Pond Sample Clauses

Pond. Cross Section 1 1 1 8 5 15 $ 2,425.00 3 Drainage Sheets Revisions 3.1 Drainage P&P Sheets 6 2 4 18 24 $ 3,340.00
Pond. Seller, at Seller’s expense, shall apply for and obtain all final City approvals for the pond described in Section 7.4 hereof.
Pond. The Parties agree to an average annual amount of $2,321,930, as agreed to as part of the revenue requirement such that at the conclusion of the agreed six-year amortization period, the restricted fund account for the CCR Pond liability will be funded at a total of $13,931,580. Due to the phased-in rate structure, RP&L will fund $6,965,790 into the restricted fund account for the CCR Pond liability over the three-year phase-in period, with the understanding that RP&L will have more cash available to fund the restricted account in later years, so the annual funding levels will not be the same for each year of the three-year phase in period. After the three- year phase in period, the average annual funding level will be $2,321,930.
Pond. The Contractor will construct a pond where shown on the drawings. The size and shape will be determined during construction and will contain a fountain and separate rock waterfall.
Pond. Owner, at its expense, will design and construct the Pond on Owner’s Property per the Approved Site Plan and as depicted in the conceptual renderings attached hereto as Exhibit B. The Pond will have the capacity to hold approximately 10 acre feet of water, and will have a total depth of approximately twelve feet (12’), designed as follows:
Pond. You may fish the pond and keep the fish caught. Do not keep them unless you plan to eat them. The pond is deepest on the North Side. You may camp and picnic at the pond. No camp fires, but grills can be used, although we may build a campfire pit this year. Please let Xxx or Don know in advance.
Pond. Bottom ash storage ponds are provided for storage of the collected bottom ash. The initial or primary settling pond receives the water from the ash hoppers. This water is then decanted and recycled to the plant for reuse. After the primary ponds are filled, they will be hydraulically dredged to a more permanent long-term storage pond. The primary decanting or settling receiving ponds will be lined; the larger more permanent bottom ash storage pond will be unlined.
Pond. 25-1 1-5 >5 LAKE DEPTH Distance in feet from the surface of the lake to the bottom:............................ 0 - 99
Pond. Barrens (1) Bay.
Pond. 25-1 1-5 >5 FIELD RECORD DEFINITION TEXT CODE LAKE DEPTH Distance in metres from the surface of the lake to the bottom:............................ 0 - 99