Printing Sample Clauses

Printing. If this Agreement involves the duplication of more than 5,000 copies of a single page or more than 25,000 copies of multiple pages, this Agreement incorporates by reference DEAR 970.5208-1 Printing (Dec 2000).
Printing. 14.01 The Employer and the Union will share equally in any cost of printing the Collective Agreement. In implementing this provision the parties shall seek the least expensive unionized alternative.
Printing. The Union and the Employer desire every employee to be familiar with the provisions of this Agreement, and his/her rights and obligations under it. For this reason the Union shall print sufficient copies of the Agreement and the costs will be shared equally between the parties.
Printing. (a) To the extent that duplicating or printing services may be required in the performance of this Agreement, the Seller shall provide or secure such services in accordance with the U.S. Government Printing and Binding Regulations, Title 44 of the U.S. Code, and Department of Energy Directives relative thereto.
Printing. The County and FOP Lodge 35 agree to print and distribute the contract at their own expense.
Printing. The County shall post the contract on-line and bargaining unit employees desiring one shall be given an opportunity to print a hard-copy.
Printing. 2.1 When electronic data is made available to print a xxxx of lading, Maersk will notify the Individual User who at that time is shown in Maersk’s records as being entitled to print it.
Printing. Printing will be available in each classroom. Students should print to the printer in the classroom where they are working, but only with teacher permission.