SPECIALIZED Sample Clauses

SPECIALIZED. SKILLS 1 2 3 4 The ESA staff member demonstrates competency (knowledge and skill) in designing and providing specialized services.      Coordinate testing programs, communicating and interpreting results with students parents, staff and administration.  Communicate with other institutions regarding student records and programs  Assist in student orientation  Coordinate with local community agencies to provide students needed services  Become the point of contact for use of the schools electronic student records system (skyward) and its interface with the state’s Cedars data baseWork closely with local community and state colleges assisting students with post secondary plans  Assist in development of master schedule
SPECIALIZED. PERSONNEL In performing its assistance activity, where it becomes necessary, or at DN's request, FUEL CELLS may send its own specialized personnel to perform individual services. This personnel, together with FUEL CELLS executives, may engage in relations with the authorities and companies, take part in negotiations for contractual, economic, and financial conditions. The personnel used by DN in performing individual services shall act in compliance with the needs and objectives pursued by FUEL CELLS, exercising technical and professional discretion, without obligation of subordination.
SPECIALIZED. Assignment: Assignment to duties functionally different from patrol operations for an extended period of time.
SPECIALIZED. Paraprofessionals The primary distinction of this position is that they will work in the Centers assisting with students with autism and/or ED.
SPECIALIZED other substances requested by the State include, but not limited to, fentanyl, alfenta, spice (synthetic cannabinoids), ecstasy(MDMA) and sufentanyl


  • Training State Street agrees to provide training, at a designated State Street training facility or at the Designated Locations, to the Fund’s personnel in connection with the use of the System on the Designated Configuration. The Fund agrees that it will set aside, during regular business hours or at other times agreed upon by both parties, sufficient time to enable all operators of the System and the Data Access Services, designated by the Fund, to receive the training offered by State Street pursuant to this Addendum.


  • Expertise Such Member alone, or together with its representatives, possesses such expertise, knowledge and sophistication in financial and business matters generally, and in the type of transactions in which the Company proposes to engage in particular, that such Member is capable of evaluating the merits and economic risks of acquiring and holding the Units, and that such Member is able to bear all such economic risks now and in the future;

  • Personnel Information Employee shall not divulge or discuss personnel information such as salaries, bonuses, commissions and benefits relating to Employee or other employees of Employer or any of its subsidiaries with any other person except the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Employer.

  • Contacts 1. Florida Housing’s contract administrator for this Agreement is: Contract Administrator Florida Housing Finance Corporation 227 North Bronough St., Suite 5000 Tallahassee, Florida 32301-1329 Phone: 850.488.4197 E-mail: Contract.Admin@floridahousing.org

  • Specialists Direct Doctors Physicians shall coordinate with medical specialists to whom Patient is referred to assist Patient in obtaining specialty care. Patient understands that fees paid under this Agreement do not include and do not cover Specialists’ fees or fees due to any medical professional other than Direct Doctors Physicians.

  • Services to Others Clients Nothing contained in this Agreement shall limit or restrict (i) the freedom of the Sub-adviser, or any affiliated person thereof, to render investment management and corporate administrative services to other investment companies, to act as investment manager or investment counselor to other persons, firms, or corporations, or to engage in any other business activities, or (ii) the right of any director, officer, or employee of the Sub-adviser, who may also be a director, officer, or employee of the Fund, to engage in any other business or to devote his or her time and attention in part to the management or other aspects of any other business, whether of a similar nature or a dissimilar nature.

  • Processes Any employer, employee, trade union or employer’s association may at any point in time apply for an exemption from any of the provisions of this Collective Agreement. The applicant is required to complete and submit in writing with the relevant office of the Council, a fully and properly completed prescribed application for exemption form, accompanied by all relevant supporting documentation.

  • Confidential Information; Personal Relationships The Executive acknowledges that the Company has a legitimate and continuing proprietary interest in the protection of its confidential information and has invested substantial sums and will continue to invest substantial sums to develop, maintain and protect confidential information. The Executive agrees that, during and after the Restricted Period, without the prior written consent of the Board, the Executive shall keep secret and retain in strictest confidence, and shall not knowingly use for the benefit of himself or others all confidential matters relating to the Company's Business including, without limitation, operational methods, marketing or development plans or strategies, business acquisition plans, joint venture proposals or plans, and new personnel acquisition plans, learned by the Executive heretofore or hereafter (such information shall be referred to herein collectively as "Confidential Information"); provided, that nothing in this Agreement shall prohibit the Executive from disclosing or using any Confidential Information (A) in the performance of his duties hereunder, (B) as required by applicable law, (C) in connection with the enforcement of his rights under this Agreement or any other agreement with the Company, or (D) in connection with the defense or settlement of any claim, suit or action brought or threatened against the Executive by or in the right of the Company. Notwithstanding any provision contained herein to the contrary, the term Confidential Information shall not be deemed to include any general knowledge, skills or experience acquired by the Executive or any knowledge or information known or available to the public in general. Moreover, the Executive shall be permitted to retain copies of, or have access to, all such Confidential Information relating to any disagreement, dispute or litigation (pending or threatened) involving the Executive.

  • Clients in this context, clients are people who are dependent upon the caring skills and services of the local authority, for example, the elderly, mentally infirm, those with mental or physical impairments. Clients in this context also include those whose needs are identified and catered for in settings such as schools and nurseries, that is, young children and school pupils dependent on the organisation for their educational and developmental welfare. Clients exclude internal authority customers (as in client departments) or external customers (for example, members of the public with planning applications), because neither are dependent on the local authority for their care and welfare. The exceptional needs of clients refer to those which are exceptionally demanding, not to those which are out of the ordinary.