Raises Sample Clauses

Raises. Executive shall receive increases in the base salary of at least 7% per year, which increased base salary shall become the base salary for purposes of this Agreement;
Raises. Except for increases and bonuses based on term of service or regular promotion of employees, any granting of a salary increase to, or authorization or payment of bonuses or material increases in other benefits payable or to become payable under any bonus, insurance or other benefit plans to, employees, officers, directors or retirees of TBG or its Subsidiary;
Raises. After Two (2) years of service, CLIENT agrees to provide at a minimum, a cost of living adjustment of $0.10/hour minimum. This increase will be effective 2 years after the Start Date. The CLIENT may increase a Virtual Assistant’s pay sooner than 2 years and more than the minimum based on performance.
Raises. Blanket raises are not given. Raises are based on your performance reviews; your willingness to continue your education; your ability to relate that education to your position, and, on the profit and growth of the school.
Raises yields on the most liquid asset such as Treasuries, relative to other less liquid assets.
Raises. To process a pay increase for a student, a new EPAF must be completed with the new rate of pay, and a Termination of Employment form (www.bhsu.edu/StudentEmployment) must be completed to end the time sheet for the old pay rate. Pay rate changes will be effective with the current pay cycle.