Resource Nurse Sample Clauses

Resource Nurse. Nothing shall restrict the Employer’s right to determine when a Resource Nurse should be appointed or to designate Nurses to assume the responsibilities of Resource Nurse.
Resource Nurse. A nurse who has not been assigned an FTE status and 29 is not regularly scheduled for any designated number of hours per pay period.
Resource Nurse. Any nurse who is not assigned an FTE by the Medical Center. To remain employed as a Resource nurse, the nurse must meet the availability requirements of Article 5.
Resource Nurse. A staff nurse who has been assigned to work with nurse supervisors, physicians, and staff as a resource to address changes in patient conditions, staffing needs, staff assignments and relief. Resource nurses may work variable shifts, may work in several departments during a work shift or may be assigned to special projects.
Resource Nurse. The Resource RN is a mobile resource for adult patient care at Tacoma General. The Resource RN will provide care through assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of adult patient population. The Resource RN provides nursing care for patient procedures and supports hospital operations for just-in-time needs. The Resource RN will collaborate and coordinate care between care providers in conjunction with the hospital supervisor. The Resource RN will provide patient transport and monitoring services based on patient care needs and in accordance with hospital policy. The Resource RN works under the direction of the House Supervisor.
Resource Nurse. A full-time, part time, PRN or a Weekend Package Nurse with the same duties as an RN but with the ability to perform such duties in several units to be specified by the Director of Nursing. The RN would not be normally regularly assigned to a particular unit but will be assigned a home unit.
Resource Nurse. A nurse assigned and holding the position of Resource Nurse shall receive a premium of two dollars and twenty-five ($2.25) per hour over their regular rate of pay.
Resource Nurse. A resource nurse is an experienced nurse, assigned by management, who serves as a clinical resource within a unit or specialty area.
Resource Nurse. A resource nurse is employed to work on an intermittent basis without a master schedule or a predetermined work schedule of less than twenty-four
Resource Nurse. A nurse who is hired into the Resource unit, who has the competencies to float to other core units, shall receive differential pay for all paid hours, as follows: • Level 1: Qualified by Hospital to float to three (3) core units – receive seven percent (7%) differential • Level 2: Qualified by Hospital to float to four (4) core units – receive nine percent (9%) differential • Level 3: Qualified by Hospital to float to five (5) core units – receive eleven percent (11%) differential • Level 4: Qualified by Hospital to float to six (6) core units – receive thirteen percent (13%) differential Core units supported by Resource Nurses are: (1) Medical/Oncology, (2) Surgical/Orthopedics, (3) Transitional Care, (4) Progressive Care, (5) Critical Care, (6) Emergency Services, (7) Pediatrics, (8) Post Partum/Newborn Nursery (Mother-Baby), (9) Medical Unit 1/1100 and (10) Labor and Delivery. Service in an Express Admit Nurse position shall operate as a “core unit” for the purpose of determining differential levels for Resource Nurse compensation. Upon discussion with a nurse and review of experience and education, the Hospital will determine three (3) qualified core units for a Resource Nurse, based on the Hospital’s assessment of competencies, which must include at least one (1) general unit (e.g., Med/Onc, SOU, PCU, TCU, PP/Nsy).