Play Sample Clauses

Play. This shall mean a text (whether expressed in words or music or other notation) together with stage directions.
Play. A Play is an area that contains a broad geologically defined concept with one or more geological horizons that are thought to be commercially productive of oil and/or natural gas. A play consists of multiple Projects.
Play. Being able to laugh, to play, to enjoy recreational activities.
Play. My favourite way to keep current with new sites, software and technologies is to make or fake a project. Projects are how I play with technology – finding some excuse to use the technology so I can navigate my way around in a low-stakes circumstance. When I first heard about wikis I kept watch for any project or collaboration I could justify wikifying until something came along. Make an account on LibraryThing, or a profile on LinkedIn and see how you like it. Remember, you don’t have to show anyone until you want to.
Play. In an effort to connect more youth to public lands, DOI will develop or enhance outdoor recreation partnerships in a total of 50 cities over the next 4 years. Through these partnerships, DOI will create new, systemic opportunities for outdoor play for over 10 million young people. The DOI will use the convening power of the Federal Government as well as the relationships developed through its efforts to enhance and improve urban parks, refuges, and waters to develop partnerships with tribal, state and local governments, education systems, non- profits, and the private sector.
Play. The script of a previously unperformed play (whether expressed in words or in musical or other notation) together with any stage or other directions for its performance, including any changes to the script made in accordance with Clause B2v of the Minimum Terms and Conditions. The following all come within the definition of a Play:

Related to Play

Programming Each electronic voting system used is specially pro- grammed by the firm PG Elections inc. for the munici- pality in order to recognize and tally ballot papers in accordance with this agreement.
Links EnergyGateway may provide links to other Internet sites or resources. Because EnergyGateway has no control over such sites and resources, User acknowledges and agrees that EnergyGateway is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. User further acknowledges and agrees that EnergyGateway shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such site or resource.
Shopping (c) Direct Contracting
Localization 3.1 Licensor shall deliver to Licensee all localization materials, including game texts, scripts, manual texts, documentation, marketing materials and in-game-voice-recordings (the “Localization Materials”) for the Game in Korean language as are necessary for Licensee to localize the Game into Local Language for the exploitation of the Game within the Territory.
Cryptography Supplier will maintain policies and standards on the use of cryptographic controls that are implemented to protect Accenture Data.
Workshops Members of the Labor Management Committee will attend at least two (2), all-day (16- hours total) in person workshops. One of these workshops will be done with labor and management separate and one will be done together. The workshops are intended to increase skill and awareness on hidden bias, cultural competency, and leadership skills. The parties will jointly select two (2) independent facilitators within sixty (60) days after the committee is established. The facilitators will be paid by the Employer. The workshops will be on paid time for all committee members. Next steps and a work plan for the committee will be developed following the initial workshops. The committee will create a work plan that includes identification of issues within the workplace that require attention. The committee will develop a work plan that will include data sharing, data analysis, and identify concrete solutions for any and all issues identified. The labor management process will be an action-based systemic strategy including but not limited to the following: Trauma-Informed Care Strategies, Survivor-Centered Approaches, Anti-Racist and Anti-Racism practices, and Improving Workplace Culture. In recognition of the diversity of the EVS department, the first OEI pilot training, determined by the committee will be conducted within the EVS department as soon as practical on ratification.
Video Display Terminals When employees are required to monitor video display terminals which use cathode ray tubes, then:
Functionality MDTs can be generated at any point in the transmission chain to signal missing streams (e.g. video, audio, subtitle or accompanied data) of Service Information components (e.g. NIT, SDT, EIT or TDT) within a multiplex. As the underlying concept of the MDT system is to detect and signal failures at the point where they are generated, the system supervisor of the DVB/MPEG-2 encoding, multiplexing and modulation equipment should monitor the correct functioning of all equipment modules and should generate an MDT in the case a service failure occurs for longer than 10 seconds. MDTs shall then be periodically transmitted every 10 seconds until the failure is fixed. In addition to faulty equipment modules also missing input streams can be identified by subsequent modules in the transmission chain which then generate corresponding MDTs. This principle will be applied e.g. by the special monitor IRDs of the DINO which can not only receive and extract incoming MDTs from the multiplexes but also can generate MDTs in the case e.g. Service Information components are missing. All MDTs are being fed via the ASTRA Service Information Update System (ASIUS) into the Service Availability System (SAS) of the Digital Network Operations Centre. Upon reception of an MDT an alert is initiated by the DINO computer system which then enables the operator to act appropriately based on detailed transponder specific diagnostic information provided together with the alert message. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASTRA Access Agreement SOCIETE EUROPEENNE DES SATELLITES 1 August 1996 CONFIDENTIAL PROPRIETARY
Music You must have our written permission for performance of live music and the playing of recorded music under the Deregulation Act 2015. This Agreement confers that permission.
Web Site The Manager, at the Company’s request, will provide access to its account information electronically, via the world wide web, based upon the Company’s use of a BlackRock issued user id and password. The Company acknowledges and agrees the world wide web is a continually growing medium and the Manager does not make any warranty regarding the security related to the world wide web. The Company must be aware there is no absolute guaranteed system or technique to fully secure information made available over the web. The Company agrees that it will not share its user id, password and access to information provided electronically with any third party.