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  • Security Badging Any Company employee, or any employee of its contractors or agents, that require unescorted access to the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) to perform work under this Agreement will be badged with an Airport identification badge (hereinafter referred to as "Badge") provided by Authority’s ID Badging Department and will be subject to an FBI fingerprint-based criminal history records check (CHRC) and an annual Security Threat Assessment (STA). A new or renewed Badge will not be issued to an individual until the results of the CHRC and the STA are completed and indicate that the applicant has not been convicted of a disqualifying criminal offense. If the CHRC or STA discloses a disqualifying criminal offense, the individual’s new or renewed badge application will be rejected. The costs of the CHRC and the annual STA will be paid by Company. These costs are subject to change without notice, and Company will be responsible for paying any increase in the costs. All badged employees of Company and its contractors or agents will comply with Authority's regulations regarding the use and display of Badges. Company will be assessed a fine for each Badge that is lost, stolen, unaccounted for or not returned to Authority at the time of Badge expiration, employee termination, termination of the Agreement, or upon written request by Authority. This fine will be paid by Company within 15 days from the date of invoice. The fine is subject to change without notice, and Company will be responsible for paying any increase in the fine. If any Company employee is terminated or leaves Company’s employment, Authority must be notified immediately, and the Badge must be returned to Authority promptly.

  • Security of Data a. Each of the parties shall:

  • Contractor Security Clearance Customers may designate certain duties and/or positions as positions of “special trust” because they involve special trust responsibilities, are located in sensitive locations, or have key capabilities with access to sensitive or confidential information. The designation of a special trust position or duties is at the sole discretion of the Customer. Contractor or Contractor’s employees and Staff who, in the performance of this Contract, will be assigned to work in positions determined by the Customer to be positions of special trust, may be required to submit to background screening and be approved by the Customer to work on this Contract.

  • Security Services Certain security measures (both by electronic equipment and personnel) may be provided by Landlord in connection with the Building and Common Areas. However, Tenant hereby acknowledges that any such security is intended to be solely for the benefit of the Landlord in protecting its property from fire, theft, vandalism and similar perils and while certain incidental benefits may accrue to the Tenant therefrom, any such security is not for the purpose of protecting either the property of Tenant or the safety of its officers, employees, servants or invitees. By providing such security, Landlord assumes no obligation to Tenant and shall have no liability arising therefrom. Landlord reserves the right to either commence, expand, reduce or discontinue the providing of any such security at any time without notice to Tenant.

  • Security Clearance 6.7.1 Where specified by the Authority or the Contract user, the Supplier shall be responsible for ensuring that all Staff are security cleared to the level required by the Security Requirements not less than 5 Working Days before such person begins to perform the Services. If the Authority is responsible for applying for security clearance for Staff pursuant to this Clause 6.7.1, the Supplier shall provide a completed security clearance application form for such members of Staff to the Authority not less than 30 days before such members of Staff begin to perform the Services.

  • Security Protocols Both parties agree to maintain security protocols that meet industry best practices in the transfer or transmission of any data, including ensuring that data may only be viewed or accessed by parties legally allowed to do so. Provider shall maintain all data obtained or generated pursuant to the DPA in a secure computer environment and not copy, reproduce, or transmit data obtained pursuant to the DPA, except as necessary to fulfill the purpose of data requests by LEA. The foregoing does not limit the ability of the Provider to allow any necessary service providers to view or access data as set forth in Article IV, section 4.

  • SECURITY CODES If the Custodian issues to the Company security codes, passwords or test keys in order that it may verify that certain transmissions of information, including Proper Instructions, have been originated by the Company, the Company shall take all commercially reasonable steps to safeguard any security codes, passwords, test keys or other security devices which the Custodian shall make available.

  • Security Service Tenant acknowledges and agrees that, while Landlord may patrol the Project, Landlord is not providing any security services with respect to the Premises and that Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for, and Tenant waives any claim against Landlord with respect to, any loss by theft or any other damage suffered or incurred by Tenant in connection with any unauthorized entry into the Premises or any other breach of security with respect to the Premises.

  • Security Clearances A. The General Contractor is to supply the Court with names, dates of birth, and social security numbers of all employees who will be on site. This information must be submitted one (1) week prior to access to the site. The Court has final word on who will or who will not be allowed on the project premises.

  • Security Plan The Business Continuity Plan and the Disaster Recovery Plan may be combined into one document. Additionally, at the beginning of each State Fiscal Year, if the MCO modifies the following documents, it must submit the revised documents and corresponding checklists for HHSC’s review and approval: