Scotland Sample Clauses

Scotland. All properties have been valued by a valuer approved by the Seller or, where appropriate, according to a methodology which would meet the standards of a reasonable, prudent mortgage lender and which has been approved by the Seller.
Scotland. Lifelong learning policy in Scotland is shaped by levels of strong economic performance and higher than average employment levels, according to the ‘Scottish economic report’ (SER) (Scottish Executive, 2006c). The report also regarded Scotland’s labour supply as one of the country’s economic strengths, and noted that skills shortages reported by employers were uncommon. Skills gaps, on the other hand, were concentrated among people in low-skilled jobs, where market failure in the provision of training was evident. For example in ‘More choices, more chances’ (Scottish Executive, 2006a), a strategy to tackle the high proportion (13.5%) of young people not in education and training (NEET), the Executive sought to increase demand for learning by increasing the financial incentives offered to young people at risk of social exclusion and by expanding the range and quality of options and support available to them. In common with the rest of the UK, Scottish lifelong learning policies have a strong focus on improving adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL skills levels. These can be seen as essential elements underpinning the Scottish social inclusion agenda. Making the whole workforce more flexible and adept at coping with the ever rapidly changing demands of the economy is also a priority. ‘Life through learning: learning through life’ (Scottish Executive, 2003) is the overarching strategy, bringing coherence to provision beyond school, including basic, intermediate and higher level skills provision. The Scottish Executive is currently consulting on a review of the lifelong learning strategy, the results of which should be available after the election. At intermediate skills levels there has been a drive in Scotland to increase the uptake of apprenticeships, WBL and applied (vocational) qualifications for both young people and adults, as set out in ‘The framework for economic development in Scotland’ (Scottish Executive, 2004c). In addition, entrepreneurialism and enterprise skills were identified as development priorities for the general workforce in ‘Learning to work’ (Scottish Funding Council, 2005). The lifelong learning workforce will need to respond to these and other policy priorities, including: enhanced incentives for individuals to engage in post-compulsory learning, such as the payment of tuition fees for eligible students announced in ‘The Framework for economic development in Scotland’ (Scottish Executive, 2004c); increasing the participation of vulnerab...
Scotland. At 1 insert: ‘1978’ At 2 insert: ‘National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978Northern Ireland At 1 insert: ‘1977’ At 2 insert: ‘Health and Personal Social Services (NI) Order 1977’
Scotland. The rate of 16-19yr olds Not in Employment, Education or Training is lower in Moray than the national rate and the rate of most of our comparators, with the exception of Scottish Borders, which is sometimes slightly higher than Moray [48]. Report to Children & Young People’s Partnership In Place Develop/Review Implement Led By Working Group Youth employment Strategy (National) Youth Employment Action Plan Action Plan Develop local strategies and actions for jobs – supporting young Scots into work Quarterly monitoring to Scottish Government on progress Xxx Xxxxxx Employability Action Group Deliver opportunities for All to ensure an offer of a place in learning or training for every 16- 19 (up to their 20th birthday) year old currently not in work, education or training Deliver improved post-16 transitions, and participation in learning and training for all young people through 16+ Learning Choices, and Activity Agreements as a viable post-16 option for those furthest from the labour market in accordance with Activity Agreement Guidance Xxx Xxxxxx Report to Children & Young People’s Partnership Indicators 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 Value Value Value Value Value Target Percentage of Activity Agreements leading to another positive destination SOA 5 Employability and employment skills (Xxxxxx Xxxxxx)
Scotland. This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with it or the care services (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by Scottish law. For all homes registered with the CI; Sanctuary Care and you agree that the Scottish courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, this agreement.
