Replacement Fund Sample Clauses

Replacement Fund. Section 1. So long as any of the bonds of the Series are outstanding, the Corporation will continue to maintain the Replacement Fund set forth in, and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions now contained in, Part Two of the supplemental indenture dated as of February 1, 1949, and the covenants on the part of the Corporation contained in such Part Two shall continue and remain in full force and effect, whether or not bonds of the 1979 Series are outstanding and to the same extent as though the words "or any bonds of the Series" were inserted after the word "Series" appearing in the second line of Section 1 and the second line of Section 4 of said Part Two of said supplemental indenture dated as of February 1, 1949.
Replacement Fund. The annual contribution to the DNR-mandated "Equipment Replacement Fund." An annual contribution is made to this fund for the purpose of accumulating cash during the useful life of the treatment facility for the replacement of equipment that is needed to maintain the capacity and performance for which the treatment facility was designed and constructed. Typically such replacement equipment has a service life that is materially shorter than the expected service life of the wastewater treatment plant.
Replacement Fund. Beginning the tenth (10th) day of the third month following the month in which the closing occurs, and continuing on the tenth (10th) day of each calendar quarter thereafter during the term of the Loan, Borrower shall deposit with the Bank an amount equal to two percent (2%) of the gross revenues it received during the immediately preceding three (3) months. These funds shall be held in a regular A money-market savings account with the Bank and, with the Banks prior written approval, may be withdrawn once each year on the anniversary date of the Loan. These funds may be used only to replace existing furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Related to Replacement Fund

  • Payment Fund At or prior to the Closing, Parent shall deposit (or cause to be deposited) with the Payment Agent, by wire transfer of immediately available funds, for payment to the holders of shares of Company Common Stock pursuant to Section 2.7, an amount of cash equal to the aggregate consideration to which such holders of Company Common Stock become entitled pursuant to Section 2.7; provided, that the Company shall, at the written request of Parent, deposit with the Payment Agent at the Closing such portion of such aggregate consideration from the Company Group’s Cash on Hand as specified in such request. Until disbursed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, such cash shall be invested by the Payment Agent, as directed by Parent or the Surviving Corporation, in (i) obligations of or fully guaranteed by the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States with a maturity of no more than 30 days; (ii) commercial paper obligations rated A-1 or P-1 or better by Xxxxx’x Investors Service, Inc. or Standard & Poor’s Corporation, respectively; or (iii) certificates of deposit, bank repurchase agreements or banker’s acceptances of commercial banks with capital exceeding $1,000,000,000 (based on the most recent financial statements of such bank that are then publicly available) (such cash and any proceeds thereon, the “Payment Fund”). To the extent that (A) there are any losses with respect to any investments of the Payment Fund; (B) the Payment Fund diminishes for any reason below the level required for the Payment Agent to promptly pay the cash amounts contemplated by Section 2.7; or (C) all or any portion of the Payment Fund is unavailable for Parent (or the Payment Agent on behalf of Parent) to promptly pay the cash amounts contemplated by Section 2.7 for any reason, Parent shall, or shall cause the Surviving Corporation to, promptly replace or restore the amount of cash in the Payment Fund so as to ensure that the Payment Fund is at all times fully available for distribution and maintained at a level sufficient for the Payment Agent to make the payments contemplated by Section 2.7. Any income from investment of the Payment Fund will be payable to Parent or the Surviving Corporation as Parent directs. The Payment Fund shall not be used for any purpose other than the payment to holders of Company Common Stock as contemplated by Section 2.7.

  • Investment Funds Unregistered general or limited partnerships or pooled investment vehicles and/or registered investment companies in which the Company (directly, or indirectly through the Master Fund) invests its assets that are advised by an Investment Manager.

  • Settlement Fund The contents of the Settlement Fund held by The Huntington National Bank (which the Court approves as the Escrow Agent), shall be deemed and considered to be in custodia legis of the Court, and shall remain subject to the jurisdiction of the Court, until such time as they shall be distributed pursuant to the Stipulation and/or further order(s) of the Court.

  • Replacements and Replacement Reserve Borrower shall cause Mortgage Borrower to comply with all the terms and conditions set forth in Section 7.3 of the Mortgage Loan Agreement. In the event that, prior to the payment and performance in full of all obligations of Borrower under the Loan Documents, (i) Mortgage Borrower is required to maintain the Replacement Reserve Fund pursuant to the terms of Section 7.3 of the Mortgage Loan Agreement, but Mortgage Lender waives such requirement, (ii) Mortgage Borrower is no longer required pursuant to the terms of the Mortgage Loan Agreement to maintain the Replacement Reserve Fund or (iii) the Mortgage Loan has been repaid in full, (A) Administrative Agent shall have the right to require Borrower to establish and maintain a reserve account that would operate in the same manner as the Replacement Reserve Fund pursuant to Section 7.3 of the Mortgage Loan Agreement, and (B) the provisions of Section 7.3 of the Mortgage Loan Agreement and all related definitions shall be incorporated herein by reference.

