PFPC Sample Clauses

PFPC. The Fund shall not be responsible for, and PFPC shall assume responsibility for and indemnify and hold the Fund and the applicable Series harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, charges, counsel fees, payments, expenses, and liability arising out of or attributable to:
PFPC. PFPC maintains for its functions and activities and will continue to maintain insurance coverages of the type and with limits appropriate for the businesses carried on pursuant to this Agreement, including at least the following insurance coverages: (i) brokers blanket bond with standard coverage for employee dishonesty, fraud, forgery, and similar coverages normally included in a brokers blanket bond or similar fidelity bond applicable to the transfer agency business, (ii) transfer agent errors and omissions insurance, covering employee errors, omissions, and mistakes in the performance of transfer agent and similar services performed by PFPC and resulting shareholder losses: (iii) electronic and computer crime coverage, and (iv) check and draft forgery coverage applicable to forged or altered documents. Evidence of such insurance coverage, information on limits, and copies of the policies will be provided upon request by the Fund.

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Sponsor SECTION 1 Sponsor's Purchase of Common Securities. --------------------------------------- On the Closing Date, the Sponsor will purchase all of the Common Securities issued by the Trust in an amount equal to 3% or more of the capital of the Trust, at the same time as the Preferred Securities are sold.
Foreign Custody Manager (a) Each Fund, by resolution adopted by its Board, hereby delegates to the Custodian, subject to Section (b) of Rule 17f-5 under the 1940 Act, the responsibilities set forth in Sections 4.1 through 4.4 with respect to Foreign Assets of the Portfolios held outside the United States, and the Custodian hereby accepts such delegation as Foreign Custody Manager with respect to the Portfolios.
Dealer Manager Agreement By Dealer’s acceptance of this Agreement, Dealer will become one of the Dealers referred to in the Dealer Manager Agreement and will be entitled and subject to the terms and conditions of the Dealer Manager Agreement, including, but not limited to, Section 6.3 of the Dealer Manager Agreement wherein the Dealers severally agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Dealer Indemnified Persons. Dealer hereby agrees to use its best efforts to sell the Shares for cash on the terms and conditions stated in the Prospectus. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed or construed to make Dealer an employee, agent, representative or partner of the Dealer Manager or of the Company, and Dealer is not authorized to act for the Dealer Manager or the Company or to make any representations on their behalf except as set forth in the Prospectus and such other printed information furnished to Dealer by the Dealer Manager to supplement the Prospectus (“Supplemental Information”).
Dealer Manager Behringer Securities LP, an Affiliate of the Advisor, or such Person selected by the Board to act as the dealer manager for an Offering.
Joint Union/Management Committee It shall be appropriate for either the Union or the University to request that a Joint Union/Management committee be convened, with Environmental Health and Safety as a participating member, to discuss health and safety concerns and to explore options for addressing those concerns through appropriate training or other approaches.
DEALER-MANAGER COMPENSATION (i) Subject to the volume discounts and other special circumstances described in or otherwise provided in the “Plan of Distribution” section of the Prospectus or this Section 3(d), the Company agrees to pay the Dealer Manager selling commissions in the amount of seven percent (7.0%) of the selling price of each Share for which a sale is completed from the Shares offered in the Primary Offering. The Company will not pay selling commissions for sales of Shares pursuant to the DRP, and the Company will pay reduced selling commissions or may eliminate commissions on certain sales of Shares, including the reduction or elimination of selling commissions in accordance with, and on the terms set forth in, the Prospectus. The Dealer Manager will reallow all the selling commissions, subject to federal and state securities laws, to the Soliciting Dealer who sold the Shares, as described more fully in the Soliciting Dealers Agreement.
Foreign Custody Manager Services (a) The Fund, on behalf of its Board, delegates to the Custodian, and the Custodian hereby agrees to accept, responsibility as the Fund's foreign custody manager for selecting, contracting with and monitoring Foreign Custodians in the countries set forth on Schedule 2 (each, a “Selected Country” and collectively, the “Selected Countries”) in accordance with Rule 17f-5(c).
Sponsorship If the Provider is a non-governmental organization which sponsors a program financed partially by State funds, including any funds obtained through the Contract, it shall, in publicizing, advertising, or describing the sponsorship of the program, state: “Sponsored by (Provider’s name) and the State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice.” If the sponsorship reference is in written material, the words “State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice” shall appear in the same size letters or type as the name of the organization.
Investment Management Services (a) The Manager shall manage the Fund’s assets subject to and in accordance with the investment objectives and policies of the Fund and any directions which the Trust’s Board of Trustees may issue from time to time. In pursuance of the foregoing, the Manager shall make all determinations with respect to the investment of the Fund’s assets and the purchase and sale of its investment securities, and shall take such steps as may be necessary to implement the same. Such determinations and services shall include determining the manner in which any voting rights, rights to consent to corporate action and any other rights pertaining to the Fund’s investment securities shall be exercised. The Manager shall render or cause to be rendered regular reports to the Trust, at regular meetings of its Board of Trustees and at such other times as may be reasonably requested by the Trust’s Board of Trustees, of (i) the decisions made with respect to the investment of the Fund’s assets and the purchase and sale of its investment securities, (ii) the reasons for such decisions and (iii) the extent to which those decisions have been implemented.
Discretionary Investment Management Services The Adviser shall act as investment adviser with respect to each Fund. In such capacity, the Adviser shall, subject to the supervision of the Board, regularly provide each Fund with investment research, advice and supervision and shall furnish continuously an investment program for each Fund, consistent with the respective investment objectives and policies of each Fund. The Adviser shall determine, from time to time, what securities shall be purchased for each Fund, what securities shall be held or sold by each Fund and what portion of each Fund’s assets shall be held uninvested in cash, subject always to the provisions of the Trust’s Agreement and Declaration of Trust (“Declaration of Trust”), as amended and supplemented (the “Declaration of Trust”), Bylaws and its registration statement on Form N-1A (the “Registration Statement”) under the 1940 Act, and under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “1933 Act”), as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”), and with the investment objectives, policies and restrictions of each Fund, as each of the same shall be from time to time in effect. To carry out such obligations, and to the extent not prohibited by any of the foregoing, the Adviser shall exercise full discretion and act for each Fund in the same manner and with the same force and effect as each Fund itself might or could do with respect to purchases, sales or other transactions, as well as with respect to all other such things necessary or incidental to the furtherance or conduct of such purchases, sales or other transactions. No reference in this Agreement to the Adviser having full discretionary authority over each Fund’s investments shall in any way limit the right of the Board, in its sole discretion, to establish or revise policies in connection with the management of a Fund’s assets or to otherwise exercise its right to control the overall management of a Fund.