Premier Sample Clauses

Premier. In the event that Seller is not able to transfer its interest in Premier, Inc. or Premier Purchasing Partners, LP to Buyer at Closing, Seller shall liquidate its interests in such entities and include the proceeds thereof in the Assets conveyed to Buyer at Closing. If such interest is not liquidated until after Closing, Seller shall deliver the net proceeds of any such liquidation to Buyer promptly after receipt of same.
Premier. Premier is a Virginia corporation, having its principal place of business in Winchester, Virginia.
Premier. Premier is an Affiliate of the other Sellers.
Premier. The authorized capital stock of Premier consists of 1,000 shares of common stock, no par value, 1,000 of which are issued and outstanding. All such outstanding shares have been duly authorized and validly issued and are fully paid and non-assessable.
Premier. To hire, discharge and supervise all labor and contractors for the operation and maintenance of the premises. It is agreed that all contractors shall be deemed employees of Owner and not Agent, and that Agent may perform any of its duties through Owner's attorney's agents or employees and shall not be responsible for their acts, defaults or negligence if reasonable care has been excised in their appointment and retention.

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  • S.A 59:13-1 et seq. as well as all the provisions in this contract.

  • Asset Management Supplier will: i) maintain an asset inventory of all media and equipment where Accenture Data is stored. Access to such media and equipment will be restricted to authorized Personnel; ii) classify Accenture Data so that it is properly identified and access to it is appropriately restricted; iii) maintain an acceptable use policy with restrictions on printing Accenture Data and procedures for appropriately disposing of printed materials that contain Accenture Data when such data is no longer needed under the Agreement; iv) maintain an appropriate approval process whereby Supplier’s approval is required prior to its Personnel storing Accenture Data on portable devices, remotely accessing Accenture Data, or processing such data outside of Supplier facilities. If remote access is approved, Personnel will use multi-factor authentication, which may include the use of smart cards with certificates, One Time Password (OTP) tokens, and biometrics.

  • VALIC (i) is registered as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act and will continue to be so registered for so long as this Agreement remains in effect: (ii) is not prohibited by the 1940 Act or the Advisers Act from performing the services contemplated by this Agreement; (iii) has met, and will continue to meet for so long as this Agreement remains in effect, any applicable federal or state requirements, or the applicable requirements of any regulatory or industry self-regulatory agency, necessary to be met in order to perform the services contemplated by this Agreement, (iv) has the authority to enter into and perform the services contemplated by this Agreement, and (v) will immediately notify the SUB-ADVISER of the occurrence of any event that would disqualify VALIC from serving as an investment adviser of an investment company pursuant to Section 9(a) of the 1940 Act or otherwise.

  • Marshall “ On the Cranial Nerves of Scyllium,” ‘ Quart. Journ. Microsc.

  • Přetrvávající platnost Tento odstavec 1.3 „Zdravotní záznamy a Studijní data a údaje“ zůstane závazný i v případě zániku platnosti či vypršení platnosti této Smlouvy.

  • Transnet (i) For legal notices: …………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… Fax No. ………… Attention: Group Legal Department

  • Name of the Company The name of the Company is “Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, LLC.” The Company may do business under that name and under any other name or names that the Board of Directors may, in its sole discretion, determine. If the Company does business under a name other than that set forth above, then the Company shall file a trade name application as required by law.

  • Cornerstone shall notify the LLC and confirm such advice in writing (i) when the filing of any post-effective amendment to the Registration Statement or supplement to the Prospectus is required, when the same is filed and, in the case of the Registration Statement and any post-effective amendment, when the same becomes effective, (ii) of any request by the Securities and Exchange Commission for any amendment of or supplement to the Registration Statement or the Prospectus or for additional information and (iii) of the entry of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Registration Statement or the initiation or threatening of any proceedings for that purpose, and, if such stop order shall be entered, Cornerstone shall use its best efforts promptly to obtain the lifting thereof.

  • Corp has entered into an agreement, dated as of September 23, 2010 (the “Cargill Acknowledgement Letter”) with Cargill, Incorporated and its affiliates (collectively, “Cargill”), which provides that upon payment (the “Cargill Payment”) of $2,800,828 (plus accrued and unpaid interest on such amount as of the date of payment pursuant to the agreement, dated January 14, 2009, by and between BFE Corp. and certain of its affiliates and Cargill (the “Cargill Settlement Agreement”)) from the proceeds of the Rights Offering and the Concurrent Private Placement, Cargill shall forgive the remaining Payable (as defined in the Cargill Settlement Agreement) in exchange for Depositary Shares in an amount equal to the amount of the remaining Payable, which amount shall be converted into Depositary Shares at a price equal to the average of the volume weighted averages of the trading prices for the prior ten (10) day trading period of the Common Stock, ending on the second trading day immediately preceding the date the Depositary Shares are issued to Cargill (such amount of Depositary Shares, the “Cargill Depositary Shares”). BFE Corp. hereby agrees that it shall not breach, violate or terminate the Cargill Acknowledgment Letter. BFE Corp. agrees that it will not amend, waive or modify the Cargill Acknowledgement Letter without the written consent of Greenlight. The Cargill Depositary Shares will have the same rights and preferences (including the same Conversion Ratio) as the Depositary Shares that will be issued in the Rights Offering. In order to issue the Cargill Depositary Shares, BFE Corp. will designate and issue and deposit with the depositary a number of additional shares of Series A Non-Voting Convertible Preferred Stock that corresponds to the aggregate fractional interests in shares of Series A Non-Voting Convertible Preferred Stock that the newly issued Cargill Depositary Shares represent. In the event that an insufficient number of authorized shares of Series A Non-Voting Convertible Preferred Stock are available for such issuance and deposit with the depositary, BFE Corp. will establish an alternative method for satisfying the Cargill Stock Payment that is satisfactory to it, Cargill and the Backstop Parties. Concurrent with the issuance of Cargill Depositary Shares, the LLC will issue to BFE Corp. a number of Preferred Membership Interests equal to the number of Cargill Depositary Shares.

  • Partnership We believe that by working with others who share our aspirations for young children, we can maximize every child’s readiness for kindergarten and success in life.