not cover the cost of any consumables, including but not limited to oils, coolants, fluids and lubricants, which are replaced during the course of repairs. Any items not listed as covered, and all excluded items, under this clause 2 are expressly excluded from the warranty provided by Jarvis under this Agreement.
Transport The provision of a bus service to and from Didcot or such other transport and/or location (if any) deemed necessary by the Landlord.
Garbage The handling and disposal of garbage shall comply with arrangements prescribed by the Landlord from time to time. No disproportionate or abnormal quantity of waste material shall be allowed to accumulate in the Leased Premises and the cost of removal or clearing in excess of such normally provided Service may be charged to the Tenant.
Safety Glasses For those employees whose primary duties require the wearing of safety glasses, as determined by the University and pursuant to applicable safety code(s), the University shall make non-prescription safety glasses available at the work site and provide prescription safety glasses every two (2) years, if needed.