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Republic. The Greeks never realized Xxxxx‟s vision. Thus it falls to the Romans to fulfill the role of the philosopher kings (1.1.29). In sum, Xxxxxx‟s first letter to Xxxxxxx addresses three central issues: managing subordinates, easing tensions between locals and publicani, and finally controlling one‟s temper. In the text, Xxxxxx refers to the Greeks by using a derivative of the Latin Graecus a total of nine times. Twice he warns Xxxxxxx about close friendships with Greeks. He mentions the Greeks four times in his advice regarding tension over taxes. He mentions the Greeks once early in the treatise, suggesting that they would honor Xxxxxxx as a divine figure if he adheres to an appropriate manner of life. Xxxxxx elsewhere makes it a point to distinguish between the unseemly Xxxxxxxx and a proper Greek. In addition to these two brief references, he argues that the Romans have a duty to act in the best interest of those they rule, especially the Greeks.
Republic. Should the country be able to compete abroad, it is necessary to reverse this trend and to ensure that graduates are able to flexibly respond to changes, to initiate and introduce innovations and to find employment.20 The Czech Republic also experiences problems with quality of university education; in the last years there has been a major increase in the number of graduates. Compared to EU the share of people with university education is still lower (23.8% compared to 34.6% in the age group of 30-34)21, however nowadays nearly three quarters of the respective age group enrol in universities. Massification of university education was not accompanied by the necessary pressure to increase or maintain the quality of university education, or to diversify the education. University education does not reach its potential for competitiveness of the country, however in combination with the research and development system it could drive the economic and social growth as it is the case in developed countries. Growth based on human capital and increased participation in the labour market is not only based on good quality education, matching the needs of the labour market, but also on equal access to this type of education. Compared to EU, the position of the Czech Republic is very good in terms of the level of early school leaving which is less than half compared to EU (5.5% compared to 13.5%)22. However, there are groups at risk that are disadvantaged in their access to good quality education. The Czech Republic has a relatively strong correlation between education results and family support and this correlation is being further strengthened23. Ensuring an equal access to education helps to decrease social differences and leads to the efficient use of potential of all citizens, and represents an efficient measure to significantly decrease the cost of future social policies. In the past approximately fifteen years, the management of the education system undergone radical changes. In particular, in the area of primary and secondary education there was a major decentralisation in accordance with the objectives of the White Book. Decentralisation leads to problems with coordination of educational policies at the national, regional, and municipal levels. The increased autonomy and responsibility of schools, and transfer of obligations to schools require that these facts are reflected in strengthening the strategic management in educational policies, and coordination and c...
Republic. REPUBLIC PROPERTY TRUST (solely for purposes of Section 1.5 hereof) By: /s/ Xxxx X. Xxxxxx Name: Xxxx X. Xxxxxx Title: Chief Executive Officer
Republic. GSI-FORM-CR_CTA Central and East Europe Institution 21 Aug 2018 GS-US-223-1017, Senk Date of last signature
Republic. Should IP terminate this Agreement for any reason other than cause as described in herein, then IP will immediately assign, relinquish ownership of and turn over control and ownership of the entity 21 del Notre, S.A. to SP. IP will sign documents to be held by SP to effectuate that transfer at the time of signing this Agreement in the form of valid Powers of Attorney to allow that transfer to take place. Should SP cease to operate permanently, then IP will retain the ownership interest in 21 del Notre, S.A. Because the parties have agreed that payment is of the essence, SP reserves the right to have access to all games at any time that the hosting, late fees, or the licensing fees are not paid immediately upon being due. IP shall have ten (10) days to pay all fees due so that it complies with the required amounts. Any payment received after the tenth day of any month will require an additional late fee of fifteen (15%) percent of that payment.
Republic. In the event that seniority is a factor for eligibility and/or vesting purposes in any benefit, Republic employees shall be credited with their service with BarTech prior to being employed by Republic, unless such credit is inconsistent or prohibited by any plan document governing such fringe benefits. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Republic hereby reserves the right to amend or terminate any of the fringe benefits from time to time, as determined by Republic in its sole and absolute discretion.

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