SITE-BASED DECISION MAKING. ‌ Site-based decision making is a joint planning and problem-solving process that seeks to improve the quality of life in the school and the delivery of quality education. Those individuals responsible for the implementation of a decision at the building level are actively and legitimately involved in the decision. The following provisions will govern K.A.S.E. participation in the site-based decision making process and school improvement planning in the Kalkaska Public School District:
SITE-BASED DECISION MAKING. Decisions made by instructional leadership teams shall be consistent with the rights, privileges and protections contained in this agreement.
SITE-BASED DECISION MAKING. Contract Waiver The Board and the Council agree that there may be times when employees and administrators mutually desire to waive a specific contractual article in order to implement an educational innovation. It is the intent of this article to allow contract waivers to occur under the following conditions:
SITE-BASED DECISION MAKING. 6 The parties affirm a principle of modern management that recognizes some kinds of decisions in the operation 7 of an organization are best made by the individuals who actually provide a service. A site based decision- 8 making philosophy is comprised of three (3) main elements: 1) the decentralization and democratization of 9 appropriate building level decisions; 2) delegation of authority to the building Principal, the site staff and, 10 where appropriate, parents and community members at that school to make identified changes in the 11 instructional programs of the school which will improve the education being provided for the students; and
SITE-BASED DECISION MAKING. A. The District and the Council agree that programs which provide increased opportunities for teacher involvement in building level Site Council decision making can foster the collegial exchange of ideas and information so necessary for effective professional practice, and can improve the educational process. Site Councils will operate in accordance with District policy IFCA, section titled Duties as Adopted 2/24/04 and State law. The duties of the Site Council are defined in ORS 329.704(1). Site based decision making shall be limited to site specific issues raised by the site council related to site council duties and (except as provided below or otherwise by this agreement) shall not interfere with the duties, responsibilities and rights of the Board including (but not limited to) the Board’s right to establish and revise the school calendar and schedule classes as set out in Article 3.