OTC Sample Clauses

OTC. GSK shall have the right to switch any or all Licensed Products hereunder from prescription to OTC distribution at any time during the Term or indeed launch any Licensed Product hereunder as OTC, in any case at its sole discretion.
OTC. The Company’s common stock is eligible for trading on the OTC. The Company has not, in the 12 months preceding the date hereof, received written notice from the OTC to the effect that the Company is not in compliance with the listing or maintenance requirements of such trading market. The Company is, and has no reason to believe that it will not in the foreseeable future continue to be, in compliance in all material respects with the listing and maintenance requirements for trading of its common stock on the OTC. No consents or approvals from the OTC are necessary for the trading of the Company’s common stock on such trading market. 4.17
OTC. India’s 1.2 billion population represents one of the largest emerging economies of the world in terms of purchasing power. The percentage of households with monthly disposable income of US$200 or more is expected to rise to 60% in 2013. The majority of this growth is fuelled by lower and middle income groups progressing both economically and socially. The growing middle class population of 300 million has an increased awareness of health and hygiene with high disposable income. This would lead to a large number of people upgrading from home-made remedies to OTC within the rural, and urban lower SEC segments, driving an increasing relevance of lower price points, marginal distribution. At the same time, the market for premium niche products for higher income consumer segments would increase.Low literacy levels, and self-medication continuing to be common among Indian customers, pharmacist recommendation plays an important role in OTC purchase, leading to their continuing dominance among retail channels for OTC products. Increasing urbanisation and stressful lifestyles among Indians would drive OTC categories such as Analgesics (stress, sedantary lifestyles), CCA (pollution, AC offices), Medicated Skin Care (Pollution, Poor dietary habits).These trends indicate this to be a right time for your Company, Your Company, to enhance its brand portfolio and capitalize on the growth potential within this market. The relaunch and focus on Cold Rub would prove to be a very beneficial entry into a new segment that has only one significant competitor. Your Company’s vision of focusing more on youth is driving specific modern product formats such as Joint-Muscular Pain Spray and Faster Relaxation Roll On Liquid Balm. Within the rubeficient category, Body Pain being the largest and fastest growing segment remains a big opportunity for your Company to tap with suitable offerings in the future. The challenge is that MNCs and other large domestic competitors are also beginning to focus in these OTC segments with strong promotional efforts, established distribution and brand building.
OTC. Feature Feature description number LTFS LE Other Vendors Library E9TJ Per Install SW Maintenance 4 years Registration LTFS LE Other Vendors Library E9TK Per 250 Install SW Maintenance 4 years Registration 5639-LT9: IBM LTFS LE Other Vendors Library
OTC over the counter;
OTC. A Communication Project that was started with the Ministry of Health and Health Authorities in 2018 continued and enabled even more facilities to be in compliance with the pertinent regulations.SRE
OTC cough and cold