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Potentially. Q. Do you recall having a conversation with Xx. Xxxxxxx on that subject? XX. XXXXX: By Xx. Xxxxxxx --
Potentially. If you have limited experience in negotiating business dealings, aren’t sure how to value your company, and/or don’t know where to begin finding a buyer, hiring a broker can reduce a lot of the stress that comes with selling a business. Do I Get to Keep Our Accounts Receivables? Typically, yes. When one sells their business, the money they have in their accounts is almost always kept. If the business sells for $10M, and you have $1M saved, you keep $11M. However, if you have $750k in liabilities, these will need to be paid off, meaning you would retain the remaining
Potentially the letting of premises may be affected by Discrimination Law. The relevant legislation is The Equality Xxx 0000. In particular, it should be noted that a refusal to provide (or less favourable provision of) goods, facilities and services on racial grounds constitutes direct discrimination. Similar action on the grounds that someone is, for example, a Muslim, can amount to “indirect discrimination” where this affects some racial groups more than others and cannot be justified. There has been a case in England on the issue which concerned a Church Hall. The Equality Act prohibits discrimination on the ground of religion or belief in the provision of goods, facilities and services (which includes the letting of premises). However, it is not unlawful under the Act for a religious organisation to restrict the use or disposal of premises owned by or controlled by the organisation on such grounds. Such restrictions must however be imposed (a) by reason of or on the grounds of the religious organisation’s purposes or (b) in order to avoid causing offence on the grounds of that organisation’s religion or belief, to a person of that religion or belief. Similarly, discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on the ground of sexual orientation is illegal. There are exemptions for religious organisations but these will only apply where it is necessary to do so ‘in order to comply with the doctrine of the organisation’ or because the restriction needs to be imposed ‘so as to avoid conflicting with the strongly held religious convictions of a significant number of the religion’s followers’. The exemptions cannot however be relied upon where a church is exercising public functions on behalf of a public authority – perhaps by receiving funding from the local Council to run an after school club. Legally, the topic is a very complicated one and much will turn on the facts of individual cases. In appropriate cases, legal advice should therefore be sought. Congregations should also bear in mind the provisions of the relevant General Assembly legislation on this topic, namely the Act anent Discrimination (G.A. Act V, 2007). xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx.xx/extranet/xchurchlaw/downloads/xchurchlaw2007 act05.doc

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  • Health The Executive is in good health and knows of no physical or mental disability that, with any accommodation that may be required by law and that places no undue burden on the Company, would prevent the Executive from fulfilling the Executive’s obligations hereunder. The Executive agrees, if the Company requests, to submit to reasonable periodic medical examinations by a physician or physicians designated by, paid for and arranged by the Company. The Executive agrees that each examination’s medical report shall be provided to the Company.

  • Complexity Intermediate professional level role. Provides production support on multiple platforms. Works on multiple projects as a team member and may lead projects of moderate complexity. May coach more junior technical staff. JOB FAMILY: TELECOMMUNICATIONS‌ Job Title: Manager, Telecommunications Operations Job#: 3000 General Characteristics Manages the operations, daily planning, engineering, design, and resource allocation for the enterprise’s telecommunications functions. Ensures customer satisfaction through quality standards and measures by evaluating the performance of telecommunications networks and related interfaces. Responsible for strategic telecommunications planning and works with senior IT leadership to coordinate telecommunication plans with those of the business. Develops and implements standards, procedures, and processes for the telecommunications group. Plans and manages the support of new technologies, performance and reliability. Defines and negotiates service level agreements. Oversees and coordinates the daily activities of the operations center. Performs a coordination role with enterprise management, vendors and customers.

  • Outreach Not less than 30 days prior to the opening of bids or the selection of contractors, the Agency-Assisted Contractor or Contractor shall:

  • Dependencies HP’s ability to deliver services will depend on Customer’s reasonable and timely cooperation and the accuracy and completeness of any information from Customer needed to deliver the services.