Shuttle Sample Clauses

Shuttle. Transportation of students for instructional purposes. This shall include but not be limited to transportation of students between facilities and/or home.
Shuttle. The Union and Xxxxxx Transit agree to discuss 4/10 scheduling for Specialized Transportation assignments at such time as weekend SHUTTLE service is operated directly by Xxxxxx Transit. The terms and conditions of this section apply only to 4/10 work schedules for Transit Operators and shall not be construed to have a more general application.
Shuttle. 18 19 Bus operators who have received xx xxxxx trip assignment that is titled 20 “Shuttle,” and the assignment is for a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday 21 in-town trip, shall receive a minimum of 2 hours for pick-up and a 22 minimum of 2 hours for return. “Shuttle” assignments out-of-town 23 shall receive a minimum of 4 hours for pick up and a minimum of 4 24 hours for return. 25 26 Out-of-town trips are those trips that are outside a 45 air mile radius 27 (one-way) from Modesto City Schools’ Transportation yard. 28 29 DOWNTIME: Upon reaching the trip destination, the bus operator may leave 30 the bus unattended for periods of time, provided that the trip supervisor does 31 not require the driver to be available to open the bus or storage compartment.
Shuttle. The routine transportation of eligible students or other passengers (public or parochial) from a school building to an instructional program site within the school day. Shuttles are offered by district seniority. A driver will not be assigned a shuttle if it would result in exceeding forty (40) worked hours in a week. Shuttles have a minimum pay guarantee of one hour unless the paid shuttle time overlaps with other paid time. In this case, the shuttle shall be paid at actual time worked. If a shuttle changes to an in or out of district trip which does not affect the driver’s daily duties, it will be awarded to the regular shuttle driver.
Shuttle. 9 Shuttles shall be defined as an intra-District trip awarded from the Shuttle Board Roster for 10 more than one hour (to and from or one way) to a destination within the school District. Any 11 add on shuttles less than one hour will be awarded on a cost-effective basis first and then in 12 order of seniority at the designated schools as determined by the transportation administrator.
Shuttle. A “shuttle” is the transportation of students from a school location to a site outside and/or inside the School District boundary. The driver does not remain at the site and the same driver picks them up for the return to their school. Shuttles are not sport runs.
Shuttle. Intra-district transportation of students between district facilities on an irregular or limited schedule. A shuttle is not an inter-district athletic or activity route.
Shuttle. A "Shuttle" is the transportation of students by school bus to any location between school buildings where school classes, programs, activities and/or events are to be held for students of the school district as part of their school day instruction or on a consistent basis throughout the school year. Taking PE classes to bowling will be considered a shuttle. Students transported by bus to Clinton County RESA will be considered a shuttle.
Shuttle. Flight Attendants shall be integrated into the Chautauqua seniority list by date of hire; provided, however, that for one year from September 1, 2005, such Flight Attendants may exercise their seniority only within the Shuttle operation. After such one year period, they may exercise their full seniority list seniority for all purposes under the Agreement on the same basis as any other Flight Attendant on the Chautauqua Flight Attendant seniority list.
Shuttle. Subtenant shall have the non-exclusive right to use the shuttle service at the Project. The cost of the shuttle service is included in Operating Expenses. Sublandlord reserves the right to revise the shuttle service.