SHARED SEWER Sample Clauses

SHARED SEWER. Any sewer, other than a Regional Interceptor, owned and maintained by a Party that carries wastewater generated outside that Party's boundaries, except for City-owned sewers that carry only City waste and waste from non-City buildings with direct lateral connections to City sewers.


  • Shared Services 5.1.1 ETFO agrees to adopt a shared services model that will allow other Trusts to join the shared services model. The shared services office of the Trust is responsible for the services to support the administration of benefits for the members, and to assist in the delivery of benefits on a sustainable, efficient and cost effective basis.

  • Shared roles The Parties will meet the requirements of Schedule E, Clause 26 of the IGA FFR, by ensuring that prior agreement is reached on the nature and content of any events, announcements, promotional material or publicity relating to activities under this Agreement, and that the roles of both Parties will be acknowledged and recognised appropriately.

  • Shared Transport The Shared Transport Network Element (“Shared Transport”) provides the collective interoffice transmission facilities shared by various Carriers (including Qwest) between end-office switches and between end-office switches and local tandem switches within the Local Calling Area. Shared Transport uses the existing routing tables resident in Qwest switches to carry the End User Customer’s originating and terminating local/extended area service interoffice Local traffic on the Qwest interoffice message trunk network. CLEC traffic will be carried on the same transmission facilities between end- office switches, between end-office switches and tandem switches and between tandem switches on the same network facilities that Qwest uses for its own traffic. Shared Transport does not include use of tandem switches or transport between tandem switches and end-office switches for Local Calls that originate from end users served by non- Qwest Telecommunications Carriers (“Carrier(s)”) which terminate to QLSP End Users.

  • Shared Expenses Owner acknowledges that certain economies may be achieved with respect to certain expenses to be incurred by U-Haul on behalf of Owner hereunder if materials, supplies, insurance or services are purchased by U-Haul in quantity for use not only in connection with the Property but in connection with other properties owned or managed by U-Haul or its affiliates. U-Haul shall have the right to purchase such materials, supplies, insurance and/or services in its own name and charge Owner a pro rata allocable share of the cost of the foregoing; provided, however, that the pro rata cost of such purchase to Owner shall not result in expenses greater than would otherwise be incurred at competitive prices and terms available in the area where the Property is located; and provided further, U-Haul shall give Owner access to records so Owner may review any such expenses incurred.

  • Shared Loss Arrangement 1 2.1 Accounting for and Management of Shared-Loss Assets 1

  • Shared Facilities Where the use of any of the Conduits or any boundary structures or other things is common to the Premises and other property, the Tenant must be responsible for, and indemnify the Landlord against, all sums due from the owner, tenant or occupier of the Premises in relation to those Conduits, boundary structures or other things and must undertake all work in relation to them that is his responsibility.

  • Shared Costs (i) If the Parties elect to establish two-way Local Interconnection Trunks for reciprocal exchange of traffic, the cost of the two-way Local Interconnection Entrance Facility and DTT shall be shared among the Parties. CenturyLink will xxxx XXXX for the entire DTT and Local Interconnection Entrance Facility provided by CenturyLink at the rates in Table 1. CLEC will bill CenturyLink for CenturyLink’s portion of the same DTT and Local Interconnection Entrance Facility at the same recurring rates in Table 1 charged by CenturyLink based on the portion defined in (ii) below.

  • Covered Services Services to be performed by Contractor under this Agreement may involve the performance of trade work covered by the provisions of Section 6.22(e) [Prevailing Wages] of the Administrative Code or Section 21C [Miscellaneous Prevailing Wage Requirements] (collectively, “Covered Services”). The provisions of Section 6.22(e) and 21C of the Administrative Code are incorporated as provisions of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein and will apply to any Covered Services performed by Contractor and its subcontractors.

  • Shared Personal Data This clause sets out the framework for the sharing of personal data between the parties as data controllers. Each party acknowledges that one party (the Data Discloser) will regularly disclose to the other party (the Data Recipient) Shared Personal Data collected by the Data Discloser for the Agreed Purposes.

  • Required Services (a) You will assign one of your registered representatives to each Xxxxxx Fund account on your records and reassign the Xxxxxx Fund account should that representative leave your firm.