Plans for Sample Clauses

Plans for sanitary sewer. Developer has submitted and the City has approved the plans and specifications for sanitary sewers, laterals and appurtenances in accordance with appropriate and applicable State, County and City standards relating to construction of new sanitary sewers. Said plans and specifications shall be submitted by Developer to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources ("DNR"). A copy of the plans and specifications as approved by the DNR shall be promptly filed with the City.
Plans for sanitary sewerage disposal shall be submitted to the Declarant, Paris Municipal Utilities, and all applicable governmental agencies for approval. The plans shall include information relative to the types and quantities of pollutants involved in the manufacturing process within the particular industry to be constructed on the property, as well as information pertaining to the quantity of ordinary sewage that is expected to be discharged into the system. Discharge into the sanitary sewage system shall be prohibited until the plans and the actual construction is approved by Declarant, Paris Municipal Utilities and all applicable governmental agencies.
Plans for. Where a surviving spouse and dependents of a deceased employee are not covered by such plans by reasons of their own employment, the Company will extend the coverage under the medical-surgical plan, the extended health benefit plan and the dental plan for a period of six (6) months, commencing on the first of the month following the month in which death occurs.

Related to Plans for

  • Rehabilitation Program Where an employee on Group Insurance, LTD or WCB benefits is disabled from performing his/her usual job, but may be able to perform other jobs covered by this Agreement, the Union and the Employer agree to co-operate to facilitate a change in classifications or jobs. The Employer and the Union mutually agree to co-operate with the Workers' Compensation Board or any other agency in efforts to rehabilitate an injured worker. Where reentry into the Bargaining Unit is not possible because of permanent disability, the parties agree to co-operate to retrain an injured worker.

  • Residential Residential, Multi-unit (RM) Residential, Single-unit (R) Residential, One-acre (R1A) Residential, Two-acre (R2A) Residential, Three-acre (R3A) Residential, Estate (RE)

  • Flexible Spending Account The parties agree that the State shall have the right to use State Employee Health Plan funds to cover the administrative costs of operating the medical and dependent care flexible spending account programs.

  • Childcare 8.1. One third credit shall be given where a teacher resigns or takes leave from the New Zealand teaching service in order to care for her/his own children provided that the teacher was a certificated teacher (or equivalent) at the time of resigning or taking leave, otherwise no credit will be given.

  • Flexible Spending Plan As of the Employment Commencement Date, the Seller shall transfer, or use commercially reasonable efforts to cause to be transferred, from the Employee Plans that are medical and dependent care account plans (each, a “Seller FSA Plan”) to one or more medical and dependent care account plans established or designated by Buyer (collectively, the “Buyer FSA Plan”) the account balances (positive or negative) of Transferred Employees, and Buyer shall be responsible for the obligations of the Seller FSA Plans to provide benefits to the Transferred Employees with respect to such transferred account balances at or after the Employment Commencement Date (whether or not such claims are incurred prior to, on or after such date). Each Transferred Employee shall be permitted to continue to have payroll deductions made as most recently elected by him or her under the applicable Seller FSA Plan. As soon as reasonably practicable following the end of the plan year for the Buyer FSA Plan, including any grace period, Buyer shall promptly reimburse Seller for benefits paid by the Seller FSA Plans to any Transferred Employee prior to the Employment Commencement Date to the extent in excess of the payroll deductions made in respect of such Transferred Employee at or prior to the Employment Commencement Date but only to the extent that such Transferred Employee continues to contribute to the Buyer FSA Plan the amount of such deficiency. This Section 8.07 shall be interpreted and administered in a manner consistent with Rev. Rul. 2002-32.

  • Educational Allowance Special Preparation Bonuses Per Month Per Shift (Full-time) (Part-time)

  • College has the sole right to control and direct the instructional activities of all instructors, including those who are SCHOOL DISTRICT employees.

  • Health Care Spending Account After six (6) months of permanent employment, full time and part time (20/40 or greater) employees may elect to participate in a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) Program designed to qualify for tax savings under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, but such savings are not guaranteed. The HCSA Program allows employees to set aside a predetermined amount of money from their pay, not to exceed the maximum amount authorized by federal law, per calendar year, of before tax dollars, for health care expenses not reimbursed by any other health benefit plans. HCSA dollars may be expended on any eligible medical expenses allowed by Internal Revenue Code Section 125. Any unused balance is forfeited and cannot be recovered by the employee.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts Employees in the unit shall have access to the County’s flexible spending account program, which provides employees with the options of dependent care assistance benefits with a calendar year maximum of $5,000, and medical expense reimbursement benefits with a calendar year maximum of $2,400. The County shall maintain this plan in compliance with IRC §125. Employee premiums for flexible spending account benefits shall be deducted on a pre-tax basis from employee pay.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation This plan covers services provided in a cardiac rehabilitation program up to the benefit limit shown in the Summary of Medical Benefits.