Ready Sample Clauses

Ready. The arbitrator shall schedule a hearing within seven (7) calendar days of her/his appointment. The arbitrator shall hear and determine the dispute and issue a verbal or a written decision within seven (7) calendar days of the conclusion of the hearing. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties. Upon receipt of the decision, either party may request written reasons for the decision. The parties agree that the time limits for appeal under the Labour Relations Code of B.C. shall commence with the issuance of written reasons for the decision. The arbitrator shall have the same powers and authority as an Arbitration Board established under the provisions of Article 11 excepting Article 11.04.
Ready. The parties, by mutual agreement, will appoint an arbitrator from this list, may amend the list of arbitrators at any time, or choose an arbitrator who is not on this list. The decision of the arbitrator or, in the case of an Arbitration Board, the said arbitrators, or any two
Ready. The parties, by mutual agreement, may amend the list of arbitrators at any time. The decision of the said arbitrators, or any two (2) of them, made in writing in regard to any difference or differences, shall be final and binding upon the Employer, the Union, and the employees concerned.
Ready. Provide high quality teaching and learning across all subjects, with differentiated work for students depending on their ability. Ready • Have all homework and classwork marked within a two week cycle. SafeEnsure all students are safe while in our care on school site. Safe • Communicate with parents with regards to studentsprogress, as well as student’s successes or any problems which have arisen. Respectful • Encourage and insist on high standards of behaviour, good manners and consideration of others. Signed: On Behalf of Haileybury Turnford
Ready. When in lessons, ready to learn; engage in all activities and try my hardest in all subjects - to not disrupt the lessons, if I don’t understand I will ask a teacher. Respectful • Keep the school clean and tidy – putting all litter and rubbish in the bins. Respectful • When walking to and from the school, wear all correct uniform as well as respecting the local community. I will not do anything which might bring the school into disgrace. Respectful • If your parent or carer cannot attend a meeting – I will tell a member of staff as soon as you can. Ready • Complete all home learning to the best of my ability. I must keep to deadlines or it will not be marked. Safe • Treat others as I wish to be treated myself Student Signed: School agreement All Staff will …. Respectful • Treat all students as equals, regardless of their academic ability or background. Respectful • Encourage, reward and celebrate student’s successes both academic and extracurricular.
Ready. The selection of an Arbitrator shall be by alphabetical order from the panel if available to act. The selection of an Arbitrator for the next arbitration shall commence with the next name in alphabetical sequence. If the parties cannot mutually agree upon an Arbitrator within ten (10) calendar days, the appointment shall be made by the Minister of Skills, Training and Labour of the Province of British Columbia, upon request of either party. The decision of the Arbitrator in respect of an interpretation or alleged violation of this Agreement shall be final and binding upon the parties, but in no event shall the Arbitrator have the power to alter, modify or amend this Agreement in any respect. Each party shall pay the expenses incurred in connection with the presentation and preparation of its own case. The parties shall bear in equal shares the expenses of the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator shall hear and determine the difference or allegation and shall within a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days following the arbitration render his decision.
Ready to-eat foods shall not be touched by bare hands. Disposable food handler gloves, tongs, spatulas, or deli tissue shall be used.
Ready. The condition that exists when the product is not producing output, has reached operating conditions, has not yet entered into any lower-power modes, and can enter active mode with minimal delay. all product features can be enabled in this mode, and the product must be able to return to active mode by responding to any potential input options designed into the product. Potential inputs include external electrical stimulus (e.g., network stimulus, fax call, or remote control) and direct physical intervention (e.g., activating a physical switch or button).
Ready to-eat cereals You will need to select both 1 oz and ¾ cup measures to determine which serving size weighs less. (if volume data is not available, use the manual conversion method shown in attachments B and C.)