Play Sample Clauses

Play. To insert a play, use the list command keys to move the ">" pointer to the play you want to insert a play before and press "I". The Play Editor window showing the play you will be inserting before is shown in the upper right of the display. Key in the new play you want to insert in the Play Input window. The new play is inserted before the selected play. The game statistics are automatically recalculated after you insert the play.
Play. Parks, recreation programs, community-based approaches, youth programs, and 30 sites participating in Safe Routes to School projects.
Play. A. Playing time will be at the sole discretion of the coaches.
Play. You can play DukeMatch against one to seven computer controlled Xxxxx. Start the game as follows. “DUKE3D /a /q# /v# /l# /m /a: Tells computer to use the computer controlled Xxxxx /q#: enter (1-7) in place of # for the number of Xxxxx /v#: enter (1-4) in place of # for the mission number /l#: enter the level number in place of # /m: Turns monsters off For example, to play 6 Xxxxx, mission 3, level 2: type: “DUKE3D /a /q6 /v3 /l2 /m” NOTE: Type “DUKE3D ?” to see a complete list of the command line options.
Play a leading role in the development of the European Security Agenda, and enhance capabilities to undertake timely and effective security operations, by successfully encouraging a more efficient and effective NATO, a more coherent and effective European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) operating in strategic partnership with NATO, and enhanced European defence capabilities. Joint with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Play. A Play is an area that contains a broad geologically defined concept with one or more geological horizons that are thought to be commercially productive of oil and/or natural gas. A play consists of multiple Projects.
Play. Unique visitor experience with hotel, offices and retail area complete the 360o ecosystem World-class stay & dining experience at Novotel Hotel, large roof terrace with a swimming pool overlooking the campus Retail plaza in mezzanine and upper level is designed to create an open and inviting experience for all shopping needs A place for meeting of minds The world-class conference centre is a signature building at the entrance to the campus Flexible layouts for different needs, thoughtfully designed waiting lounge & pre-function areas Ideal for product launches, training sessions, conferences, workshops, trade shows, networking events and many others Perfectly poised location Brookefields is synonymous with the IT Corridor in Bengaluru. With industry stalwarts already headquartered here, the geographic economy, accessibility and future growth is on a fast track. Connectivity and proximity to the Outer Ring Road & Whitefield Close to social infrastructure like schools, hospitals & malls 2 kms from Marathahalli & 2.5 kms from the upcoming Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Huge 900 ft. frontage, corner property with excellent visibility A hub for innovation A creative working environment with a unique sense of energy is no longer just an idea. It is a working reality, that’s redefining the way work is done. Limitless customisation options to facilitate free-thinking & futuristic perspectives Working spaces for distinctive personality of businesses Choose your space and watch your business accelerate Sustainability at its core Here is a place that is deeply oriented towards sustainability. You will not only be connected to your work but also to the natural world in a way, never seen before. Platinum LEED Certified (Core shell) Solar rooftop gardens & dedicated green wall Efficient usage of natural light & terrain Lush vegetation & gathering spaces on top of each office tower and a water system with unique ways to recycle More than just an office campus A comprehensive ecosystem that induces wellness in every aspect and encompasses every facet of a kind of work-lifestyle that’s iconic. Soulful experience The kind of hospitality and F&B options one would discover here will truly mesmerise the senses. With a wide array of options, there would be something for every mood and every palate! Ambient cafes & fine dining Fast food kiosks to healthy salad bars World-class brands of F&B options will bring a smile to everyone’s face Nightlife to unwind precisely where you step out of work to ...
Play. Bet Payout-The Play Bet receives no action. The house dealer shall immediately refund these xxxxxx to players.
Play. When turned on, causes machines controlled by MIDI Machine Control to automatically go into play after they have arrived at a locate point. (Important: For MMC autolocation to work correctly, both the MIDI In and the MIDI Out of the machine must be connected to your Windows MIDI interface. Remember, your DA7 MIDI interface is in use by MAX, so it is inoperative for this purpose.)
Play. In role-play, students are invited to explore situations as if they were someone else. When in role, students respond as that person would think, feel, and speak, expressing attitudes and points of view in response to questions, situations, relationships and problems to be solved. Role Play builds student understanding of an empathy for people throughout history, scientist, math thinkers, and characters in literature. Students should be encouraged to fully research characters prior to the role-play. Below is an example of a Doral student prepping for their performance as Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, the students had to write an in depth report and then “act” it out. Image 1: Role-Play Example Year Three Right Brain Observational Tool (RBOT) Students practice the skills of careful observation and detailed description. RBOT can be adapted for use with visual content (photographs, charts, illustrations, artworks) as well as with performing arts (audio and video). Students are encouraged to delay inference in order to consider multiple possible meanings. • Step 1: Observe-Share the image or sample, asking students to observe in silence for one minute (or the length of the sample). • Step 2: Students describe what they see or notice in the image or sample, using the sentence stem “my eyes see…”, “my ears hear…” • Step 3: Wonder-Students wonder about multiple meanings, possible inferences or content. Dance is Best Students represent, ideas, feelings, and content through movement. They come to understand that dance and movement can be tools of expression. They will use the basic elements of Best to explore, and to create, and finally to abstract movement. (Examples include demonstrating beats and patterns). Body – Parts of the body plus Loco motor and Non-Loco motor Movements Energy – How is the body moving Space/Shape – Big, small, Levels 1-10 Time – Tempo, Rhythm, Speeds Other Innovative Strategies Through the Doral affiliation agreement, DAI will work extensively with artists from the Xxxxxxx Center to develop additional content modules based on our particular context and needs that are beyond those that the Xxxxxxx Center has previously created and disseminated through its ArtsEdge program. The following are two examples of collaborations that the Doral system has engaged in the past and will seek to build upon in the development of Doral Academy of Idaho: • Artist: Xxxxxx Xxxx