Single Family Sample Clauses

Single Family a. Fences within the front yards will not be Allowed between the road right of way to the House. Rear yard fences shall be a maximum of 6' in height. The fences shall be made of natural materials such as wood or brick. No chain link fences will be allowed.
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Single Family. 418 Premises with individual units that are billed directly for service. Single-Family includes 1-4 residential 419 units that are provided carts (single-family, mobile homes, duplex through four-plex developments, and 420 townhomes and row houses with accessible individual street frontage).
Single Family. Minimum Lot Size: 11,000 sq. ft. Minimum Lot Width: 75 feet Front Yard: 30 feet Side Yard: 8 feet Rear Yard: 30 feet R-4 Multi-Family Setback to Public Street: 30 feet Setback to Commercial Property: 40 feet Setback to Rt. 71: 40 feet Building Separation Side to Side: 20 feet Side to Rear: 30 feet Rear to Rear: 40 feet* Front to Side: 30 feet Front to Front: 60 feet Garage to Garage: 60 feet * If structures are located in any other way other than parallel, a minimum separation of 30 feet shall be allowed at the closest point between structures provided the average separation between structures is 40 feet.
Single Family. Residential District is intended to provide areas for single-family detached dwellings at low density. The subject property is in an area that contains many single-family homes on large lots, which is compatible with the intent of the R-1 district. The subject property is 186 feet wide and varies in depth from 350 to 416 feet, totaling 70,760 square feet. It meets the development standards for the City’s R-1 district, as it is larger than 9,000 square feet in area and complies with the minimum lot width of 80 feet. The La Salle National Bank Criteria In the case of La Salle National Bank v. County of Cook (the “La Salle” case), the Illinois Supreme Court developed a list of factors that are paramount in evaluating the legal validity of a zoning classification for a particular property. Each of these factors will be discussed as they pertain to a comparison of the existing zoning with that proposed in the annexation agreement.
Single Family. Inception-to-date Covered Losses, net of Recoveries 3a. Securities: Inception-to-date Covered Losses, net of Recoveries This section calculates covered losses during this period:
Single Family. Inception-to-date Recoveries from fully charged off assets - 4a. Securities: Inception-to-date Recoveries from fully changed off assets All Previous Certificates This certificate Inception of date 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Net loss 1ts Tranche{First Loss Tranche} 2nd Tranche {Below Stared Threshold} 3rd Tranche {Above Stated Threshold} Recoveries from Fully-charged-off Assets at Close {not applicable} Total Due From {to} FDIC 100 200 n/a 0% 50% 95% 50% --- - - n/a n/a --- - --- - --- - --- - Preparer Signature: x Preparer name: Officer Signature: x Officer name: Officer title Bank Name Bank Address
Single Family. Coverage Only one family medical plan shall be provided to employees whose spouses also work for the City.
Single Family. Single-Family" means Premises used or designated for residential use and consisting of no more than one (1) Residential Unit, such that the Single-Family Residential Unit receives its own set of Carts and individual curbside Collection services, therefore. Single Family Premises include up to three (3) Residential Units for the purpose of this definition and provisions for collection in the Agreement.
Single Family. Residence Recyclables Collection 26 Subject Materials 26 Containers 28 Specific Collection Requirements 29
Single Family. Share/Par Refers to par value in the case bonds, and number of shares in the case of stocks.