PCP Sample Clauses

PCP. (8.) THC (Marijuana)1
PCP. The PCP must:
PCP. PCP" shall mean Port City Press, Inc., a Maryland corporation.
PCP. PCP" shall mean Port City Press, Inc., a Maryland --- corporation.

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  • Population The Population shall be defined as all Paid Claims during the 12-month period covered by the Claims Review.

  • Patient Care Without limiting any other provision hereof, the Participant and that Participant’s Authorized Users shall be solely responsible for all decisions and actions taken or not taken involving patient care, utilization management, and quality management for their respective patients and clients resulting from or in any way related to the use of the System or the Services or the data made available thereby. Neither the Participant nor any Authorized User shall have any recourse against, and shall waive, any claims against Redwood MedNet for any loss, damage, claim, or cost relating to or resulting from its own use or misuse of the System and/or the Services or the data made available thereby.

  • Designated Configuration; Trained Personnel State Street and the Fund shall be responsible for supplying, installing and maintaining the Designated Configuration at the Designated Locations. State Street and the Fund agree that each will engage or retain the services of trained personnel to enable both parties to perform their respective obligations under this Addendum. State Street agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the System so that it remains serviceable, provided, however, that State Street does not guarantee or assure uninterrupted remote access use of the System.

  • Provider Network The HMO must enter into written contracts with properly credentialed Providers as described in this Section. The Provider contracts must comply with the Uniform Managed Care Manual’s requirements. The HMO must maintain a Provider Network sufficient to provide all Members with access to the full range of Covered Services required under the Contract. The HMO must ensure its Providers and subcontractors meet all current and future state and federal eligibility criteria, reporting requirements, and any other applicable rules and/or regulations related to the Contract. The Provider Network must be responsive to the linguistic, cultural, and other unique needs of any minority, elderly, or disabled individuals, or other special population in the Service Areas and HMO Programs served by the HMO, including the capacity to communicate with Members in languages other than English, when necessary, as well as with those who are deaf or hearing impaired. The HMO must seek to obtain the participation in its Provider Network of qualified providers currently serving the Medicaid and CHIP Members in the HMO’s proposed Service Area(s). Medicaid HMOs utilizing Out-of-Network providers to render services to their Members must not exceed the utilization standards established in 1 T.A.C. §353.4. HHSC may modify this requirement for Medicaid HMOs that demonstrate good cause for noncompliance, as set forth in §353.4(e)(3).

  • Patient A patient is defined as those persons for whom the Physician shall provide Services, and who are signatories to, or listed on the documents attached as Appendix 1, and incorporated by reference, to this agreement.

  • Service Area (a) SORACOM shall provide the SORACOM Private Network Service within the area designated on the EU (Frankfurt) region of AWS, provided, that, the Service Area may be different if stated otherwise as specified by SORACOM separately.

  • Classification Review Grand Valley State University and APSS shall jointly determine the review assessment survey instrument to be used at Grand Valley State University. The parties shall maintain a Joint Review Committee, composed of three members appointed by the Human Resources Office and three members appointed by the Alliance. Bargaining unit members questioning the assigned classification of their position may do so by using the following procedure:

  • Covered Services Services to be performed by Contractor under this Agreement may involve the performance of trade work covered by the provisions of Section 6.22(e) [Prevailing Wages] of the Administrative Code or Section 21C [Miscellaneous Prevailing Wage Requirements] (collectively, “Covered Services”). The provisions of Section 6.22(e) and 21C of the Administrative Code are incorporated as provisions of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein and will apply to any Covered Services performed by Contractor and its subcontractors.

  • Medical Verification The County may require a physician's certification of the nature and duration of an employee's disability or absences from work for absences exceeding three (3) days, of an employee's ability to return to work, and/or of an employee's ability to continue the full performance of his or her duties.

  • Hospital Any institution legally licensed as a medical or surgical facility in the country in which it is located, that is a) primarily engaged in providing diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for clinical and surgical diagnosis, treatment and care of injured and sick persons by or under the supervision of a staff of physicians; and b) not a place of rest, a place for the aged, a nursing or convalescent home or institution, or a long-term care facility. HOSPITAL SERVICES: Hospital staff, nurses, scrub nurses, standard private or semi-private room and board, and other medically necessary treatments or services ordered by a physician for the insured who is admitted to a hospital. These services also include local calls, TV, and newspapers. Private nurse and standard private room upgrade to a suite or junior suite are not included in hospital services.