Repurchase Payment Sample Clauses

Repurchase Payment. If, at the time of repurchase, any notes are outstanding which represent any portion of the total purchase price for Shares being so repurchased, the repurchase price shall be paid first by cancellation of any obligation for accrued but unpaid interest under such notes, next by cancellation of principal under such notes, and finally by payment of cash or check.
Repurchase Payment. Subject to Section 6.03, if Grantee exercises its rights under this Section 6, within five (5) Business Days after the Repurchase Request Date, (i) Issuer shall pay by wire transfer to Grantee the Repurchase Fee in immediately available funds to an account designated in writing by Grantee to Issuer, and (ii) Grantee shall surrender to Issuer certificates representing the shares of Issuer Common Stock acquired hereunder with respect to which Grantee then has beneficial ownership, and Grantee shall warrant that it has sole record and beneficial ownership of such shares and that the same are then free and clear of all liens, claims, charges and encumbrances of any kind whatsoever.
Repurchase Payment. The amount payable to an Optionee pursuant to the Corporation's exercise of the Right of First Refusal shall be paid to the Optionee in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Transfer Notice or may, at the election of the Corporation, be paid in full in cash.
Repurchase Payment. Merchant shall pay the Repurchase Proceeds in monthly installments due on the first business day of each month after the Sale Date plus a final payment on the Repurchase Date. Each monthly installment payment will be equal to the sum of the Daily Markup Amounts for the preceding month. The final payment shall be equal to the total Repurchase Proceeds less monthly installments paid. All payments shall be made in good, collected funds available to FCStone Financial on or before 12:00 p.m., Iowa time on the payment date. Merchant shall make such payment without notice or demand.

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Payment of Repurchase Price The Repurchase Price shall be payable, at the option of the Company or its assignee(s), by check or by cancellation of all or a portion of any outstanding purchase money indebtedness owed by Participant to the Company, or such assignee, or by any combination thereof. The Repurchase Price shall be paid without interest within sixty (60) days after exercise of the Repurchase Option.
Repurchase Price Unless agreed otherwise by the Purchaser and the Company, a price equal to (i) the Stated Principal Balance of the Mortgage Loan plus (ii) interest on such Stated Principal Balance at the Mortgage Loan Remittance Rate from the date on which interest has last been paid and distributed to the Purchaser to the last day of the month in which the repurchase occurs, less amounts received or advanced in respect of such repurchased Mortgage Loan which are being held in the Custodial Account for distribution in the month of repurchase.
Purchase Price Payment The total Purchase Price for the Property is the amount of the successful bid for the parcel at public auction.
Payment of Receivables Purchase Price In consideration of the sale of the Receivables from the Seller to the Purchaser as provided in Section 2.1, on the Closing Date the Purchaser shall have paid to the Seller the Receivables Purchase Price.
PRE-PAYMENT The Tenant shall: (check one)
Deposit of Repurchase Price Prior to 12:00 p.m., New York City time, on or prior to the Repurchase Date, the Company shall deposit with the Trustee or with the Paying Agent (or, if the Company or a Subsidiary of the Company or an Affiliate of either of them is acting as the Paying Agent, shall segregate and hold in trust as provided in Section 2.04) an amount of money (in immediately available funds if deposited on such Trading Day) sufficient to pay the aggregate Repurchase Price of all the Notes or portions thereof which are to be repurchased as of the Repurchase Date. If the Paying Agent holds money sufficient to pay the Repurchase Price with respect to the Notes to be repurchased on the Repurchase Date in accordance with the terms of this Indenture, then, immediately on and after the Repurchase Date, those Notes shall cease to be outstanding, interest (including any Additional Interest) on such Notes shall cease to accrue, whether or not the Notes are delivered to the Paying Agent, and all other rights of the Holders of such Notes shall terminate, other than the right to receive the Repurchase Price upon delivery of such Notes.
Collection of Receivable Payments The Servicer shall make reasonable efforts to collect all payments called for under the terms and provisions of the Receivables as and when the same shall become due, and shall follow such collection procedures as it follows with respect to all comparable motor vehicle receivables (including automobiles and light-duty trucks) that it services for itself or others. The Servicer shall be authorized to grant extensions, rebates or adjustments on a Receivable without the prior consent of the Issuer. If, as a result of the extending of payments in accordance with the customary servicing standards of the Servicer, any Receivable will be outstanding later than the Final Scheduled Maturity Date, the Servicer shall be obligated to repurchase such Receivable pursuant to Section 3.08. In addition, in the event that any such rescheduling or extension of a Receivable modifies the terms of such Receivable in such a manner as to constitute a cancellation of such Receivable and the creation of a new motor vehicle receivable (including automobiles and light-duty trucks) that results in a deemed exchange thereof within the meaning of Section 1001 of the Code, the Servicer shall purchase such Receivable pursuant to Section 3.08, and the receivable created shall not be included in Collateral held by the Issuer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, extensions or modifications of the payment schedule of a Receivable can be made only in accordance with the customary servicing procedures of the Servicer, provided that the amount of any extension fee charged in connection with the extension of a Receivable is deposited into the Collection Account by the Servicer in accordance with Section 4.05(a). The Servicer may, in accordance with its customary servicing procedures, waive any prepayment charge, late payment charge or any other fees that may be collected in the ordinary course of servicing the Receivables.
Optional Repurchase Series Termination Section 7.1 Optional Repurchase.............................................36 Section 7.2 Series Termination..............................................37
Collection Where Payment Refused The Custodian shall not be required to take action to effect collection of any amount, if the Securities upon which such amount is payable are in default, or if payment is refused after due demand or presentation, unless and until it shall be directed to take such action and it shall be assured to its satisfaction of reimbursement of its related costs and expenses.
Agreement to Purchase Purchase Price a. Purchase.