  • Replacement Reserve Fund Borrower shall pay to Lender on the Closing Date and on each Payment Date one twelfth of the amount (the "REPLACEMENT RESERVE MONTHLY DEPOSIT") reasonably estimated by Lender in its sole discretion to be due for replacements and repairs required to be made to the Property during the calendar year (collectively, the "REPLACEMENTS"), which Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit shall be in an amount equal to no less than $0.15 per year per square foot of gross leasable area. Amounts so deposited shall hereinafter be referred to as Borrower's "REPLACEMENT RESERVE FUND" and the account in which such amounts are held shall hereinafter be referred to as Borrower's "REPLACEMENT RESERVE ACCOUNT". Lender may reassess its estimate of the amount necessary for the Replacement Reserve Fund from time to time, and may increase the monthly amounts required to be deposited into the Replacement Reserve Fund upon thirty (30) days notice to Borrower if Lender determines in its reasonable discretion that an increase is necessary to maintain the proper maintenance and operation of the Property. Any amount held in the Replacement Reserve Account and allocated for the Property shall be retained by Lender in an interest bearing account, or, at the option of Lender, in an Eligible Account at an Eligible Institution; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that, any interest earned on said account shall accrue in said account for the benefit of Borrower, but shall remain in and constitute part of the Replacement Reserve Fund, and shall be disbursed in accordance with the terms hereof. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 7.3, Borrower shall not be required to make Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposits, provided that: (i) no Event of Default shall have occurred; and (ii) Borrower makes all necessary Replacements and otherwise maintains the Property to Lender's satisfaction. Upon notice from Lender following: (a) an Event of Default; or (b) the failure of Borrower to make necessary Replacements or otherwise maintain the Property to Lender's satisfaction, Borrower shall begin to deposit the Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit into the Replacement Reserve Fund beginning on the Payment Date (as defined herein) immediately following the date of such notice.

  • Replacement Reserve (a) As additional security for the Debt, Mortgagor shall establish and maintain at all times while this Mortgage continues in effect a capital improvement reserve (the “Replacement Reserve”) with Mortgagee for payment of costs and expenses incurred by Mortgagor in connection with the performance of work which would normally be treated as a capital improvement under generally accepted accounting principles (collectively, the “Replacements”). Commencing on the first Payment Date under the Note and continuing on each Payment Date thereafter, Mortgagor shall pay to Mortgagee, in addition to the monthly payment due under the Note and until the Debt is fully paid and performed, a deposit to the Replacement Reserve in an amount equal to $1,163 per month. So long as no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, Mortgagee shall, to the extent funds are available for such purpose in the Replacement Reserve, disburse to Mortgagor the amount paid or incurred by Mortgagor in performing Replacements within ten (10) days following: (a) the receipt by Mortgagee of a written request from Mortgagor for disbursement from the Replacement Reserve and a certification by Mortgagor in a form approved in writing by Mortgagee that the applicable item of Replacement has been completed; (b) the delivery to Mortgagee of invoices, receipts or other evidence satisfactory to Mortgagee, verifying the cost of performing the Replacements; (c) for disbursement requests in excess of $25,000, the delivery to Mortgagee of affidavits, lien waivers or other evidence reasonably satisfactory to Mortgagee showing that all parties who might or could claim statutory or common law liens and are furnishing or have furnished material or labor to the Mortgaged Property have been paid all amounts due for labor and materials furnished to the Mortgaged Property; (d) for disbursement requests in excess of $25,000, delivery to Mortgagee of a certification from an inspecting architect or other third party acceptable to Mortgagee describing the completed Replacements and verifying the completion of the Replacements and the value of the completed Replacements; and (e) for disbursement requests in excess of $50,000, delivery to Mortgagee of a new certificate of occupancy for the portion of the Improvements covered by such Replacements, if said new certificate of occupancy is required by law, or a certification by Mortgagor that no new certificate of occupancy is required. Mortgagee shall not be required to make advances from the Replacement Reserve more frequently than once in any sixty (60) day period. In making any payment from the Replacement Reserve, Mortgagee shall be entitled to rely on such request from Mortgagor without any inquiry into the accuracy, validity or contestability of any such amount. Mortgagee may, at Mortgagor’s expense, make or cause to be made during the term of this Mortgage an annual inspection of the Mortgaged Property to determine the need, as determined by Mortgagee in its reasonable judgment, for further Replacements of the Mortgaged Property; such inspection to be no more frequent than once in any calendar year unless a Default or an Event of Default shall have occurred and is continuing. In the event that such inspection reveals that further Replacements of the Mortgaged Property are required, Mortgagee shall provide Mortgagor with a written description of the required Replacements and Mortgagor shall complete such Replacements to the reasonable satisfaction of Mortgagee within one hundred twenty (120) days after the receipt of such description from Mortgagee, or such later date as may be approved by Mortgagee in its sole discretion.

  • Settlement Funds The Servicer shall be named as a payee on all insurance loss drafts and upon receipt thereof, the funds shall be credited to the Borrower's Insurance Proceeds balance and deposited into (a) where such funds will be applied to the repair and restoration of the related Mortgaged Property and where required by applicable state law, one or more separate escrow accounts, so that the balance on deposit in such accounts is fully insured at all times by the FDIC through either the BIF or SAIF or (b) where such funds will not be applied to the repair and restoration of the related Mortgaged Property, the respective Custodial P&I Account.

  • Balance in the Replacement Reserve Account The insufficiency of any balance in the Replacement Reserve Account shall not relieve Borrower from its obligation to fulfill all preservation and maintenance covenants in the Loan Documents.

  • Replacement of Lost Investments In the event of a loss of Investments for which the Custodian is responsible under the terms of this Agreement, the Custodian shall replace such Investment, or in the event that such replacement cannot be effected, the Custodian shall pay to the Fund the fair market value of such Investment based on the last available price as of the close of business in the relevant market on the date that a claim was first made to the Custodian with respect to such loss, or, if less, such other amount as shall be agreed by the parties as the date for settlement.

  • The Settlement Fund 37. Releasors shall look solely to the Settlement Fund for settlement and satisfaction of all Released Claims against the DENSO Defendants and the Releasees, and shall have no other recovery against the DENSO Defendants or any other Releasee for any Released Claims.