Runs Sample Clauses

Runs. 1. Runs will be configured by the Transportation Supervisor. To the extent that it is operationally feasible and economically prudent, said runs will include transporting the same students to and from school. Once established, said runs may be changed only in the best interests of the total operation.
Runs. All available runs will be bid no later than two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the School year. All drivers who attend this bid meeting, or check out their buses prior to the first day of School, shall be considered to have Labor Day fall within their work year. Drivers who check out their buses and drive their regular A.M. and/or kindergarten routes will be compensated at the rate of pay for that route.
Runs. 35 36 The Authority shall construct its schedules so as to conform to 37 the following: 38 39 The work time of not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of all 40 regular runs on the system shall be completed within a spread of 41 twelve and one-half (12-1/2) hours, effective with the next mark-up 42 and no penalty is included until that time; and the work time of not 43 less than ninety percent (90%) of all regular runs shall be completed 44 within a spread of thirteen (13) hours with overtime pay as provided 45 in subsection "(c)" of Section 2.7. 47 The number of straight day runs on the system on weekdays shall 48 be not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the number of vehicles 49 in service on the line at 11 A.M., including vehicles enroute to or from 50 garage and storage yard. 51 52 The number of straight runs on the system on Saturdays shall be 1 eighty-five percent (85%) of the total runs on Saturday. 3 All regular night runs shall be straight runs. 5 All regular Sunday runs shall be straight runs. Extras on Sunday 6 will be scheduled for no more than 4 platform hours.” 8 All regular owl runs shall be straight runs. 10 There shall be no three-piece runs. 12 Scheduled breaks of one (1) hour or less in work time of any 13 regular runs shall be paid for, such time shall be used in computing 14 overtime spread. 16 All regular runs shall pay a minimum of eight (8) hours from 17 sign-on to sign-off, with overtime as provided in subsection "(a)" of 18 Section 2.7. The workweek in this Seniority Unit shall consist of five 19 (5) workdays in seven (7), and each workday will consist of a minimum 20 of eight (8) hours.
Runs. The regular employee with the most seniority shall be given first opportunity to fill the vacancy. If no regular employee bids on the vacancy, a substitute employee with the most seniority who bids on the vacancy shall be awarded the route.
Runs a. All drivers shall continue to hold their run(s} from year to year with no change except as provided in c. below unless there has been or will be a significant change in runs due to demographic or geographic changes within the school district. In such event, there shall be a bid meeting with at least seven (7) calendar daysnotice to drivers at which time all runs shall be posted in accordance with c. below and runs awarded to drivers on the basis of seniority.