Section 13.1 Sample Clauses

Section 13.1. 1. 26 Employees will complete the required on-line training annually prior to November 1st. Each 27 employee will be paid two (2) hours at their hourly rate for completion of this training, if it is 28 completed outside of the employee’s scheduled work time. (This is agreed to be the annual Safe 29 Schools Training.) If the on-line training time required changes by thirty (30) minutes or more, 30 this item will be discussed further in labor management and agreements recorded in an MOU.
Section 13.1. 4 The District will provide the Association with job descriptions and such amendments, 5 changes, and additions to job descriptions within the bargaining unit as they may from time to 6 time occur. Consistent with the intent of Section 2.1 of this Agreement, rates of pay for newly 7 created positions essentially different from positions presently covered by the Agreement will 8 be negotiated with the Association.
Section 13.1. 14 In the mutual interests of the District and Association, the District will budget and use funds for 15 training, education, and/or vocational improvement of classified staff.
Section 13.1. 34 Employees, who believe that the workload and responsibilities of their position has changed 35 significantly, shall activate access to a District provided outside human resources professional.
Section 13.1. 7 Employees who work as a Custodian/Bus Driver shall have seniority in the Custodial and
Section 13.1. 11 In order to achieve individual competence and quality work performance, the District recognizes its 12 obligation to the professional development of the employee and agrees that each employee subject to 13 this Agreement shall be given adequate opportunities to develop his/her professional job skills and
Section 13.1. The Union Store Card is the property of the UFCW and is loaned to the Employer for display. Said card may be removed from the store by the Union if the Employer refuses to comply with a final decision of an arbitrator reached under the provisions of this Agreement.