Shows Sample Clauses

Shows. During any two-year period of this Agreement, the Gallery shall arrange, at its own expense, for at least one exhibition and show of the Artist’s Works at the Gallery’s office in . In connection with such exhibition and show the Gallery shall produce at its expense an appropriate catalog of the Artist’s Works. The Gallery, with the approval of the Artist, may arrange for other exhibitions and shows at other locations of the Artist’s Works, so long as any exhibition or show is on a financial basis no less favorable to the Artist than the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. [This clause may duplicate Section 1 and is negotiable.]
Shows. Absolutely no shows of any type shall be permitted unless specifically approved by the Parish in writing.
Shows. Absolutely no shows of any type shall be permitted.
Shows. Franchisor will provide world class shows on various subject relating to Space Science and Astronomy. Through these educational programmes, students can describe the Big Bang theory, explain the age and origin of the Solar System and illustrate differences between Earth and other planets in the Solar System. They will also be able to describe origin of life on Earth, vastness of our galaxy Milky-Way, how galaxies are formed. Students should be able to explain the concept of light years, black hole and dark matter.
Shows a. Show Sponsorship: $100/show any single show, regardless of length:
Shows. El Noa Noa (weekly) coming March 1999 Reina del Dia (daily) Fantastico Amor (weekly)

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  • Timesheets 5.1. At the end of each week of an Assignment (or at the end of the Assignment where it is for a period of 1 week or less or is completed before the end of a week) the Agency Worker shall deliver to the Employment Business a timesheet duly completed to indicate the number of hours worked during the preceding week (or such lesser period) and signed by an authorised representative of the Hirer.

  • Data Reporting CONTRACTOR shall agree to provide to the LEA, all data related to students who are served by the CONTRACTOR. This shall include any and all data related to any section of this Master Contract, including but not limited to student information and billing information. The specific format of the data to be provided shall be determined between the LEA and CONTRACTOR. CONTRACTOR shall not enter into a contract with a third party for the purpose of providing cloud-based services including but not limited digital storage, management and retrieval of pupil records or to provide digital educational software that authorizes such third party to access, store, and use pupil records, unless CONTRACTOR has obtained prior written authorization from LEA in compliance with Education Code section 49073.1. The LEA may provide the CONTRACTOR with approved forms and/or format for such data, including but not limited to, approved electronic IEP systems, invoicing, attendance reports, and progress reports. The LEA may approve use of CONTRACTOR-provided forms at LEAs discretion.

  • Report Cards Report cards are sent home each trimester; the report card envelope is to be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher the following school day. There will be an $8 replacement charge for any lost report card envelopes.

  • SAMPLE (i) Unless agreed otherwise, wheeled or track lay- ing equipment shall not be operated in areas identified as needing special measures except on roads, landings, tractor roads, or skid trails approved under B5.1 or B6.422. Purchaser may be required to backblade skid trails and other ground disturbed by Purchaser’s Opera- tions within such areas in lieu of cross ditching required under B6.6. Additional special protection measures needed to protect such known areas are identified in C6.24.

  • FORMAT AND CONTENT FOR REGISTRY OPERATOR MONTHLY REPORTING Registry Operator shall provide one set of monthly reports per gTLD, using the API described in draft-­‐xxxxxx-­‐icann-­‐registry-­‐interfaces, see Specification 2, Part A, Section 9, reference 5, with the following content. ICANN may request in the future that the reports be delivered by other means and using other formats. ICANN will use reasonable commercial efforts to preserve the confidentiality of the information reported until three (3) months after the end of the month to which the reports relate. Unless set forth in this Specification 3, any reference to a specific time refers to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Monthly reports shall consist of data that reflects the state of the registry at the end of the month (UTC).

  • Sales Reports On or before the twentieth (20th) day of each calendar month after the First Month, Tenant shall submit to City a report (the “Sales Report”) showing all Gross Revenues achieved with respect to the prior month by location, segregated by each source or general type of article sold or service rendered. Such report shall be certified as being true and correct by Tenant and shall otherwise be in form and substance satisfactory to Director. As described below, City shall have the right, in addition to all other rights herein, to impose a fine in the event Tenant shall fail to submit such Sales Report timely.

  • Indicator Home and Community Care • Reduce wait time for home care (improve access) • More days at home (including end of life care) Percent of Palliative Care Patients discharged from hospital with home support Sustainability and Quality • Improve patient satisfaction • Reduce unnecessary readmissions Overall Satisfaction with Health Care in the Community SCHEDULE 6: INTEGRATED REPORTING‌ General Obligations‌

  • Reporting Frequency During any period of time when you are subject to the requirement in paragraph 1 of this award term and condition, you must report proceedings information through XXX for the most recent five year period, either to report new information about any proceeding(s) that you have not reported previously or affirm that there is no new information to report. Recipients that have Federal contract, grant, and cooperative agreement awards with a cumulative total value greater than $10,000,000 must disclose semiannually any information about the criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings.

  • Listings <<customer_name>> shall provide all new, changed and deleted listings on a timely basis and BellSouth or its agent will include <<customer_name>> residential and business customer listings in the appropriate White Pages (residential and business) or alphabetical directories. Directory listings will make no distinction between <<customer_name>> and BellSouth subscribers.

  • Identifying Information Issuer and Broker acknowledge that a portion of the identifying information set forth on Exhibit A is being requested by NCPS in connection with the USA Patriot Act, Pub.L.107-56 (the “Act”). To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. For a non-individual person such as a business entity, a charity, a Trust, or other legal entity, we ask for documentation to verify its formation and existence as a legal entity. We may also ask to see financial statements, licenses, identification and authorization documents from individuals claiming authority to represent the entity or other relevant documentation.