Posters Sample Clauses

Posters. Posters or promotional materials must be approved in writing by Campus Housing before posting. Use two-sided poster mounts (available at the residence Front Desk) when putting up posters. Residence Life Co-ordinators may require you to remove any material that is deemed to contribute to a poisonous environment, promotes unwanted comments and/or contributes to a negative community atmosphere. Ensure that posters don’t obstruct smoke detectors, fire alarms or sprinklers to avoid violating safety codes.
Posters. Residents should use thumbtacks or nails to hang posters and other items. Tenants are not to use adhesive products or tape to hang items from the walls, cabinetry or ceiling. Tenants may be charged for damages from tapes and adhesive products.
Posters. CompBioMed posters will continue to be made to present at events such as conferences and workshops. These will display specific aspects of CompBioMed research and outcomes and will require a CompBioMed consortium member to explain further what appears on the poster, which will contain: • The CompBioMed logo • A URL to the CompBioMed website • The XxX’x Twitter handleThe funding line “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823712.” • An image of the European flagImages of CompBioMed research • Summaries of CompBioMed research and outcomes
Posters. Educational/interpretive posters, as opposed to souvenir-type posters, may depict the beauty and complexity of the Best Habitat National Wildlife Refuge’s natural resources, tell a theme-related story, or provide a service to the visitor. The Friends may provide a selection of appropriate posters. These should be of the highest quality available.
Posters. Please include the above statement and Green Thumb Theatre’s prvided logo on any and all posters, sizing equivalent to government funders.
Posters. While the pandemic put a halt to in-person events—the usual venue for poster presentations—there were a number of virtual events that supported presentation of virtual posters. These usually involved some kind of chat feature that allowed participants to interact with the poster presenters. Our own CBMC21 conference took this approach, and 8 posters were presented there. In the first half of CompBioMed2, 9 CompBioMed posters were presented at various other events. These are listed among the items in Appendix Error! Reference source not found.. 2 xxxxx:// 3 Xxxxx, X., Xx, X.X. Quantifying the uncertainty of CovidSim. Nat Comput Sci 1, 98–99 (2021). DOI: 10.1038/s43588-021-00031-0 4 Wired IT, Vol 96, Spring 2021 Health Edition, ISSN 2035-7397
Posters. The nondiscrimination poster, ‘‘And Justice For All,’’ will be displayed at the facilities and/or office of any borrower or grantee if the facili- ties have been financed by an FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103–354 loan or grant and are subject to title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This poster also will be displayed in all FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103–354 State and County Offices.
Posters. 11.1 Posters/publicity may be displayed in the Council offices subject to arrangement with the Democratic Services Manager.
Posters. Posters will be designed and printed by UWCCR. UWCCR will manage the collective purchase, payment and distribution of posters to each participating PCFD. UWCCR will collect poster order quantities from each PCFD and mail that order amount to each PCFD. PCFD is responsible for distribution of posters in its specific service area.
Posters. In Y1 and Y2, the posters focused on the overview of the XXXXX project and detailed architecture. In Y3, the posters mainly provided the validation result of the use case. The posters were presented in several events.