Play Sample Clauses

Play. A Play is an area that contains a broad geologically defined concept with one or more geological horizons that are thought to be commercially productive of oil and/or natural gas. A play consists of multiple Projects.
Play. Out Facilities means the facilities commonly referred to In the pay television industry as play-out and up-link which enable television signals to be telecast, Including the provision o. satellite related services;
Play. This server handles all game activity and play. This includes prize awards and NMLS Lottery Engine transactions; and
Play. The script of a previously unperformed play (whether expressed in words or in musical or other notation) together with any stage or other directions for its performance, including any changes to the script made in accordance with Clause B2v of the Minimum Terms and Conditions. The following all come within the definition of a Play:
Play. Digital Broadcasting Platform Business PLAY> is a Digital Broadcaster which provides services in both XXX and IPTV platform. Revolutionising the TV industry with new forms of consumption, PLAY> gives flexible options to view on any devices, anywhere and anytime. It is both adaptable on small and big screen. Since “Content is King” PLAY> focuses in creating Original local and cross cultural contents highlighting and focusing on Asia. The aim is to #GLocalise - Globalise Local Malaysian contents to the world and providing #UnitedAsians, a Universal Digital Broadcasting Platform for Asian contents, integrating and introducing lifestyle and culture programs in a form of Edutainment and Infotainment. PLAY> XXX and IPTV products were conceptualised based on Culture, Entertainment and Digital Lifestyle. The PLAY> encompass integration of contents, entertainment and digital interaction points system such as games, karaoke, epayment, e- commerce etc. PLAY> aims to launch both XXX Mobile Application and IPTV Smart Box solution in the immediate future. The main drive or agenda of PLAY> is to provide a lucrative platform for local Malaysian content producers and at the same time enable development of local talents in digital media, digital animation, digital games and digital eco-system which is currently lacking in Malaysia apart from the current Social Media Platforms.
Play. My favourite way to keep current with new sites, software and technologies is to make or fake a project. Projects are how I play with technology – finding some excuse to use the technology so I can navigate my way around in a low-stakes circumstance. When I first heard about wikis I kept watch for any project or collaboration I could justify wikifying until something came along. Make an account on LibraryThing, or a profile on LinkedIn and see how you like it. Remember, you don’t have to show anyone until you want to.
Play a leading role in the development of the European Security Agenda, and enhance capabilities to undertake timely and effective security operations, by successfully encouraging a more efficient and effective NATO, a more coherent and effective European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) operating in strategic partnership with NATO, and enhanced European defence capabilities. Joint with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Play. Thinking back to your childhood or that of you own child’s, surely you remember that many of the most gratifying play sessions were not necessarily centered around traditional play equipment. More likely, it was the opportunity to play along the edge of a small stream-bed, build a sand and stick fortress, or transforming a card board box into a world class race car. These epitomize the wonder of a child’s imagination and leave imprints that last a lifetime. How to capture the interest and excitement of this type of creative play within a publicly funded play environment is the goal of every play environment we create. We approach designing children’s play areas as more than the simple task of selecting play equipment. Our designs consider age-appropriate activities for children to develop all aspects of a healthy body and mind. Each playground includes activities that relate to the latest research and knowledge on child development. Opportunities for social play, individual play, manipulative play, as well as upper-body development and lower- Rancho Peñasquitos Skatepark Buena Vista Reservoir Park PHR Community Park Pump Track body development activities are included in our designs. Our firm also believes in incorporating opportunities for “natural play” where feasible. We believe incorporating nature-inspired elements such as tree trunks, climbing boulders, rolling mounds and soundscapes can help to connect children to their natural world and inspire future environmental stewards. We are very careful to select equipment that fits appropriately into the larger vision of the project and meets our client’s specifications.