Potential Acquisition Sample Clauses

Potential Acquisition. Borrowers have informed Lenders and Agent that Borrowers are contemplating an acquisition of a third-party company (the “Potential Acquisition”). Lenders and Agent agree to evaluate any request by Borrowers that Lenders and Agent approve the Potential Acquisition and increase the Term Loan to fund the Potential Acquisition; provided, that, for the avoidance of doubt, Lenders reserve the right to decide in their sole and absolute discretion whether Lenders will approve the Potential Acquisition and increase the Term Loan to fund the Potential Acquisition (and if so on what terms), and nothing contained in this First Amendment shall be construed as an agreement or commitment by any Lender or by Agent to approve the Potential Acquisition or any such increase in the Term Loan.
Potential Acquisition. Recipient agrees that he cannot contact or solicit SAMM agency for sale, or employees, or negotiate a purchase agreement of SAMM agency for sale without Discloser (SAMM Consulting).
Potential Acquisition. Buyer shall be permitted to pursue, at Buyer's cost, the acquisition of Continental Emsco Company utilizing the management of the Company (without reimbursing the Company for services of such management personnel). Buyer shall be permitted to disclose to The LTV Corporation, Continental Emsco Company, SCF Partners of Houston, their representatives and such other parties as Sellers may reasonably approve, that Buyer and Sellers have entered into this Agreement for the acquisition of the Company.
Potential Acquisition. The Board continues to be committed to evaluating and assessing various investment opportunities within the oil and gas exploration and production sector.
Potential Acquisition. The parties hereto hereby acknowledge that the Company is currently engaged in negotiations regarding the purchase of a similar business located in New Jersey. In the event that the Company and such other business reach agreement as to the terms and conditions of such purchase, the Company shall immediately notify Acquiror of such agreement whereupon Acquiror shall have no less than ten business days to engage in a due diligence investigation of such other business to determine whether Acquiror desires
Potential Acquisition. The Principal Sellers acknowledge that EMKT has entered into discussions with AppliedTheory Corporation ("ATHY") concerning the possible acquisition of FMI in consideration of the issuance of shares of ATHY common stock. As of the date of this Agreement, no definitive agreement has been entered into with ATHY concerning such possible acquisition. The Principal Sellers shall keep in strict confidence the existance of such discussions until such time that EMKT or ATHY shall make a public disclosure thererof.
Potential Acquisition. (a) Subject to Section 6.17, SHUSA and the Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to make the acquisition of the Target through the Company or one of its Subsidiaries.
Potential Acquisition. Recipient agrees that he cannot contact or solicit Energia Consulting Partners agency for sale, or employees, or negotiate a purchase agreement of Energia Consulting Partners agency for sale without Discloser (Energia Consulting Partners).

Related to Potential Acquisition

  • Land Acquisition Reimbursement for the costs associated with acquiring interest and/or rights to real property (including access rights through ingress/egress easements, leases, license agreements, or other site access agreements; and/or obtaining record title ownership of real property through purchase) must be supported by the following, as applicable: Copies of Property Appraisals, Environmental Site Assessments, Surveys and Legal Descriptions, Boundary Maps, Acreage Certification, Title Search Reports, Title Insurance, Closing Statements/Documents, Deeds, Leases, Easements, License Agreements, or other legal instrument documenting acquired property interest and/or rights. If land acquisition costs are used to meet match requirements, Grantee agrees that those funds shall not be used as match for any other Agreement supported by State or Federal funds.