Promises Sample Clauses

Promises. We both need each other’s assistance to successfully perform this Contract. Therefore, we both promise to comply with Laws and to help each other in enrolling your Site.
Promises. I make the following promises to the Lender:
Promises. 1. The mortgager’s responsibility
Promises. (a) Upon execution of this Settlement Agreement in exchange for and in consideration of the promises of Tangiers and its release of claims as set forth herein below, Defendants promise the following: Sierra Global, I.XX shall pay to Tangiers a total of $45,500 ("Settlement Amount"). The first payment in the amount of $22,750.00 shall be tendered to 'Tangiers upon execution of this Settlement Agreement, with the balance to be paid no later than thirty (30) days from the date of execution of this Settlement Agreement. Payments shall be made by wire transfer or cashier’s check made payable to Tangiers Investors. L.P. Payments shall be tendered to Tangiers at 400 X. Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000.
Promises. Executive makes the following promises regarding Protected Information.
Promises. 5.1 Party A hereby promises:
Promises. 4.1 Each Host Institution will:
Promises. You make the following promises regarding Protected Information. Nothing in the following promises is intended to restrict your opportunities for employment, those are the subject of the restrictions outlined in the Restrictive Covenants section below. The promises in this section are made to ensure that you do not use Protected Information except for the Company’s benefit.
Promises. The customer promises as following:
Promises assurances and guarantees on our part, or agreements diverging from these GTS in connection with the conclusion of the contract become binding only on our written confirmation.