Registrants Sample Clauses

Registrants. Once the Registry approves the application the selected or random CSC is assigned to the application. At this point the applicant's status changes to that of a registrant because they are no longer awaiting assignment of the CSC. Registrants have the following permissions: • Modify account informationReceive alerts related to registered CSCsView all of their existing registration records • View assigned CSC status information such as carrier expiration dateSubmit modification request of CSC information and view status • Submit renewal request for CSC and view status
Registrants. The Trust, the Guarantors and the Company or, if the ----------- Debentures have been distributed to the Holders of the Preferred Securities in liquidation of the Trust, the Company only.
Registrants. Once the Registry approves the application the selected or random CSC is assigned to the application. At this point the application is approved and the code is officially leased for the desired term. Registrants have the following capabilities:
Registrants. You represent and warrant that You meet the eligibility requirements of this ccTLD. You further agree to be bound by any registry rules, policies, and agreements for this ccTLD. The registration guidelines for this ccTLD are available online and are incorporated herein.
Registrants. 60.3.1 A Stage 1 Metering System shall have a Registrant and Operator (and shall be commissioned in accordance with the relevant Code of Practice) before the Settlement System Administrator is required to take such Stage 1 Metering System and the data derived therefrom into account for the purposes of Settlement.
Registrants. Unless otherwise noted in the Order Form, Partner will be responsible for driving at least fifteen (15) Snowflake customers or prospects to register for each Workshop. Partner may not charge participant to attend a Workshop.
Registrants. See the introductory paragraph to this Agreement. ----------- Registration Default: See Section 4(a). -------------------- Registration Statement: Any registration statement of the ---------------------- Registrants, including, but not limited to, the Exchange Registration Statement, which covers any of the Registrable Notes pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, including the Prospectus, amendments and supplements to such registration statement, including post-effective amendments, all exhibits, and all material incorporated by reference or deemed to be incorporated by reference in such registration statement.
Registrants. The Subscriber either [check appropriate box]: ☐ is a dealer, adviser, investment fund manager, an ultimate designated person or chief compliance officer as those terms are used pursuant to Applicable Securities Laws, or a person registered or otherwise required to be registered under Applicable Securities Laws; or ☐ is not a Registrant Subscription Agreement SCHEDULE A
Registrants. (a) number of Registrants, broken down into: