Religious Sample Clauses

Religious. Any employee whose religious affiliation requires the observance of recognized holidays other than those scheduled in the school calendar shall be excused by the principal. The employee will have the salary of his/her substitute, if hired, deducted from that month’s paycheck.
Religious. The Parties recognize that members of certain Catholic Religious Orders who are found to be qualified by the Search Committee for positions in the Faculty may be given preferential hiring. In such event, there need not be an advertisement or a short-list of candidates as contemplated elsewhere in this Article.
Religious before the execution of the Agreement, has received, reviewed, executed and delivered to RELIGIOUS CORPORATION the following:
Religious. 8. Relocations (Ex. House hunting, acquiring estimates from moving co.)
Religious. Employees wishing to do so may use personal days for the observance of religious holidays.
Religious. Two (2) days per year are allowed for religious holidays of a nature that are notprovided for in the school calendar. Religious leave must be preapproved at least 2 weeks in advance and be documented by a letter from the employee 's religious leader.
Religious. For observance of religious holidays, where said observance prevents the employee from working on said days, the teacher shall use personal days.
Religious. (a) The Airport Authority recognizes that the make-up of its workforce includes employees of various religious beliefs. The Airport Authority, subject to operational requirements, undertakes to make every reasonable effort to facilitate such arrangements that would allow the employee time off on holy days. Such arrangements may include the use of Designated Holidays (as defined in Article Designated Paid Holidays), earned compensatory leave, vacation leave or leave without An employee who intends to request leave under this Article clause must give notice to the Airport Authority as far in advance as possible but not later than four (4) weeks’ before the requested period of absence. Bereavement Leave with Pay For the purposes of this Article, immediate family is defined as father, mother, (or alternatively. stepfather, stepmother, or xxxxxx parent), brother, sister, spouse, child (including child of spouse), stepchild or xxxx of the employee, grandparent, grandchild, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and a relative permanently residing in the employee’s household or with whom the employee permanently resides. When a member of an employee’s immediate family dies, an employee is entitled to a bereavement period of four (4) consecutive calendar days, which must include the day of the funeral. During such period the employee shall be paid for those days which are not regularly scheduled days of rest for the employee. In addition, the employee may be granted up to three (3) days leave with pay for the purpose of travel related to the death. An employee is entitled to one (I)day’s bereavement leave with pay for the purpose related to the death of their son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brothe n aw or sister-in-law. If, during a period of sick leave, vacation leave or compensatory leave, an employee is bereaved in circumstances under which they would have been eligible for bereavement leave with pay under clauses a) or above, the employee shall be granted bereavement leave with pay and their paid leave credits shall be restored to the extent of any concurrent bereavement leave with pay granted. It is recognized by the parties that the circumstances which call for leave in respect of bereavement are based on individual circumstances. On request, the Airport Authority may, after considering the particular circumstances involved, grant leave with pay for a period greater than that provided for in clauses a) or above and any other bereavement related request made by the emplo...
Religious. In any one year up to three (3) days leave will be granted with pay deducted at cost of substitute, to participate in specific (i.e. other than Sabbath or equivalent) religious holidays.
Religious. An employee whose religious affiliation requires the observance of a regularly scheduled religious service during an employee’s scheduled workday shall be granted paid leave for a maximum of two (2) days annually non-accumulative for such services. However, this leave shall not be interpreted to include wedding ceremonies. The employee’s immediate supervisor shall grant religious leave upon request, provided that the leave is requested at least one (1) working week in advance of the anticipated absence. Religious leave shall be taken and charged in at least one-half (1/2) day increments.