Shrubs Sample Clauses

Shrubs. Pruning shall be provided to encourage a healthy natural growth pattern for each specific plant variety. Flowering shrubs shall not be pruned until after the bloom cycle. If a plant species blooms year round, then pruning shall be performed in the spring (March and April) after the first flush of blooms. All shrubs shall be maintained off sidewalks and buildings up to twelve (12) feet high.
Shrubs. All shrubs shall be a minimum of 1-1/2 feet in height when planted and shall reach a height of 36 inches within two years of planting.
Shrubs a. All Shrubs
Shrubs. The required buffer yard shall also contain shrubs planted at a rate of 15 per 100 linear feet of road frontage.
Shrubs. All shrubs provided must be recommended for local area use by the director. Each shrub provided must be at least 30 inches in height.
Shrubs. Pruning of shrubs in general will be done with hand shears as needed to provide an informal shape, fullness and blooms. Spring-flowering shrubs will not be pruned until after the bloom cycle. Shrubs may also be selectively pruned if they block windows or views. Shrubs shall be maintained to avoid contact with structures (e.g. buildings and walls etc.) and provide clearance for maintenance around structures of at least 12 to 18 inches where practical. Formal hedges will be pruned by power shears, but care will be taken to insure that the sides slope slightly away from vertical to allow sunlight to reach lower foliage. Dead or broken branches will be removed when noted. Selective removal of small sections of branches as a form of insect pest control is also acceptable providing the natural shape of the shrub is maintained. No pruning will be done during or immediately after growth flushes. Hard pruning will only be accomplished upon “CONTRACTORrecommendation and “OWNERapproval.
Shrubs. Shrubs installed to establish a required screening or buffering element shall be evergreen and shall be a minimum 5-gallon in size, approximately 3-feet in height at the time of planting, and planted at a maximum 3-feet on center, unless otherwise approved by the City Administrator. Shrubs shall be selected from Table 2: Shrub Schedule .
Shrubs. No less what is customarily accommodated within a five gallon size container, in accordance with industry standards.
Shrubs. Shrubs” shall mean any woody vegetation or a woody plant having multiple stems and bearing foliage from the ground up.
Shrubs a minimum of two species of shrubs should be planted. Space plants to cover the entire landscape area, excluding points where trees are planted.