OTHER LIEN Sample Clauses

OTHER LIEN. Any Obligor shall have caused or permitted a security interest or Lien, perfected or otherwise, other than the security interest and Liens specifically provided for or permitted hereunder, to be created in any of its assets, or shall have failed to take any action requested by Bank to perfect or protect the security interests and Liens provided for herein.
OTHER LIEN. 45 8.5 INSOLVENCY.............................................. 45 8.6 JUDGMENT OR LIEN........................................ 46 8.7 NON-COMPLIANCE WITH LEASES OR LAWS...................... 46 8.8 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE................................... 46 8.9
OTHER LIEN. 44 8.5 INSOLVENCY............................................ 44 8.6 JUDGMENT OR LIEN...................................... 45 8.7 NONCOMPLIANCE WITH LEASES OR LAWS..................... 45 8.8 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE................................. 45 8.9 INSECURITY............................................ 45 8.10
OTHER LIEN. There are no other liens, security interests, or mortgages against any of the property given as Collateral other than as disclosed in this agreement.
OTHER LIEN. Any other Lien so long as the amount of indebtedness secured by such Lien and all other Liens that do not otherwise constitute Permitted Liens does not exceed $20,000,000 at any time outstanding in the aggregate for the Company and all Subsidiaries; provided, however, that if, notwithstanding this Section 8.07, any Lien (other than a Permitted Lien) shall be created or arise, the Loans, the Notes, the L/C Participations and the Canadian L/C Participations shall be secured by such Lien equally and ratably with the other Debt secured thereby, and the holder of such other Debt, by accepting such Lien, shall be deemed to have agreed thereto and to share with the Banks, on that basis, the proceeds of such Lien, whether or not the Banks' security interest shall be perfected; provided further, however, that notwithstanding such equal and ratable securing and sharing, the existence of such Lien shall constitute a Default by the Company in the performance or observance of this Section 8.07.

Related to OTHER LIEN

  • Other Liens Not to create, assume, or allow any security interest or lien (including judicial liens) on property the Borrower now or later owns, except:

  • Title; No Other Liens Except for the security interest granted to the Administrative Agent for the ratable benefit of the Lenders pursuant to this Agreement and the other Liens permitted to exist on the Collateral by the Credit Agreement, such Grantor owns each item of the Collateral free and clear of any and all Liens or claims of others. No financing statement or other public notice with respect to all or any part of the Collateral is on file or of record in any public office, except such as have been filed in favor of the Administrative Agent, for the ratable benefit of the Lenders, pursuant to this Agreement or as are permitted by the Credit Agreement.

  • No Other Liens All Collateral delivered to a BNPP Entity shall be free and clear of all prior liens, claims and encumbrances (other than liens solely in favor of the BNPP Entities), and Customer will not cause or allow any of the Collateral, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, to be or become subject to any liens, security interests, mortgages or encumbrances of any nature other than security interests solely in the BNPP Entities’ favor. Furthermore, Collateral consisting of securities shall be delivered in good deliverable form (or the BNPP Entities shall have the power to place such securities in good deliverable form) in accordance with the requirements of the primary market or markets for such securities.

  • Lien 19.1. The Company shall have a general lien on all funds held by the Company or its Associates or its nominees on the Client’s behalf until the satisfaction of his obligations under this Agreement.

  • Mechanics' and Other Liens Tenant shall have no authority, express or implied, to create or place any lien or encumbrance of any kind or nature whatsoever upon, or in any manner to bind, the interest of Landlord in the leased premises or to charge the rentals payable hereunder for any claim in favor of any person dealing with Tenant, including those who may furnish materials or perform labor for any construction or repairs, and each such claim shall affect and each such lien shall attach to, if at all, only the leasehold interest granted to Tenant by this Lease. Tenant covenants and agrees that it will pay or cause to be paid all sums legally due and payable by it on account of any labor performed or materials furnished in connection with any work performed on the leased premises on which any lien is or can be validly and legally asserted against its leasehold interest in the leased premises or the improvements thereon and that it will save and hold Landlord harmless from any and all loss, liability, cost or expense based on or arising out of asserted claims or liens against the leasehold estate or against the right, title and interest of the Landlord in the leased premises or under the terms of this Lease. Tenant will not permit any mechanic's lien or liens or any other liens which may be imposed by law affecting Landlord's or its mortgagees' interest in the leased premises or the Building to be placed upon the leased premises or the Building arising out of any action or claimed action by Tenant, and in case of the filing of such lien Tenant will promptly pay same. If any such lien shall remain in force and effect for twenty (20) days after written notice thereof from Landlord to Tenant, Landlord shall have the right and privilege of paying and discharging the same or any portion thereof without inquiry as to the validity thereof, and amounts so paid, including expenses and interest, shall be so much additional rent hereunder due from Tenant to Landlord and shall be paid to Landlord immediately on rendition of bxxx therefor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall have the right to contest any such lien in good faith and with all due diligence so long as any such contest, or action and any such mortgagee are, by the expiration of said twenty (20) day period, the Tenant has furnished such protection, and indemnification against any loss, liability, cost or expense related to any such lien and the contest thereof as are satisfactory to Landlord and any such mortgagee.

  • Liens The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, create, incur, assume or permit to exist any Lien on any property or asset now owned or hereafter acquired by it, or assign or sell any income or revenues (including accounts receivable) or rights in respect of any thereof, except:

  • Taxes and Other Liens Each Related Person shall pay and discharge promptly all taxes, assessments and governmental charges or levies imposed upon it or upon its income or upon any of its Property as well as all claims of any kind (including claims for labor, materials, supplies and rent) which, if unpaid, might become a Lien upon any or all of its Property; provided, however, each Related Person shall not be required to pay any such tax, assessment, charge, levy or claim if the amount, applicability or validity thereof shall currently be contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings diligently conducted by or on behalf of such Related Person and if such Related Person shall have set up reserves therefor adequate under GAAP.

  • Other Liens or Interests Except for the conveyances hereunder, Seller will not sell, pledge, assign or transfer to any other Person, or grant, create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Lien on the Receivables or the Other Conveyed Property or any interest therein, and Seller shall defend the right, title, and interest of Purchaser and the Issuer in and to the Receivables and the Other Conveyed Property against all claims of third parties claiming through or under Seller.

  • MECHANIC'S LIEN Tenant understands and agrees that Tenant and anyone acting on Tenant’s behalf does not have the right to file for mechanic’s liens or any other kind of liens on the Premises. Tenant agrees to give actual advance notice to any contractors, subcontractors or suppliers of goods, labor or services that such liens are invalid. Tenant further agrees to take the additional steps necessary to keep the Premises free of any and all liens that may result from construction completed by or for Tenant.

  • ENCUMBRANCES AND LIENS The Contractor shall not cause or permit any lien, attachment or other encumbrance by any person to be placed on file or to remain on file in any public office or on file with UNDP against any monies due to the Contractor or that may become due for any work done or against any goods supplied or materials furnished under the Contract, or by reason of any other claim or demand against the Contractor or UNDP.