Single Family Sample Clauses

Single Family. 418 Premises with individual units that are billed directly for service. Single-Family includes 1-4 residential 419 units that are provided carts (single-family, mobile homes, duplex through four-plex developments, and 420 townhomes and row houses with accessible individual street frontage).
Single Family. working in partnership with lenders, home builders, real estate brokers, state and local governments, non-profits and other members of the residential mortgage market to expand and maintain affordable homeownership opportunities for minority populations and communities by insuring mortgages on existing and new one-to-four family homes;• providing technical assistance to lenders and other participants regarding origination requirements;• monitoring and reviewing the mortgages originated and underwritten by approved lenders, monitoring and disciplining appraisers and other parties to the transaction, and providing support and technical assistance associated with loan production; and• certifying and recertifying non-profit organizations and administering grants.
Single Family. 51.10b. Multi Family$ 43.90c. Low Income$ 43.90d. Non-Profit Commercial$ 51.10e. Commercial ¾”$ 43.60f. Commercial 1”$ 53.80g. Commercial 1.5”$ 67.00h. Commercial 2”$ 81.30i. Commercial 3”$113.20j. Commercial 4”$145.70k. Usage per 100 gallons of water$0.22
Single Family. A detached building designed for and occupied by one family as a home, with cooking and housekeeping facilities.
Single Family. “Single family” shall mean persons related by blood, adoption, or marriage living with not more than one (1) person who is not so related as a single household unit. No residential dwelling on any Lot within the Subdivision shall be occupied by more than one (1) single family. It is not the intent of this provision to exclude from a Lot any individual who is authorized to so remain by law. If it is found that this provision is in violation of any law, then this provision shall be interpreted to be as restrictive as possible to preserve as much of the original provision as allowed by law.
Single Family. Seven Thousand (7,000) square feet 1. 2. Two Family: Three thousand (3,000) square feet
Single Family. Inception-to-date Recoveries from fully charged off assets
Single Family. Notwithstanding any contrary definition in the CITY’S 362 Municipal Code, any detached or attached house or residence designed or used for occupancy 363 by one or two families, provided that Collection service can feasibly be and is provided to such 364 Premises as an independent unit. 365
Single Family. Single-Family" means Premises used or designated for residential use and consisting of no more than one (1) Residential Unit, such that the Single-Family Residential Unit receives its own set of Carts and individual curbside Collection services, therefore. Single Family Premises include up to three (3) Residential Units for the purpose of this definition and provisions for collection in the Agreement.
Single Family. Residence 0.30 - 0.50