Scotland. With the pensionable aged population in Moray projected to increase by 27% over the next 23yrs and the population aged 75yrs and over projected to rise by 88% over the same period [19] there is likely to be a considerable increase in the prevalence rate of dementia; around 1.5% of the 65 to 69-year-old population are affected, increasing to about one in three of 2001-05 2002-06 2003-07 2004-08 2005-09 2006-10 2007-11 2001-05 2002-06 2003-07 2004-08 2005-09 2006-10 2007-11 Between 2001-05 and 2004-08 suicide rates on Moray fell reflecting a considerable reduction in male suicides but an increase in female suicides. However, since 2004-08 both male and female suicide rates have been steadily increasing in contrast to the situation nationally, which has seen steady reductions in both male and female rates. The male suicide rate in Moray is now higher than the national rate for the first time since 2003-07 while the female rate, which has been higher than the national rate since 2003-07, has virtually trebled over the 11 year period [19]. Report to Health & Social Care Partnership In Place Develop/Review Implement Led By Working Group Primary Care Mental Health Pathway Development of Primary Care Mental Health Pilot Project Implementation of the pilot project and monitoring and evaluation infrastructures Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Mental Health Forum Moray Choose Life Action Plan 2011/2013 Mid review of Moray Choose Life Action Plan 2011-13 Implementation of new Moray Choose life action plan in line with new Scottish Government self-harm and suicide strategy Xxxxx XxXxxxxxx Choose Life Steering Group Moray Choose Life Action Plan 2011/2013 Review of Scottish Government Self-harm practice guidance Development of Moray Self- Harm Guidance & Pathways linking to training provision Xxxxxx XxXxxxxxx Self-Harm Working Group (sub group of choose life steering group) Mental Health Strategy for Scotland 2012-15 Review merits of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) as a self-management tool for mental health recovery. Implement Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) in Xxxxx Xxxxxx XxXxxxxxx Moray Mental Health Forum Self Directed Support Strategy Developing Self-Directed Support for those with mental health problems Implementation of Institute of Research and Innovation in the Social Services (IRISS) co- production „Pilotlight‟ project Xxxxxx XxXxxxxxx Pilotlight Co-Production Team Mental Health Strategy for Scotland 2012-15 Review of Scottish Government Mental Health Strat...
Scotland. Inspectors should apply the multi-agency liaison arrangements set out in these protocols in instances where there are fatalities, noting the protocols can also be the basis for arrangements in any serious, non-fatal, multi-agency investigations. What is the extent of XXX’x enforcement authority? Regulations 3(1) and 3(2) A10. Regulation 3(1) of EARR makes XXX the EA for all relevant statutory provisions under HSWA to the extent that they relate to the operation of a railway, tramway or other guided transport system. This is the case even if, by virtue of EA 98, those activities take place at premises where HSE or an LA is the EA, and includes activities at premises occupied by the Crown6.
Scotland. (i) Parent will cause the relevant Company Entities to (A) assign and transfer to Parent or any of its Affiliates (other than the Company Entities), for nominal consideration, all of such Company Entities’ right, title and interest in and to the real property and appurtenances, and all improvements and personal property at the facility located at 5 Xxxxxx Xxxx South, East Kilbride, Scotland, including, without limitation, all plant and equipment, except for the assets set forth on Schedule 9.1(b)(i)(A), (B) assign and transfer to Force, for nominal consideration, the lease between Scottish Enterprise and Company Europe for the premises at Uxxx 0, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Riverside Business Park, Irvine, Scotland, and all right, title and interest in and to any assets located at such facility, (C) enter into a lease of office space in Rutherglen, Glasgow pursuant to a lease agreement having the terms and provisions set forth on Schedule 9.1(b)(i)(C), and (D) assign, for nominal consideration, to Parent or an Affiliate of Parent (other than the Company Entities), any and all right, title and interest in and to any and all leases and subleases entered into by any Company Entity with respect to premises located at G0, 00 Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, in the building known as and forming 14 and 10 Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx.
Scotland. The following are days to be recognised as Public Holidays for the purposes of the Working Rule Agreement, provided that such days are generally recognised as holidays in the locality in which the work is being done. • Monday in the Spring Holiday • The first Monday in May • Friday immediately preceding the Annual Local Trades Holiday – As fixed the competent local authority • Friday and Monday at the Autumn Holiday – As fixed by the competent local authority • Christmas DayBoxing Day • New Years’ Day As precedent the dates and periods of a fixed close down will be defined in the contracted terms, otherwise the following rules will be deemed as the default agreement. The contract or default periods of fixed closure will be defined and notified by the employer 12 months in advance. Where a public holiday falls on a weekend then the first following week day will substitute for this day. Members who require further information about the dates of the holidays to be fixed by local authority should consult the local authority where their business is located. The Spring Holiday and Associated Public Holidays Other than the specified bank and public holidays there is no defined period of closure. Summer Holiday The Working Rule Agreement states that the summer holiday shall be two calendar weeks, not necessarily consecutive, to be fixed in the ‘summer period’. Winter Holiday and Associated Public Holidays The Working Rule Agreement states that there shall be seven working days taken in conjunction with Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to give winter holiday of two calendar weeks. Remaining Holiday Entitlement The remaining accrued holiday entitlement will be taken as mutually agreed and in line with the employer’s policy and expectations.
Scotland. Table below shows the SFC as the primary source of funding for learning programmes relevant to LLUK in 2004/05 in Scotland.