Section 15.7 Sample Clauses

Section 15.7. 42 For purposes of calculating daily hours, time worked shall be rounded to the nearest one-quarter (¼) hour. 44 Section 15.8. 45 Any employee required to travel from one site to another in a private vehicle on a regular basis during 46 working hours shall be reimbursed for such travel on a per-mile basis at the rate currently approved by the 47 Pasco School Board. Actual travel time between job sites is considered part of the workday.
Section 15.7. 29 If no settlement has been reached within the thirty (30) days referred to in the preceding subsection, 30 and the Association believes the grievance to be valid, the employee may demand arbitration of the 31 grievance. Any dispute, claim or grievance arising out of or relating to the interpretation or the 32 application of this Agreement shall then be submitted to arbitration under the Voluntary Labor 33 Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. If mutually agreed, the parties may submit 34 to arbitration under the expedited Labor Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association.
Section 15.7. 24 Employees shall be compensated at their regular rate of pay for all time spent in the interest of the 25 District. This time shall include required staff meetings, safety meetings, and first aid class.
Section 15.7. 13 The District will pay for any physical exam required as a condition of continued employment. The site 14 and physician will be decided by the District. If the employee opts for a different site and/or physician, 15 the difference in cost will be the responsibility of the employee.
Section 15.7. The Employer agrees to furnish a bulletin board for the use of the Union within each store. Material placed upon the bulletin board shall be restricted to the following types of notices: