Requirement to Pay Sample Clauses

Requirement to Pay. Each demand for international preliminary exami- nation shall be subject to the payment of a fee for the benefit of the International Bureau (“handling fee”) to be collected by the International Preliminary Examin- ing Authority to which the demand is submitted.
Requirement to Pay. If the Account Balance is not reimbursed or if a payment has not been made by the scheduled due date, the following fees may apply:

Related to Requirement to Pay

  • Taxes and Withholding No later than the date as of which an amount with respect to the Restricted Stock first becomes includable in the gross income of the Participant for applicable income tax purposes, the Participant shall pay to the Company or make arrangements satisfactory to the Committee regarding payment of any federal, state or local taxes of any kind required by law to be withheld with respect to such amount. Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, in accordance with rules and procedures established by the Committee, the minimum required withholding obligations may be settled in Common Stock, including Common Stock that is part of the award that gives rise to the withholding requirement. The obligations of the Company to deliver the certificates for shares of Common Stock under this Award Agreement shall be conditional upon such payment or arrangements and the Company shall, to the extent permitted by law, have the right to deduct any such taxes from any payment of any kind otherwise due to the Participant, including, without limitation, by withholding shares of Common Stock to be delivered upon vesting.

  • W-9 Requirement Alongside a signed copy of this Agreement, Grantee will provide Florida Housing with a properly completed Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form W-9. The purpose of the W-9 form is to document the SS# or FEIN# per the IRS. Note: W-9s submitted for any other entity name other than the Grantee’s will not be accepted.

  • Deductions and Withholdings Each Group Member has made all deductions and withholdings in respect, or on account, of any Tax from any payments made by it which it is obliged or entitled to make and has duly and timely accounted in full to the appropriate Governmental Authority for all amounts so deducted or withheld.

  • Taxes and Withholdings The Employer may withhold from any amounts payable under this Agreement, including any benefits or Severance Payment, such federal, state or local taxes as may be required to be withheld pursuant to applicable law or regulations, which amounts shall be deemed to have been paid to Executive.

  • Withholding Requirements In the event that any jurisdiction imposes any withholding or other tax on any payment made by Xxxxxxx Mac (or its agent, the Exchange Administrator, or any other person potentially required to withhold) with respect to a Note, Xxxxxxx Mac (or its agent, the Exchange Administrator, or such other person) will deduct the amount required to be withheld from such payment, and Xxxxxxx Mac (or its agent, the Exchange Administrator, or such other person) will not be required to pay additional interest or other amounts, or redeem or repay the Notes prior to the Maturity Date, as a result.

  • Transfer Fees and Taxes If any of the Common Shares subscribed for are to be issued to a person or persons other than the Registered Warrantholder, the Registered Warrantholder shall execute the form of transfer and will comply with such reasonable requirements as the Warrant Agent may stipulate and will pay to the Corporation or the Warrant Agent on behalf of the Corporation, all applicable transfer or similar taxes and the Corporation will not be required to issue or deliver certificates evidencing Common Shares unless or until such Warrantholder shall have paid to the Corporation or the Warrant Agent on behalf of the Corporation, the amount of such tax or shall have established to the satisfaction of the Corporation and the Warrant Agent that such tax has been paid or that no tax is due.

  • Withholding Tax Indemnity To the extent required by any applicable Law, the Administrative Agent may withhold from any payment to any Lender an amount equivalent to any applicable withholding Tax. If the Internal Revenue Service or any other authority of the United States or other jurisdiction asserts a claim that the Administrative Agent did not properly withhold Tax from amounts paid to or for the account of any Lender for any reason (including, without limitation, because the appropriate form was not delivered or not properly executed, or because such Lender failed to notify the Administrative Agent of a change in circumstance that rendered the exemption from, or reduction of withholding Tax ineffective), such Lender shall, within 10 days after written demand therefor, indemnify and hold harmless the Administrative Agent (to the extent that the Administrative Agent has not already been reimbursed by the Borrower pursuant to Section 3.01 and Section 3.04 and without limiting or expanding the obligation of the Borrower to do so) for all amounts paid, directly or indirectly, by the Administrative Agent as Taxes or otherwise, together with all expenses incurred, including legal expenses and any other out-of-pocket expenses, whether or not such Tax was correctly or legally imposed or asserted by the relevant Governmental Authority. A certificate as to the amount of such payment or liability delivered to any Lender by the Administrative Agent shall be conclusive absent manifest error. Each Lender hereby authorizes the Administrative Agent to set off and apply any and all amounts at any time owing to such Lender under this Agreement or any other Loan Document against any amount due the Administrative Agent under this Section 9.13. The agreements in this Section 9.13 shall survive the resignation and/or replacement of the Administrative Agent, any assignment of rights by, or the replacement of, a Lender and the repayment, satisfaction or discharge of all other Obligations. For the avoidance of doubt, the term “Lender” for purposes of this Section 9.13 shall include each L/C Issuer and Swing Line Lender.

  • FATCA Withholding The Issuer represents, warrants and covenants to the Indenture Trustee and the Note Paying Agent that, (i) to the best of the Issuer’s knowledge, the Indenture Trustee, Note Registrar and Note Paying Agent are not obligated in respect of any payments to be made by the Issuer pursuant to this Indenture, to make any withholding or deduction pursuant to an agreement described in Section 1471(b) of the Code or otherwise imposed pursuant to Sections 1471 through 1474 of the Code and any regulations or agreements thereunder or official interpretations thereof (“FATCA Withholding Tax”), provided such parties have obtained the requisite information about the Noteholders; (ii) the Noteholders are required to provide information sufficient to eliminate the imposition of, or determine the amount of, FATCA Withholding Tax (the “FATCA Information”) to the Issuer and the Indenture Trustee, (iii) the Issuer shall comply with all requirements of the Code with respect to the withholding from any payment made by it on any Note of any applicable FATCA Withholding Tax imposed thereon and with respect to any applicable reporting requirement in connection therewith; and (iv) to the extent the Issuer determines that FATCA Withholding Tax is applicable, it will promptly notify the Note Paying Agent of such fact. To the extent the Issuer has the Noteholders’ information, the Issuer will provide the FATCA Information to the Indenture Trustee, the Note Registrar and the Note Paying Agent upon request. Each holder of a Note or an interest therein, by acceptance of such Note or such interest in such Note, will be deemed to have agreed to provide the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee, the Note Registrar and the Note Paying Agent with the Noteholder Tax Identification Information and, to the extent FATCA Withholding Tax is applicable, the FATCA Information. In addition, each holder of a Note will be deemed to understand that the Note Paying Agent has the right to withhold interest payable with respect to the Note (without any corresponding gross-up) on any beneficial owner of an interest in a Note that fails to comply with the foregoing requirements.

  • Withholding and Taxes No later than the date as of which an amount first becomes includible in the gross income of the Grantee for income tax purposes or subject to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act withholding with respect to this Award, the Grantee will pay to the Company or, if appropriate, any of its affiliates, or make arrangements satisfactory to the Committee regarding the payment of, any United States federal, state or local or foreign taxes of any kind required by law to be withheld with respect to such amount. The obligations of the Company under this Agreement will be conditional on such payment or arrangements, and the Company and its affiliates shall, to the extent permitted by law, have the right to deduct any such taxes from any payment otherwise due to the Grantee.