Reasonable Restrictions Sample Clauses

Reasonable Restrictions. The parties acknowledge that the foregoing restrictions, the duration and the territorial scope thereof as set forth in this Article V, are under all of the circumstances reasonable and necessary for the protection of the Company and its business.
Reasonable Restrictions. Executive agrees that the restriction set forth above is ancillary to an otherwise enforceable agreement, is supported by independent valuable consideration, and that the limitations as to time, geographical area, and scope of activity to be restrained by this Section are reasonable and acceptable, and do not impose any greater restraint than is reasonably necessary to protect the goodwill and other business interests of the Company. Executive agrees that if, at some later date, a court of competent jurisdiction determines that the non-solicitation agreement set forth in this Section does not meet the criteria set forth in Tex. Bus. & Comm. Code Xxx. 15.50(2), this Section may be reformed by the court and enforced to the maximum extent permitted under Texas law.
Reasonable Restrictions. Employee acknowledges that the restrictions of subparagraph (a) above are reasonable, fair and equitable in scope, term and duration, are necessary to protect the legitimate business interests of the Employer, and are a material inducement to the Employer to enter into this Agreement. Employer and Employee both agree that in the event a court shall determine any portion of the restrictions in subparagraph (a) are not reasonable, the court may change such restrictions, including without limitation the geographical restrictions and the duration restrictions, to reflect a restriction which the court will enforce as reasonable.
Reasonable Restrictions. The parties acknowledge and agree that the restrictions set forth in Sections 6, 7, and 8 of this Agreement are reasonable for the purpose of protecting the value of the business and goodwill of the Companies. It is the desire and intent of the parties that the provisions of Sections 6, 7, and 8 be enforced to the fullest extent permissible under the laws and public policies applied in each jurisdiction in which enforcement is sought. If any particular provisions or portions of Sections 6, 7 or 8 are adjudicated to be invalid or unenforceable, then such section will be deemed amended to delete such provision or portion adjudicated to be invalid or unenforceable; provided, however, that such amendments to apply only with the respect to the operation of such section in the particular jurisdiction in which such adjudication is made.
Reasonable Restrictions. Associate agrees and acknowledge that the restrictions contained in this Agreement are reasonable and necessary in order to protect the valuable proprietary assets, goodwill and business of the Company and that the restrictions will not prevent or unreasonably restrict his ability to earn a livelihood. Associate also agrees and acknowledges that if his employment with the Company ends for any reason, Associate will be able to earn a livelihood without violating the restrictions contained in this Agreement and that Associate’s ability to earn a livelihood without violating said restrictions is an important reason in Associate choosing to sign this Agreement.
Reasonable Restrictions. Employee acknowledges that it is necessary and appropriate for the Company to protect its legitimate business interests by restricting Employee’s ability to engage in certain competitive activities and any violation of such post-employment restrictions would result in irreparable injury to the Company’s legitimate business interests. The parties agree that the post-employment restrictions contained in this Agreement are drafted narrowly to safeguard the Company’s legitimate business interests while not unreasonably interfering with Employee’s ability to obtain other employment.
Reasonable Restrictions. Executive represents to the Company that the enforcement of the restrictions contained in this Agreement would not be unduly burdensome to Executive and acknowledges that Executive is willing and able, subject to the Restricted Area as defined herein, to compete in other geographical areas not prohibited by this Agreement. The parties to this Agreement hereby agree that the covenants contained in this Agreement are reasonable.
Reasonable Restrictions. Employee understands that the provisions of this Section 13 may limit Employee’s ability to earn a livelihood in a business competitive with the business of Alion and its subsidiaries but nevertheless Employee agrees and hereby acknowledges that (i) such provisions do not impose a greater restraint than is necessary to protect the goodwill or other business interests of Alion and its subsidiaries, (ii) such provisions contain reasonable limitations as to time and scope of activity to be restrained, (iii) such provisions are not harmful to the general public, (iv) such provisions are not unduly burdensome to you, and (v) the consideration provided hereunder is sufficient to compensate Employee for the restrictions contained in such provisions. In consideration thereof and in light of Employee’s education, skills and abilities, Employee agrees that Employee will not assert in any forum that such provisions prevents Employee from earning a living.