Preventive Maintenance Program Sample Clauses

Preventive Maintenance Program. Operator shall develop, implement and update as necessary a Plant-specific program for preventative maintenance (the "Preventive Maintenance Program"), which program shall be subject to Owner's review and approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Preventive Maintenance Program. 7.1.1 The banking institutions must develop a preventive maintenance program to ensure that all components in the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system and the image recording system of the ATM are clean and functioning according to the supplier/manufacturer’s requirements.
Preventive Maintenance Program. The Contractor shall maintain all equipment and systems at 611 Xxxxxx at an acceptable level (as determined by the Facility Manager), and in strict compliance to manufacturer's minimum requirements, to ensure that each facility is operated in an efficient and effective manner (as determined by the Facility Manager). Contractor will be required to utilize General Services Department’s (GSD’s) Computerized Maintenance Management System (Upturn Solution’s Sprocket Work Order System) to track and mange all activities associated with maintenance and repair. The current version of Sprocket used by the City of Houston is 1.9.2. Contractor shall purchase 3 Sprocket User Licenses, 12 spMobile/ WiFi Licenses and 12 PDA’s. Contractor shall proved monthly reports using Sprockets reporting dashboards to demonstrate activities. Contractor shall make arrangements with Upturn Solutions or Xxxxxxx Controls for any support needs that may arise while making the transition to the Sprocket Work Order System. Contractor will make arrangements to train personnel, and will purchase all associated licenses and equipment necessary to operate the Sprocket system.
Preventive Maintenance Program. HVAC EQUIPMENT: Lessee at its sole cost and expense shall have maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and in a good state of repair all portions of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment located in or servicing the Premises. Lessee shall submit to the Lessor a copy of a preventative maintenance contract with a qualified HVAC contractor for the preventative maintenance program required herein. Lessor at its option shall have the right, but not the obligation, to make periodic inspections of the Premises and the equipment and advise Lessee of any maintenance required, and Lessee shall promptly have performed such maintenance at Lessee's sole expense. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the maximum amount that Lessee shall be required to expend in any calendar year under this Paragraph 6.4 shall be $1,500.00 per each HVAC unit.
Preventive Maintenance Program. FOR THE ELECTRIC SYSTEMS Annual Maintenance or according to OEM’s recommendations.
Preventive Maintenance Program. Agent shall establish and implement a preventive maintenance program for all major physical systems, with this program to be developed and maintained or a regular bases reflecting useful life cycles of common components and/or equipment.
Preventive Maintenance Program. 3.2 Remedial Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Program. CONTRACTOR, as directed and tasked by the CITY, will manage CITY’s preventive maintenance program designed to preserve each building and its equipment, fixtures and contents. Such a program may include and not be limited to cover: electrical and supplemental power systems, exterior and interior paint, flooring, grounds, life safety, lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, mechanical equipment, pavement, roofs and signage. Data for the preventive maintenance program will reside in the CONTRACTOR’s work management program and will be available to the CITY when needed.
Preventive Maintenance Program. GE shall implement and maintain a program of preventive maintenance for the Facility (the "POA Preventive Maintenance Program"). The POA Preventive Maintenance Program shall include, but not be limited to, the regular inspection, testing, calibration and servicing of the Facility and the Equipment and shall be implemented in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the Constructor and the suppliers, manufacturers and vendors of the Equipment. As a minimum, the POA Preventive Maintenance Program shall include the scheduling (on a forward looking basis) of preventive maintenance for a period of eighteen (18) months and shall establish a reporting system which shall include: (i) the scheduling and tracking of work to be performed; (ii) documenting any problems encountered; and (iii) documenting the work performed in a manner satisfactory to POA. The POA Preventive Maintenance Program may be based on GE's standard preventive maintenance program, but shall incorporate such additions and revisions thereto which are required by the characteristics of the Facility and/or reasonably requested by POA.

Related to Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Preventive Maintenance 4.1 Preventive Maintenance shall be provided for the routine care and attention necessary to ensure the continued efficient operation of the Equipment, Company will undertake to:

  • Maintenance Program LESSEE's Maintenance Program

  • Preventative Maintenance Standards of applicable Professional Governing Body. Anesthesia and surgical equipment maintenance standards as per manufacturer specifications and guidelines, subject to review and acceptance by AHS.

  • Maintenance Programme 17.4.1 On or before COD and no later than 45 (forty five) days prior to the beginning of each Accounting Year during the Operation Period, as the case may be, the Concessionaire shall provide to the Authority and the Independent Engineer, its proposed annual programme of preventive, urgent and other scheduled maintenance (the “Maintenance Programme”) to comply with the Maintenance Requirements, Maintenance Manual and Safety Requirements. Such Maintenance Programme shall include:

  • Maintenance Plan Maintenance plan for the Project Facility for the next quarter and a report on maintenance carried out during the previous quarter (including any material deviation from expected maintenance activities as set out in the maintenance plan).

  • Preventive Maintenance Supplier’s Preventive Maintenance offerings and responsibilities, and the Authorized User’s associated remedies, are described in Exhibit B.

  • Maintenance Scheduling The Transmission Owners shall schedule maintenance of their facilities designated as Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control and schedule any outages (other than forced transmission outages) of said transmission system facilities in accordance with outage schedules approved by the ISO. The Transmission Owners shall comply with maintenance schedules coordinated by the ISO, pursuant to this Agreement, for Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control. Each Transmission Owner shall be responsible for providing notification of maintenance schedules to the ISO for Facilities Requiring ISO Notification.

  • System Maintenance The Trust understands that USBFS and DST will have to perform periodic maintenance to the hardware and software used to provide INFORMA Services, which may cause temporary service interruptions. USBFS shall notify the Trust of all planned outages of its own hardware and software and, to the extent possible, will perform any necessary maintenance during non-business hours.

  • Maintenance Employees The normal hours of work for full-time Maintenance employees are 72 ½ hours over a two (2) week period, not to exceed eight (8) hours per day.

  • Maintenance Training 16.8.1 The Seller will provide maintenance training for the Buyer’s ground personnel as further set forth in Appendix A to this Clause 16. The available courses will be as listed in the Seller’s Customer Services Catalog current at the time of the course. The practical training provided in the frame of maintenance training will be performed on the training devices in use in the Seller’s Training Centers.