Recruiting Sample Clauses

Recruiting. Recruiting and retaining employees of the Company for the El Paso Operations Center who will perform services for the Company, including placement of newspaper advertisements, contracting and negotiating with search consultants, screening of candidates, interviews and employee orientation; processing new hires, terminations, transfers, leaves of absence and miscellaneous status changes as requested and authorized in advance by the Company.
Recruiting. 35.1 When vacancies or an increase in complement occurs, or a new position is created, a notice of the vacancy will be posted for a period of 13 days. Notices shall be placed on the YRPNET (intranet) and, where practicable, paper postings will be delivered to each district.
Recruiting. 1. The Board shall continue its efforts to hire speech and language therapists to work as members of the bargaining unit in accordance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreements. Such efforts shall include advertising and interviewing of all qualified candidates for such positions.
Recruiting. No Party may recruit any employee assigned by another Party to work on the Project while such employee works on the Project or within one year thereafter. However, such employee may take the initiative to apply for employment with the other Party and such other Party may offer employment to such employee.
Recruiting. Consultants will identify and present candidates to fill client's open positions.
Recruiting. HPP will recruit volunteers through a variety of outlets, including radio and print media, the Internet, and presenting programs at civic and public venues. (Capability 15.1) o HPP will utilize existing media contacts, Public Service Announcements, and existing community group contacts to generate publicity for the campaign. o HPP will conduct presentations to civic groups and other potential volunteer groups identified by HPP and the PHPT, including churches, PTA’s, and civic associations. (Capability 1.2)
Recruiting. In order to help recruit new teachers, the Board may pay a teacher new to the District a recruiting incentive bonus of up to one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500), as determined by and in the discretion of the Superintendent. When offered prior to employment, the bonus shall be paid by June 30. If the teacher does not complete the first year, the bonus is forfeited.
Recruiting. KPMG shall establish a core recruiting team lead by a designated, experienced and qualified team leader. KPMG shall provide the team with sufficient budget and resources and recruit qualified consultants for employment with KPMG in accordance with the plans set forth in Exhibit A.
Recruiting. A student must not have transferred as a result of recruiting or undue influence. Refer to SCISA Blue Book for clarification of recruiting.
Recruiting. Employee shall determine evaluation schedules for high school contests and junior college contests, as appropriate, to interview and recruit prospective student-athletes.