Prejudice Sample Clauses

Prejudice do or permit or allow to be done anything which might adversely affect the rights of the Lender under this Agreement or the Collateral Documents.
Prejudice. 5.1 The Subscriber undertakes not to perform and shall not perform or cause to be performed, during the Event, any item which may be prejudicial or likely to cause prejudice to the State of Mauritius and/or the public at large or to the reputation or image of the State of Mauritius or its citizens.
Prejudice. Any cancellation of this Contract pursuant to the provisions of this Article IX shall be without prejudice to the right of the Party not in default to collect any amounts then due it and without waiver of any other remedy or performance to which the Party not in default may be entitled.
Prejudice. Pending before the Court is Plaintiff’s Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement (Dkt. ##) and Plaintiffs’ Motion for Award of Attorneys’ Fees, Expenses, and Incentive Award (Dkt. ##) (the “Motions”). The Court, having reviewed the papers filed in support of and in opposition to the Motion, heard argument of counsel, and good cause appearing therein, Plaintiff’s Motion is hereby GRANTED and it is hereby ORDERED, ADJUDGED, and DECREED THAT: 1. Terms and phrases in this Order shall have the same meaning as ascribed to them in the parties’ April [XX], 2012 Class Action Settlement Agreement (the “Settlement Agreement”). 2. This Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter of this action and over all Parties to the Action, including all Settlement Class Members. 3. On [date of preliminary approval], this Court granted Preliminary Approval of the Settlement Agreement and preliminary certified a settlement class consisting of: Any person in the United States or its territories who, at one or more times as of the date of entry of Preliminary Approval, is or had been a subscriber of Netflix. Excluded from [PROPOSED] ORDER Case No. 5:11-cv-00379-EJD 1 the Settlement Class are the following: (i) the Settlement Administrator, (ii) the Mediator, 2 (iii) any respective parent, subsidiary, affiliate or control person of the Defendant or its 3 officers, directors, agents, servants, or employees as of the date of filing of the Action, 4 (iv) any judge presiding over the Action and the immediate family members of any such 5 Person(s), (v) persons who execute and submit a timely request for exclusion, and (vi) all 6 persons who have had their claims against Defendant fully and finally adjudicated or 7 otherwise released.
Prejudice. Neither the presence of Buyer and Nokia's representatives nor any express or implied acceptance of e.g. work, materials, components, equipment or method of manufacturing nor the fact that the Buyer and Nokia or their representatives have not brought any defect or deficiency to the attention of the Seller or his representatives shall relieve Seller from its obligations under this Document to perform according to and to meet all requirements set out in this Document or prejudice any warranty of the Seller under this Document.
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Prejudice. You will not sign any document or do anything which would prejudice Our rights and interests under this Sub-lease.
Prejudice. The parties agree that in determining whether an employee is regularly scheduled to work for less than twenty-four hours per week, only the hours that the employee was actually scheduled to work on the time schedules referred to in Article shah be counted. Where the employee works that became available the of the schedules as a result of illness, accident, etc., the hours of those shifts shah not be counted as “scheduled hoursof work. The working of such shifts shah not result in a reclassification of the employee to till-time status. Without Prejudice. LETTER between ST MARY’S OF THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION The parties hereby agree to the following: current employees who apply for positions and of the of any testing required, will continue on to the. interview stage. the interview, the person is the candidate, that person will he retested before the end of the probationary period . not the second testing, the department head will as to whether the skill in question is a major component of the job, and person performing well in all other areas. If yes, the person will be awarded the permanent position. Signed of November , For the Association EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION WAGE SCHEDULE
Prejudice. The Contributor guarantees the Beneficiary Corporation against any prejudice resulting from any legal proceedings for recovery of property, for cancellation or for forfeiture, prior to the date of completion of the contribution, regarding the validity, ownership, use and/or exploitation of Trademarks 1, within the limits of the rights granted to it by the Certificates.
Prejudice. By mutual arrangement, the parties agree that SOKIEN may be liable only for the consequences of direct damage and that compensation for indirect damage is excluded. The following are considered as indirect damage: losses of data, time, profit, revenues and profit margins, and losses of orders, customers, operations, income, commercial activities, or else damage to the brand image, expected earnings and third-party action. SOKIEN's liability shall, by mutual agreement, be limited to the amounts actually paid by the customer for the twelve (12) months of subscription immediately preceding the cited violation.