Purse Sample Clauses

Purse. The risks prostitutes take when they leave the condoms in their purses seems to be strikingly well judged. Psyche: Venture capitalists spend a lot of time searching the psyches of the people they might invest in. He is busy repairing the psyches of about a dozen poker veterans. Their psyches have been damaged by all the killings they have witnessed. For the sake of their psyches it might be the best advice they are going to get. I asked him if the idea of probing people’s psyches and gaining their trust to build an organisation ever felt manipulative. (B. Obama) Our police understand the terrorists’ psyches. The concept is so embedded in their psyches that they do not see my conflict between … Public: Both politicians had to contend with fractious parliaments and publics. Purpose: Arab traders came for the purposes of stealing slaves and pillaging ivory. Race: He won the 1,000‐ and 500‐meter races. Radio: BBC Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are broadcast all over Europe via the Astra satellite system. Ranking: Maier leads the giant slalom and Super G rankings. Rate: The good news is the crime and murder rates fell in 2017. We expect the lowest inflation and interest rates seen in a year. Recession: Dr. Ruhm found that death rates declined sharply in the 1974 and 1982 recessions.
Purse. TOUR agrees that during the Term, the purse levels ----- for TOUR Events will be as set forth on Exhibit E. ---------

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Job Postings The employee may apply for a job posting at either home based on their seniority at the designated employer. The vacancy will be filled in accordance with Article 9 of the collective agreement. Where seniority is the deciding factor the most senior candidate will be selected regardless of which home her/his seniority was accumulated.
Job Postings and Applications If a vacancy or a new job is created for which Union personnel reasonably might be expected to be recruited, the following shall apply:
Billing and Collections Except for members exempt from cost sharing pursuant to Section 4.1.4, all HIP members are responsible for making financial contributions to their health care coverage, either through regular POWER Account contributions or HIP Basic copayments for services. The Contractor shall be responsible for billing, collecting and applying applicable POWER Account contributions for members receiving HIP Plus or HIP State Plan Plus benefits. Collection services shall include:  Creating and maintaining HIPAA compliant POWER Account contribution billing services;  Generating and mailing invoices, although members may opt-in to receiving electronic invoices;  Receiving and posting payments;  Monitoring and tracking missed payments;  Processing returned checks;  Stopping or placing collections on hold as directed by the State;  Generating past due notices and other notifications;  Generating other informational materials as requested by the State;  Providing documentation of account activities and other financial reports;  Processing and mailing fast track prepayment and/or POWER Account contribution refunds;  Transferring collected funds as requested by the State;  Documentation and reconciliation of funds received and transferred;  Establishing and handling a lockbox for HIP payments;  Providing services online that support and interface with the State’s current website;  Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data exchanged with or provided to the State, and that the data is compatible with other software, hardware or systems used by the State;  Ensuring compliance with current bankruptcy rules, the Cash Management Improvement Act of 1990 guidelines (Public Law 101-453), confidential information and electronic transaction processing procedures;  Adhering to established health care industry standards, in addition to any Medicaid rules, regulations and or mandates, as well as amendments thereto;  Date stamping mail received; and  Forwarding all change of address notifications and mail returned as undeliverable as specified by the State. Additionally, while the Contractor is not required to promote cash payment by mail as a payment option, the Contractor shall be equipped to accept cash payments, including cash payment by mail, if submitted by the member. Further, the State encourages arrangements with local entities to facilitate the collection of contributions, including no-cost options for collecting cash contributions. In addition, the State will assist the Contractor by identifying vendor(s) that can accept cash contributions. The Contractor agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to work with such vendor(s) to accept cash contributions at no cost to the member. The Contractor shall ensure that any cash contributions collected by third party vendors in accordance with this Section 4 are credited toward the member’s POWER Account within two (2) business days. More information about preferred vendor(s) and cash collection methods may be found in the HIP MCE Policies and Procedures Manual. The State will determine the member’s required POWER Account contribution amounts during the application process and will notify the Contractor of these amounts. The required POWER Account contribution will be provided to the Contractor in both an annual benefit period amount and a monthly billing amount. POWER Account contributions will be recalculated by the State during eligibility redetermination, and as otherwise required throughout the benefit period based on member reported changes, in accordance with Section 4.4 below.
Extra Duty Pay Teachers assigned to teaching or administrative duties during planning periods shall be compensated at per diem pay for such duty. Curriculum rate, beyond per diem days, shall be compensated at $35.00 per hour.
Population The Population shall be defined as all Paid Claims during the 12-month period covered by the Claims Review.
Routine Maintenance (i) CRC shall be responsible for Routine Maintenance when necessary or desirable to maintain the Shared Assets in a safe operating condition, and to permit and facilitate (A) the performance by CRC of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement, and (B) the use of Shared Assets by the Operators in accordance with this Agreement.
Longevity Pay If an employee leaves State Classified employment and later is rehired, he/she shall receive no longevity pay. However, once such a rehired employee has been in pay status for five (5) years, all previous service time shall be credited for longevity pay. The only exception shall be for employees rehired who repay severance pay received. (See Article 22, Section Q.)
Billing and Collection On behalf of and for the account of ---------------------- Practice, Business Manager shall (i) establish and maintain credit, billing and collection policies and procedures, (ii) timely bill and collect all professional and other fees for all billable Medical Services provided by Practice, Physicians or Optometrists and for all goods sold by Practice in connection with the Dispensary Business, all for application solely in accordance with the Budget, and (iii) perform all cash management services on behalf of Practice which Business Manager shall deem commercially reasonable. Business Manager shall advise and consult with Practice regarding the fees for Medical Services and ancillary services provided by Practice; it being understood, however, that Practice shall establish the fees to be charged for Medical Services and that Business Manager shall have no authority whatsoever with respect to the establishment of such fees. In connection with the billing, collection and cash management services to be provided hereunder, and throughout the Term (and thereafter as provided in Section 7.3 hereof), Practice hereby grants to Business Manager an exclusive special power of attorney and appoints Business Manager as Practice's exclusive true and lawful agent and attorney-in- fact, and Business Manager hereby accepts such special power of attorney and appointment, for the following purposes:
JOB POSTING (a) Where a permanent vacancy occurs in a classification within the bargaining unit or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, such vacancy shall be posted for a period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days. Applications for such vacancy shall be made in writing within the seven (7) day period referred to herein.
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