Denmark Sample Clauses

Denmark. The Agreement is subject to the mandatory regulation under the Danish Stock Options Act (the “Act”) for Employees (meaning any person who works under the instructions of the employer and receives consideration in return for personal work) employed by Danish entities. An Employee who is a participant under the Agreement shall receive a separate written statement issued in accordance with mandatory regulation under the Act as an appendix to the Agreement.
Denmark. Each Dealer represents, warrants and agrees that it has not offered or sold and will not offer, sell or deliver any of the Covered Bonds directly or indirectly in Denmark by way of a public offering, unless in compliance with, as applicable, the Prospectus Regulation, the Danish Consolidated Act no. 931 of 6 September 2019 on Capital Markets, as amended from time to time, and Executive Orders issued thereunder and in compliance with Executive Order No. 1580 of 17 December 2018, as amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time, issued pursuant to the Danish Consolidated Act no. 937 of 6 September 2019 on Financial Business, as amended.
Denmark. The third paragraph of the Preamble is deleted and replaced with: By installing, copying or using the product or by selecting the "I accept the terms of the License Agreement" radio button below, and the clicking on the "Next" button, you are:
Denmark. (i) The guarantee and indemnity obligations or any third party Collateral of any Danish Note Party under any Notes Document shall be deemed not to be assumed (and any Collateral created in relation thereto shall be limited) to the extent that the same would otherwise constitute unlawful financial assistance within the meaning of §§ 206-212 of the Danish Companies Act (in Danish: selskabsloven).
Denmark. If you make or receive overseas payments in excess of DKK250,000, you will be required to file a report with the Danish National Bank. This report is required for statistical purposes only. In addition, if you establish an account holding cash or shares abroad, you must report the account to the Danish National Bank. If the Danish Stock Option Act applies to your grant of Restricted Stock Units, your Restricted Stock Units will not be subject to Sun’s repurchase option upon involuntary termination of employment that is not in breach of contract.
Denmark. If you are employed in or a citizen of Denmark:
Denmark. .1 The Danish policy concerning the use of dispersants was taken as a follow-up to the “blow out” in 1978 at the Norwegian oil field Ekofisk in the North Sea. That same year, an expert panel analysed the issue and the resulting general advice was that dispersants should only be used in exceptional cases. The panel comprised all relevant government agencies and ministries as well as people from the university world.
Denmark. Notifications
Denmark. Section 9- Title The following replaces the first sentence in this Section: BXRT-02-00 11/98 Page 18 of 28 When you order a Machine, we transfer title to you on the date you receive delivery from IBM. EGYPT