Paraeducator Sample Clauses

Paraeducator. Any long term extended hours of one hour or more per day for more than one week above those regularly scheduled in the Paraeducator classification shall be offered to the senior qualified Paraeducator if work schedules and the employee's qualifications so allow.
Paraeducator a. Associates degree and/or 60 credit hours earns additional $1.00 per hour. Existing Paraeducators already earning $.75 will receive an additional $.25.
Paraeducator is any classified employee within the bargaining unit who works directly with or for 46 any teacher, therapist or student. Exclusions: Supervisors, any member of any other classified 47 bargaining unit while performing those bargaining unit hours.
Paraeducator an instructional support person employed by a Board or the ONSU to assist teachers and/or students in the regular classroom and/or in the delivery of special education support services and/or in other school settings during the school year (for example. a librarian’s assistant, general education paraeducator).
Paraeducator. Certified Sign Language Interpreter, Computer Technician, Home Visitor/Records Clerk/Translator, Migrant and Bilingual Program Specialist, Migrant and Bilingual Program Student Advocate. Food Service: Cooks, High School Head Xxxx Secretary: Building Secretaries/Kitchen Secretaries, Clerical Assistant Transportation: Bus Drivers Custodial/Maintenance: Custodian 2018-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement September 1, 2018 PSE of Mabton / Mabton School District #120 Page 25 of 25 1 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING 3 THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING SETS FORTH THE FOLLOWING AGREEMENT 4 BETWEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEES OF WASHINGTON/SEIU LOCAL 1948, MABTON 5 CHAPTER, AND THE MABTON SCHOOL DISTRICT #120 PURSUANT TO ARTICLE XVIII 6 AND SECTION 18.3 OF THE CURRENT COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT. 8 The parties agree to the following regarding the impact of the re-opening of school due to the current 9 pandemic. COVID-19 presents unique health, family, disability and staffing challenges for the District 10 and its employees. The following provisions are included to provide clear, objective, and practical 11 options for the District and the employees facing those challenges. In all cases, strict compliance with 12 all relevant District safety and health rules will be an essential function of each employee’s job.
Paraeducator. 24 A Paraeducator is an employee working under the supervision of a certificated or licensed employee in an 25 educational setting and providing instructional services or delivering other direct or indirect services to 26 students and their families. 28 PARAPROFESSIONAL 29 A Paraprofessional is a Paraeducator who receives an educational stipend pursuant to Article XIX, 30 Section 19.2.1.
Paraeducator. Each paraprofessional who obtains and maintains a Paraeducator Certificate on a three year cycle from the (OCISD), who submits that valid certificate to the office of Human Resources along with an application to be placed on the paraeducator pay schedule, will be placed on that schedule retroactive to the first day s/he works for the Birmingham Public Schools following the date that s/he received the certificate. Beginning with the 2005/2006 school year, a paraprofessional who has previously obtained a paraeducator certificate through the program offered by OCISD may continue on the paraeducator pay schedule by providing to the Human Resources office (HR) proof that s/he is highly “qualified” as defined by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA, aka, No Child Left Behind Act). A paraprofessional not previously certified in the OCISD program may be placed on the paraeducator pay schedule by providing to HR proof that s/he is “highly qualified” as defined by the ESEA. The effective date of the placement will be the date of verification. Each paraprofessional shall continue on the paraeducator pay schedule by completing 10 hours of professional development every three consecutive school years in a program offered by the special education department. Such professional development time shall be completed without remuneration by the Board. The parties will reopen the provision regarding the professional development requirement if for financial or other reasons the special education department does not provide professional development opportunities. The parties acknowledge that the ESEA defines highly qualified as requiring the employee meet one of the following criteria: