Off Date Sample Clauses

Off Date. The failure of the General Partner to give notice of such Declination by the close of business on the Cut-Off Date shall itself constitute a Declination.
Off Date. In the event of any such arrangement, the Servicer permitting such arrangement shall make Periodic Advances on the related Mortgage Loan in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.20 during the scheduled period in accordance with the amortization schedule of such Mortgage Loan without modification thereof by reason of such arrangements. A Servicer shall not be required to institute or join in litigation with respect to collection of any payment (whether under a Mortgage, Mortgage Note or otherwise or against any public or governmental authority with respect to a taking or condemnation) if it reasonably believes that enforcing the provision of the Mortgage or other instrument pursuant to which such payment is required is prohibited by applicable law.
Off Date. “Cut-Off Date” shall mean August 31, 2006.
Off Date. The annual cut-off date for the accumulation of annual vacation pay June Annual Vacation Scheduling
Off Date a. At the time of appointment to this position, an estimated ending or off-date is given. This ending date is the latest date the employee is intended to work. It may be extended by written mutual agreement. The employee shall be provided a forty-five (45) day notice of non-renewal of an Off-date appointment.

Related to Off Date

  • Cut-Off Date The Cut-Off Date for the Certificates is November 1, 1998.

  • Trust Cut-off Date The parties hereto acknowledge that by operation of Section 4.05 and Section 5.01 of the SWSA, the remittance on September 18, 2006 to the Trust Fund is to include principal due after August 1, 2006 (the “Trust Cut-off Date”) plus interest, at the Mortgage Loan Remittance Rate collected during the related Due Period exclusive of any portion thereof allocable to a period prior to the Trust Cut-off Date, with the adjustments specified in clauses (b), (c), (d) and (e) of Section 5.01 of the SWSA.

  • Origination Date The origination date is no earlier than ninety (90) days prior to the related Purchase Date.

  • Books and Records; Certain Funds Received After the Cut-off Date From and after the sale of the Mortgage Loans to the Purchaser, title to each Mortgage and the related Mortgage Note shall be transferred to the Trustee in accordance with this Agreement. Any funds due after the Cut-off Date in connection with a Mortgage Loan received by the Seller or any of its Affiliates shall be held in trust for the benefit of the Trustee as the owner of such Mortgage Loan and shall be transferred promptly to the Trustee. All scheduled payments of principal and interest due on or before the Cut-off Date but collected after the Cut-off Date, and recoveries of principal and interest collected on or before the Cut-off Date (only in respect of principal and interest on the Mortgage Loans due on or before the Cut-off Date and principal prepayments thereon), shall belong to, and shall be promptly remitted to, the Seller. The transfer of each Mortgage Loan shall be reflected on the Seller’s balance sheets (and any consolidated balance sheet that includes the Seller) and other financial statements as a sale of such Mortgage Loan by the Seller to the Purchaser. The Seller intends to treat the transfer of each Mortgage Loan to the Purchaser as a sale for tax purposes. The transfer of each Mortgage Loan shall be reflected on the Purchaser’s balance sheets and other financial statements as a purchase of such Mortgage Loan by the Purchaser from the Seller. The Purchaser intends to treat the transfer of each Mortgage Loan from the Seller as a purchase for tax purposes.

  • Cut-Off Date Aggregate Principal Balance The Cut-Off Date Aggregate Principal Balance is $850,069,757.10

  • Receivable in Force The Receivable has not been satisfied, subordinated or rescinded nor has the related Financed Vehicle been released from the lien of such Receivable in whole or in part.

  • Financial Statements; Servicing Facility In connection with marketing the Mortgage Loans, the Owner may make available to a prospective Owner a Consolidated Statement of Operations of the Servicer for the most recently completed three fiscal years for which such a statement is available, as well as a Consolidated Statement of Condition at the end of the last two fiscal years covered by such Consolidated Statement of Operations. The Servicer also shall make available any comparable interim statements to the extent any such statements have been prepared by or on behalf of the Servicer (and are available upon request to members or stockholders of the Servicer or to the public at large). If it has not already done so, the Servicer shall furnish promptly to the Owner copies of the statement specified above. The Servicer also shall make available to the Owner or prospective Owner a knowledgeable financial or accounting officer for the purpose of answering questions respecting recent developments affecting the Servicer or the financial statements of the Servicer, and to permit any prospective Owner to inspect the Servicer's servicing facilities for the purpose of satisfying such prospective Owner that the Servicer have the ability to service the Mortgage Loans as provided in this Agreement.

  • Receivable Schedule The information set forth in the Receivable Schedule was true and correct in all material respects as of the close of business on the Cutoff Date, and no selection procedures believed to be adverse to the Depositor and/or the Noteholders were utilized in selecting the Receivables from those retail installment sale contracts which met the criteria contained in this Receivables Purchase Agreement. The information set forth in the data tape or other listing regarding the Receivables made available to the Depositor and its assigns was true and correct in all material respects as of the close of business on the Cutoff Date.

  • Receivable A retail instalment sale contract or direct purchase money loan for a Financed Vehicle that is included in the Schedule of Receivables and all rights and obligations thereunder.

  • End Date Pregnancy leave normally ends 17 weeks after the pregnancy leave began.