Outside the Sample Clauses

Outside the. Metro Vancouver area and the Zones established above, payment for travelling to a job will be made to all employees as follows:
Outside the. UNIT Effective for employees transferred out of the bargaining unit subsequent to May 1985: It is understood that an employee shall not be transferred by the Hospital to a position outside the bargaining unit without his consent except in the case of temporary assignments not exceeding months. Such employees on temporary assignments shall remain members of the bargaining unit. An employee who transferred to a position outside the bargaining unit shall not, subject to below, accumulate seniority. In the event the employee is returned by the Hospital to a position the bargaining unit he shall be credited with the seniority held at the time of transfer and resume accumulation from the date of his return to the bargaining unit. In the event an employee transferred out of the bargaining unit under above returned to the bargaining unit within a period of six calendar months he shall accumulate seniority during the period of time outside the bargaining unit. Employees outside the bargaining unit as of May will be credited with whatever seniority they held under the collective agreement expiring September should they be returned to the bargaining unit subsequent to May

Related to Outside the

  • Outside Work All work necessary to the assembling, installation, erection, operation, maintenance, repair, control, in- spection and supervision of all electrical apparatus, devices, wires, cables, supports, insulators, conduc- tors, ducts and raceways when part of distributing systems outside of buildings, railroads and outside the directly related railroad property and yards. In- stalling and maintaining the catenary and trolley work on railroad property, and bonding of rails. All underground ducts and cables when they are in- stalled by and are part of the system of a distrib- uting company, except in power stations during new construction, including ducts and cables to adjacent switch racks or substations. All outdoor substations and electrical connections up to and including the setting of transformers and the connecting of the secondary buses thereto. Outside work to include renewable electrical energy sources such as solar photovoltaic, geothermal, wind, biomass, wave, etc., and other distributed en- ergy installations such as fuel cells, microturbines, etc.

  • Outside Services In the event Tenant wishes to provide outside services for the Premises over and above those services to be provided by Landlord as set forth herein, Tenant shall first obtain the prior written approval of Landlord for the installation and/or utilization of such services (“Outside services” shall include, but shall not be limited to, cleaning services, television, so-called “canned music” services, security services, catering services and the like.) In the event Landlord approves the installation and/or utilization of such services, such installation and utilization shall be at Tenant’s sole cost, risk and expense.

  • Access Control Supplier will maintain an appropriate access control policy that is designed to restrict access to Accenture Data and Supplier assets to authorized Personnel. Supplier will require that all accounts have complex passwords that contain letters, numbers, and special characters, be changed at least every 90 days, and have a minimum length of 8 characters.

  • Access to Personal Information by Subcontractors Supplier agrees to require any subcontractors or agents to which it discloses Personal Information under this Agreement or under any SOW to provide reasonable assurance, evidenced by written contract, that they will comply with the same or substantially similar confidentiality, privacy and security obligations with respect to such Personal Information as apply to Supplier under this Agreement or any SOW. Supplier shall confirm in writing to DXC that such contract is in place as a condition to DXC’s approval of use of a subcontractor in connection with any SOW. Upon request of DXC, Supplier will provide to DXC a copy of the subcontract or an extract of the relevant clauses. Supplier shall ensure that any failure on the part of any subcontractor or agent to comply with the Supplier obligations under this Agreement or any SOW shall be grounds to promptly terminate such subcontractor or agent. If during the term of this Agreement or any SOW, DXC determines, in its exclusive discretion, that any Supplier subcontractor or agent cannot comply with the Supplier obligations under this Agreement or with any SOW, then DXC may terminate this Agreement in whole or in part (with respect to any SOW for which such subcontractor or agent is providing services), if not cured by Supplier within the time prescribed in the notice of such deficiency.

  • Access to Protected Information If BA maintains a designated record set on behalf of CE, BA shall make Protected Information maintained by BA or its agents or subcontractors in Designated Record Sets available to CE for inspection and copying within five (5) days of a request by CE to enable CE to fulfill its obligations under state law [Health and Safety Code Section 123110] and the Privacy Rule, including, but not limited to, 45 C.F.R. Section 164.524 [45 C.F.R. Section 164.504(e)(2)(ii)(E)]. If BA maintains Protected Information in electronic format, BA shall provide such information in electronic format as necessary to enable CE to fulfill its obligations under the HITECH Act and HIPAA Regulations, including, but not limited to, 42 U.S.C. Section 17935(e) and 45 C.F.R. Section 164.524.

  • Services and Third Party Materials (a) The Apple Software may enable access to Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, Game Center, iCloud, Maps and other Apple and third party services and web sites (collectively and individually, “Services”). Such Services may not be available in all languages or in all countries. Use of these Services requires Internet access and use of certain Services may require an Apple ID, may require you to accept additional terms and may be subject to additional fees. By using this software in connection with an Apple ID, or other Apple Service, you agree to the applicable terms of service for that Service, such as the latest Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions for the country in which you access such Services, which you may access and review at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxx/legal/internet- services/itunes/.

  • System Access Control Data processing systems used to provide the Cloud Service must be prevented from being used without authorization. Measures: • Multiple authorization levels are used when granting access to sensitive systems, including those storing and processing Personal Data. Authorizations are managed via defined processes according to the SAP Security Policy • All personnel access SAP’s systems with a unique identifier (user ID). • SAP has procedures in place so that requested authorization changes are implemented only in accordance with the SAP Security Policy (for example, no rights are granted without authorization). In case personnel leaves the company, their access rights are revoked. • SAP has established a password policy that prohibits the sharing of passwords, governs responses to password disclosure, and requires passwords to be changed on a regular basis and default passwords to be altered. Personalized user IDs are assigned for authentication. All passwords must fulfill defined minimum requirements and are stored in encrypted form. In the case of domain passwords, the system forces a password change every six months in compliance with the requirements for complex passwords. Each computer has a password-protected screensaver. • The company network is protected from the public network by firewalls. • SAP uses up–to-date antivirus software at access points to the company network (for e-mail accounts), as well as on all file servers and all workstations. • Security patch management is implemented to provide regular and periodic deployment of relevant security updates. Full remote access to SAP’s corporate network and critical infrastructure is protected by strong authentication.

  • Program Location A. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the parties acknowledge and agree that the Work of this Agreement will be performed at the following Property address: Ktr Address1 Address2

  • Network Access Control The VISION Web Site and the Distribution Support Services Web Site (the “DST Web Sites”) are protected through multiple levels of network controls. The first defense is a border router which exists at the boundary between the DST Web Sites and the Internet Service Provider. The border router provides basic protections including anti-spoofing controls. Next is a highly available pair of stateful firewalls that allow only HTTPS traffic destined to the DST Web Sites. The third network control is a highly available pair of load balancers that terminate the HTTPS connections and then forward the traffic on to one of several available web servers. In addition, a second highly available pair of stateful firewalls enforce network controls between the web servers and any back-end application servers. No Internet traffic is allowed directly to the back-end application servers. The DST Web Sites equipment is located and administered at DST’s Winchester data center. Changes to the systems residing on this computer are submitted through the DST change control process. All services and functions within the DST Web Sites are deactivated with the exception of services and functions which support the transfer of files. All ports on the DST Web Sites are disabled, except those ports required to transfer files. All “listeners,” other than listeners required for inbound connections from the load balancers, are deactivated. Directory structures are “hidden” from the user. Services which provide directory information are also deactivated.

  • Physical Access Control Unauthorized persons are prevented from gaining physical access to premises, buildings or rooms where data processing systems that process and/or use Personal Data are located.