PENS Sample Clauses

PENS. All outstanding principal, accrued and unpaid interest and other amounts owing under or with respect to the PENS was finally and indefeasibly paid in full on April 15, 2004.
PENS. UNIT A: the unaccompanied child - 1st day At the beginning of the first day, all participants shall be encouraged to introduce themselves (15 min.). They shall be asked to write their name on a small cardboard that shall be suggested to them to wear during the training. Material: cards and hangers like conference card or other material to write and wear their names; markers of black or blue colour. The objectives of the training shall be described (5 min.). Following, the topics that will be addressed this day shall be presented (10 min.). Participants will already have a handout of the training’s agenda, yet the topics shall be a briefly presented. Material to be used: flip chart paper to write down; markers of different colours. This Unit includes four modules focusing on topics related to unaccompanied children. During the first session, children’s rights in relation to guardianship as well as the specific rights which correspond to their needs shall be presented. Secondly, demographics and other data on unaccompanied children in each partner country of the project shall be presented, definition of key terminology, importance of guardianship as an essential factor of child protection policies and safeguarding of children’s best interests. Next, migration shall be examined in terms of context, dynamics and management scenarios. In this context vulnerability factors and key challenges in children’s lives due to their flight, as well as their resilience shall be explored. Last but not least, the national legal framework shall be briefly presented, covering issues of migration (registration, reception, family reunification) and international protection (application and guarantees, rights).
PENS. The Company continue to maintain the Pension Plan for hourly rated employees, established and set forth in the Benefits Agreement signed by the parties and made part of this Agreement.
PENS. You can write a letter about an issue, such as the way advertisers manipulate people through shame.
PENS. E. The Township and the FOP hereby agree and recognize that the safety of the members of the Police Force is paramount and of major concern. No police officer may be required to use or operate a vehicle which is not in safe operating condition. No officer shall be disciplined for his refusal to operate a police vehicle which is not in safe operating condition.

Related to PENS

  • Lockers Where working conditions or weather requires regular employees to have additional clothing available at their regular point of assembly, the Employer shall provide appropriate secure individual lockers within the assembly room building.

  • Uniforms Contractors and their subcontractors shall be properly uniformed prior to entering any facility. The Contractor’s or their subcontractor’s company name must be identifiable on the uniform.